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All We Need Is Love ♦A 1D & 5SOS Adoption Story♦

Chapter Thirty

We got back from Australia and Louis said that we were going to go out for dinner so I got dressed up in this.

“Would I be a bad father if I let you wear that?” Louis asked

“You would be a bad one if you didn’t” I laugh

“Okay then, I know you’re lying but we best be going” Louis replies

“Ok where are we going” I ask while getting in Louis’ car

“It’s a surprise” He says while forming a smile on his face. Then we start to drive

“Guess what?” I say

“What” Lou says

“Well, a very, VERY important day is coming up” I say

“And what day is that?”

“My birthday! DUH” I say laughing

“Really? We have to throw a big party for your 16th”

“Can we fly all the girls out?”

“Umm… Ok” He says

“Wait, Tomo… this is an apartment building” I say

“Yeerrrppp” He says “Damn is there any parking here?”

“Damn there isn’t” I laugh as I point to a parking spot

“Thanks but you didn’t have to be an ass about it” He laughs and I burst out in laughter

Louis pulls me out of the car and he makes his way to the door and buzzes in.

“Aye” I here a man say

“Ayyyyyyeee” I say

“Hey we’re here” Louis chuckles

“Oh hey ok come on up” He replies

“Thanks Haz” Lou says

We walk up and Louis knocks on a door and a familiar face appears.

“MELANIE” I shriek

“SCARLET” She yells

“You ok?” I ask

“Yeah” she replies

“Hi, I’m Harry” I turn and see a curly haired boy

“Hi, I’m Scarlet” I say

“Yeah I heard in the hall” He laughs

“Now, go talk or do something, we’re going to make dinner”

“K” Me and Melanie both say at the same time.

We go up to Melanie’s room and its amazing.

“Holy crap” I say


“Now really… Whats wrong?”

“You’re cheeks are red, theres a little bit of water at the bottom of your cheeks, and your Mascara is faded”

“Damn you” She laughs

“Thank you, thank you” I laugh while bowing

“Now really” I say

“It’s just…”

“ ‘It’s just’ a sentence” I say

“I wish I didn’t have glasses and that I was skinnier and that I was prettier”

“Girl, you need to look in the mirror! You’re beautiful! You are skinnier than me! And your glasses make you even more beautiful!” I yell and she starts to smile.

“This is why I love you” she says

“Why” I say confused

“Because you can make everyone laugh while making them feel better” She replies

“Thanks” I blush

Just then Harry comes in and tells us its dinner. We go eat and we talk for about 3 hours.

“Well I guess it must be time for us to head off” Louis says

“Ok it was nice seeing you mate” Harry says

“You too, thanks for having us” Louis replies

“Anytime” He says

“Bey Mel” I say “You have my number call me up if you get bored” I smile

“You know I will” She replies and we head out and drive home. I plop down on the couch and ask Louis if we can watch some movies and he agrees and finally we go to bed at 3 am.

“Goodnight, Key” He says

“Goodnight, Tomo” I say while closing my door and falling into my bed. My bed felt like clouds and I soon drifted to sleep.


Jess here! Sorry I'm tired so I'm going to keep it simple. Here's a chapter. Enjoy!

~Stay Beautiful~



awesome sauce

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

@Jennah Wismer
Lol glad you like the story :) the sequel is up and thriving :)

That_Pizza_Life That_Pizza_Life


Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

chapter 20 is AMAZING

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne

"everyone is" then it says something after that

Jennah Payne Jennah Payne