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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

Why did you do it (Part Two)


"Then why did you do it?" She asked me as she cried.

I feel horrible what I did to Hayden years back and she didn't deserve what I

"Okay, it all start in 10th year," I began.


"Hey when are you going to asked Kalenna out?" My bestfriend Andy asked.

"When I get the chance," I said as I looked at Kalenna Richardson, the most beautiful and popular girl in school.

"You better ask her before I will," He said and I whacked him in the head.

"I will I just need to get the courage to talk to her," I said hypnotized by her .

"I have an idea, how about you ask out her sister, Hayden," He suggested.

"Who the hell is Hayden?" I asked confused.

"You don't know who Hayden Richardson is?" I shook my head "She is the smartest girl in our grade, she is in all our classes , and she is super
girlhot mate."

"I think I would have known if I have saw her," I said as I continue to look at Kalenna.

"You would if you stop looking at Kalenna and start to concentrating on the real world," He said.

"Okay when we are in class point at her okay," he nods before we head to class.


We walked in 3rd period and I seen this beautiful girl with medium length blonde hair and glasses, she was talking to our Math teacher Mr.Roberts (He is in the
pic with Hayden) .

All I was doing was looking at her, she was different than Kalenna. Hayden seemed like a good girl and Kalenna was a bad girl
that has everything.

After she was finished talking to the teacher, I walked over to her desk while she was write down something on her paper.

"Hi," her head turned to me with wide eyes and cover up paper

"H-H-Hi," She stuttered and I chuckled.

"I'm Liam," I introduce myself and she smiled.

"I-I'm Hayden," She said looking down.

"That's a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl,"I smiled and looked at her and seen her blush.

"Oh thank you but you must be talking about Kalenna she's the most beautiful," She said insecure.

"Kalenna who?" pretending to not know who Kalenna is.

"You are not good at pretending , it's obvious that you know who Kalenna is, and have seen her," She said before looking back down at her

"Okay, I do but I think you are better than her," I said looking into her eyes

"Really?" She whispered.

"Yeah really, you don't have to wear mini skirts and act like a whore around school, I like that about you,"I smiled "And plus I would really like
to go on a date with you Saturday night."

"I would love that,"She smiled.

"Okay, then it's settled , I pick you up at Saturday night at 8," I said before walking away smiling.

"Mate did you do it?" Andy asked.

"Yep, I sure did," I said happily.

Flashback End

"So you only used me to get to Kalenna!" She retorted.

"No, if you let me finish," I said "Where was I....Oh yeah."


Saturday Night

I pulled up in Hayden's drive way and looked at her house and thought 'Oh my god I'm at Kalenna Richardson's house, but I'm going on a date with
her sister'

I got out of the car and walked up to her door step and took a deep breath and rang the door bell and the door opened and revealed a girl who was similar to Hayden with out glasses.

"Hayden is that you?" I asked with wide eyes.

"Yeah it's me," She said shyly.

"You look beautiful," I said looking her up and down.

"Thanks," She blushed.

"So are you ready to go on our date?" She nods before I take her hand and we head out


The date was amazing she was different then I expected, she was funny, generous, sweet, amazing, and different compared to other girls at our school and she could understand me more than I could understand myself.

A 2 year later

Hayden and I have been together for 2 years and everything has been amazing I'm definitely in love with her.

I'm headed to her house to tell her and there is no turning back on it.


I walked up to her door step and knocked on her door and the door opened and revealed smiling Kalenna at the door and I felt feeling coming back.

"Hey you must be Liam, Hayden's friend," She said.

"Yeah, that's me, um is she here?" I asked.

"No she went to the store, but she will be back soon, you can wait if you want," She suggest.

"No, I will leave, and me-"

"No stay, she will be back in 10 minutes," She said grabbing one of my arms.

"O-okay," I said nervously before walking in and Kalenna pulls
me to the couch.

"So tell me about yourself ," She said next to me.

"My name is Liam Payne, I'm 16, my birthday is August 29th, I'm a Leo, and I have a 2 older sisters," I said quickly.

"Oh that's nice but I mean things like are you in love or you have a crush on anybody?" She asked coming close to me.

"I think I'm in love with Hayden," I said.

"Oh really? I thought you guys were friends," she smirked.

"We are," I gulped nervously.

"Oh, then will she be okay if I do this," and with that she kiss me and I felt nothing but memories of me having a crush on her and I couldn't control and I kissed her back.

We continue to kiss and it got headed and we headed to her room and let's just say that I will do something that I will regret.

A hour later

We were still doing it and then the door busted wide open and I turned and seen a wide eyed hayden shaking her head and she looks like she was about
to cry. As was looking at her as if I was frozen, I could see regret in her eyes and she just walked out.

"Hayden wait," I said jumping up trying to get my clothes on and I ran out and going towards Hayden's room "Hayden please open the door, so we can talk."

"No Liam, leave me alone and go back to Kalenna, like everybody does," She cries through the door.

"Please Hayden, I'm sorry," I said to the other side of the door and I could hear Hayden crying and hear moving around.

SO JUST WALK AWAY AND STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!" She cried and I felt a big bang in my heart and just gave up.

"Okay," I whispered and walked away but stopped and said "I love you Hayden." and walked away.

End of Flashback

"And that's the story," I ended.

"Oh....Wow," She whispered.

"Yeah shocking right?" I chuckled.

"Yeah but why didn't you tell me you had a crush on Kalenna?" She questioned " I would have stayed away."

"Um-Wait what do you mean?" I looked at her confused.

"I mean you used me to get Kalenna, Liam that's what basically what happened," She said.

"Yes, I did but when we in a relationship I felt something with you that I never felt with Kalenna and I regret what I did
and I wish I could take it back, and be with you," I said as I grab a hold of her hand but she yanked it from me.

"But I don't wanna be with you," She said and I felt like I was about to cry.

"Why?" I asked.

"You're my sister's soon to be husband and I'm with somebody that will soon break my heart and I don't need another heartbreak," she said before getting up and walking away.


I really want to be with Liam but I just need to move on away from him and let him have
my sister like he wanted and just live my life how I should be .


Hey everyone just wanted to add a part two to the last chapter.
I was so happy writing this chapter and have waiting for this because you get to see what really happened in the past and it's getting closer and closer to the wedding chapter and I can't wait.

- Aalyiah-Anastaysha


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