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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

See Her Again?(Part Two)


5 hours later

After taking 2 buses, a cab ride I'm finally in London.
I'm tired and hungry and just wanna sleep.

I was walking on the streets of London at 8 O'clock in the morning and nothing is open except local cafe's
and schools.

Ten minutes later I ended up at a Starbucks and lucky it was opened. I walked in there and took a seat by the window and
took my phone out of my bag and check to see if there were any messages or miss calls but there were nothing.

I put it back in my bag and I sighed "What am I going to do?" I asked myself before looking around and the waiter walked up to me.

"Hello may I take your order?" the waiter asked me.

"Um may I have a pumpkin latte and 2 chocolate muffin," I answered.

"Your order will be here soon," he said as he wrote my order down on the notepad and I nod and he walked towards the back. Couple minutes later I got my food and I sitting down eating in peace and then a group of people who came in wearing sweats and tank tops, they
looked like they're dancing.

As I was looking at all of them I seen a familiar face "Kayla," I said out loud and everyone looked at me.

"Hayden is that you?" She asked me as she was walking towards me.

"Yeah it's me Kayla," I said getting up to give her a hug"I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too," she said "But why are you here don't you suppose to be in Wolverhampton?"

"Yeah but I had to leave because I couldn't be at that wedding and sit there and pretend I'm okay when I still love Liam,"I said and she gasped.

"You do?" I nod "I knew it but what about Jacob?"

"Oh don't get me started," She looked at me confused "He cheated on me with that girl Kasadee."

"You mean that slut that you would say you didn't like?" I nodded "Oh I thought Liam was bad but how long has he did it?"

"Our whole relationship," I began to tear up and Kayla began to comfort me.


That jerk broke my best friend's heart and I think I would rather see her with Liam if he really loves her.

"Hey, do you wanna stay at my place while you here?" I asked while rubbing her back and she nods and we grab her bags and I say good by to my friends and we head over to my place.


Hey new update sorry I haven't been on in a while and the chapters it keeps being short it will be longer soon when I have time.

- Aalyiah-Anastaysha


thanks so much

Love this chappy <3 so much ^^

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I Love this story.. Please update <3

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