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Fair. (n.h. au fanfiction)


Songs for the Chapter:
Cool Kids ~ by: Echosmith
Fangz ~ by: The Ready Set

(couldn't find vid w/ lyrics so here's a link to the lyrics for Fangz {Link})

I opened my eyes and got out of bed thinking, and hoping, today would be a good day. After opening my curtains, I put on some music to listen to while I got ready. I stepped into the shower and washed my hair and body before stepping out. I got dressed in an outfit that consisted of a crop top with a yin and yang symbol on it, black high-waisted shorts, and black vans. I french braided my hair down the side of my head then went and fishtail braided the rest, tying off the end, but still leaving a large amount of hair unbraided. With my backpack slung over my shoulder, I walked out of my room. Since it wasn’t my day to make breakfast, I didn’t have to wake up as early, and walked into the kitchen to see a tall stack of french toast. Living with two chefs definitely had its pros.

“Hey Guys,” I said to my roommates, Eden and Ryan.

“Hi!” they said simultaneously. I sat down at the table with the other to girls and grabbed three pieces of bread.

“You guys ready for the final?” Ryan asks before taking a bite of her food.

“Nope,” Eden says, “I’m so nervous!”

“I’m ready as I’ll ever be!” I exclaimed.

“That’s the spirit!” Ryan cheers before we all start laughing.

I stick my nose into the air, sniffing dramatically. “Alright who the fuck is drinking almond milk?” I said staring at Ryan, already knowing who it was.

“But it’s good,” she pouted.

“Ugh, I feel like I’m gonna fucking throw up,” I groan, taking my plate into the living room to finish eating.

“No eating in the living room!” Eden yells.

“I’ll come back when Ryan pours that shit down a sink in Canada.”
We all finish our food and spit up to feed our many animals. Eden goes to feed out betta fish, Jeffrey, Ryan goes to feed our cats, Midnight and Lola, and I go to feed Sammy, our gerbil. Then we drive in my car to go to school. Sadly when we get to campus we have to head in different directions. I enter my business class, read the board, and follow the directions, taking out a #2 pencil. The bell rings and before I know it there is a packet in front of me.

“Before you start your final you must know you have two hours to complete one hundred questions. Eyes on your own paper, and begin,” the teacher tells us.

Just as I check over my last answer, the bell rings signaling the end of class. I set my test on my teacher’s desk and exit the classroom. I have fifteen minutes before my next class, so I decide to stop and eat one of my homemade granola bars before heading to my cooking class. I get there a little early, so I have time to go over some things in my head while putting on my apron. Of course, at the last minute Eden runs into the room, and soon she’s standing next to me.

“What were you doing?” I ask her.

“Bradley. He wouldn’t let me leave,” she answered, laughing.

“You guys are so cute together.”

“Thanks,” she said smiling.

Our conversation was interrupted by our teacher telling us about our final. “This year’s final will be a bit different. Here I have some of our old students. They all graduated at the top of their classes. Some are personal chefs for celebrities, others own world-famous restaurants. You’ll be making an entree and dessert for one of us to taste, and we’ll grade you on taste, presentation, and cleanliness of your work station. You only have an hour and a half, so begin!”

I then get to work starting on my main dish. After contemplating I come to the decision to make a filet mignon with a balsamic glaze. I begin with my steak seasoning each side with salt and pepper, setting it aside. Then, I start preparing my red-skin potatoes and asparagus as a side. After I’m done preparing my entree, I start on my dessert. I go with my famous dessert crepe deciding to play it safe. I prepare an ice cream base, and go put it in the ice cream maker. Whisking together my eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar, and salt, I look over at Eden to see her making salmon, and some type of cheesecake for dessert. My steak is set in the pan to sear with some balsamic vinegar, and red wine. While that’s seering, I start cooking my crepes and rinsing off some fresh blueberries and raspberries, before putting them in a pot with some sugar and cranking up the heat. I then take everything off the stove and begin plating.

I add my ice-cream and berries to the crepe, drizzling the reduction, made by the berries over top. I plate my potatoes, asparagus, and filet mignon with the balsamic glaze on a warm plate. With five minutes left, I clean up a bit before hearing the timer go off. My head jerks up when I see a man there clapping and smiling.

“Well done madame,” he says in an french accent. He marks something on his clipboard before going to taste my food. Something flashes across his face, and I get nervous, but soon his lips turn up into a smile. He marks something on his clipboard once again, before moving on to my dessert.

After a while I’m finally out of the classroom to go meet my friends, and we drive to our apartment. I don’t say anything as I go into my room to take a nap.


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Love it! <3

Sam.Andrews Sam.Andrews

Update I love it

esmiestyles esmiestyles


mcalanna22 mcalanna22


Keep it up! I really like the story so far, good description and not overly reliant on the dialogue although having some more character interaction would be a nice way to get to know the other characters. =) xx

HarryGirl13 HarryGirl13