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Fair. (n.h. au fanfiction)


Song for the Chapter:

Who you are ~ Jessie J

Ugly on the Inside ~ The Maine


~ 4 days later ~

Finally. Graduation day. I shouldn’t be complaining since I’m graduating early because I took some courses during the summer. Graduation starts in three hours, so I decided to start getting ready. I scrubbed my hair and body washing away all the stress that has built up over the span of three years in the shower. I stepped out and blow dried my hair, then curling it into loose waves. I then did my makeup. Since it was a special occasion I decided to go with the full face. From eyeshadow all the way to eyeliner mascara, blush, and lipstick. I felt different...pretty even. I slipped into my dress and put on my heels and earrings, before heading to my car.

Getting in, I thought about how exciting this day was going to be. My parents were flying in from Switzerland, and I think I did well on my final. When I arrived I put on my cap and gown and went to talk to my parents, Ryan, Eden and their families. They told us to take our seats and went on calling our names.

“Katerina Graham,” they called. I went and grabbed my diploma shaking hands with all the teachers cussing out the rude ones. In my mind of course. Of course on the way up I was shot dirty glares from the other students. Well fuck them, today is a good day for me, and I’m not gonna let anyone screw that up. Someone motioned me to stay on stage, so I stopped where I was.

“Katerina was one of the two students to get a perfect score on multiple finals. The other student was Cody Grant. Cody would you please join Katerina up on stage?”

A handsome boy walked onto the stage. He had brown eyes and hair, and was wearing the wide, white smile.

“We’d like to present these to hard-working students with these trophies and certificates.” The crowd erupted into cheers as we were given the awards, probably for Cody more than me. Afterwards, we walked off stage and took our seats.

After the remainder of the graduation, my parents came up and gave me a hug and we were getting ready to leave and head back to my flat when I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and saw Cody running up to me.

“Hey, Katerina they want to get a couple of pictures of us,” he said smiling.

“Okay,” I replied, grabbing my trophy and certificate. I followed Cody over to where a woman was standing with a big professional-looking camera. She instructed us to put our arms around each other while holding our trophies, and then repeat the pose holding our certificates.

“Congratulations, Katerina!” he said after the pictures were taken.

“Right back at ya! And you can call me Kat,” I said smiling. I honestly don’t know why I was smiling so much, he was just really kind, and I’m not really used to that. “You wanna come by my flat? We’re having a party with my roommates’ families as well as mine. You’re family is welcome as well.”

“Sure! Just put your address in my phone.”

I followed his directions, and said a quick goodbye. Walking back to my family and friends, I informed them that we could finally leave. There was light conversation between my parents and I on the way home. They asked what I planned on doing now that I was graduated. I explained to them about me opening up my restaurant. It was a good thing I got a full scholarship so I didn’t have to pay back any loans and could focus on saving. My parents were ecstatic that I had gotten a scholarship to one of the best colleges in the world, but were upset that I was moving over 4,000 miles away. We arrived at my flat seconds before Cody arrived.

“Hey Cody! Mom, Dad this is Cody. Cody this is my mom, Natasha, and my dad, Joseph.” They shook hands and Cody introduced us to his mother, Emily, his father, Blake, his twelve-year-old brother, Colin, and his seventeen-year old sister, Angela.

After all the introductions, we went inside and just hung out. Angela wouldn't let go of Midnight, and Colin was stuck besides Sammy’s cage. The families then split up to give present to their children. My mother handed me a small red box. I opened it to reveal a beautiful medallion.

“Mom! It’s gorgeous!” I exclaimed, hugging her.

“The jeweler told me it was lucky,” she informed me.

“My turn!” my father exclaimed. He handed me a larger box in wrapping paper with a ribbon on top. “Your mother wrapped it,” he said reading my mind. My dad wasn’t the arts and crafts type of person. I unwrapped the present to reveal an iHome.

“Dad this is so cool!” I exclaimed.

“I know how much you love music considering the amount of songs you have on your phone.”

“Okay the last present is from both of us,” my mom said, handing me a white envelope, with my name adorning the front along with some beautiful hand-painted flowers. I pulled out what I thought was a normal piece of paper, but it turned out to be a check written to me for one thousand dollars. My eyes got super wide as I looked at my parents, aghast.

“Mom, Dad this is too much,” I said, shaking my head.

“It’s for your restaurant. I can’t believe you thought we didn’t know about it before tonight. You’ve been saying you were going to open a restaurant since you were little,” my father said, laughing. “I know you don’t like spending money on you, but we’re just so proud of you for accomplishing all of this without any help.”

It was true. I know the money wasn’t a big deal considering my dad was a music producer and my mom was an art teacher at a college, but still, I liked being independent. I got my first job at age thirteen as a soccer referee, and bought everything I wanted so I wouldn’t have to ask my parents for anything. They bought some stuff, of course. I found out they would sneak money into my piggy bank because they felt bad. I didn’t want people to think my success was because of my parents. I wanted to make my own legacy. I want people to look back and think ‘Wow, she did all of this on her own’.

“Thank you so so so so much,” I cried, hugging them.

Soon the night came to an end. I said goodbye to Cody and his family after he gave me his number with a wink and causing me to blush, and practically pulling his siblings away from my pets. He left and I said goodbye to Eden and Ryan’s families. Sadly, my parents had to go back to switzerland, but promised that I could come visit soon. When everyone left, Eden, Ryan, and I started cleaning up. Afterwards we fed our abundance of animals and the went to sleep.

~The Next Morning~

“Get up, Kat!” Eden yells at me from my bedroom door.

“Nooo,” I groan, blindly throwing a pillow at her.

“Alright, Bradley is coming over with CODY, and if you think he’ll like your bedhead and pajamas then you’re fine!” she tells me before leaving shutting the door behind her. I shot out of my bed like a bat out of hell, and ran to get ready. Twenty minutes later, I’m sitting at the kitchen table eating some waffles dressed in a crop top, shorts, and converse. My hair was straightened, along with some eyeliner and mascara adorning my face. Just I was putting my plate in the dishwasher, there was a knock at the door, and soon, Cody’s angelic voice flowed into the room.

“Where’s Katerina?” he asks.

“Hello to you too,” Ryan says a smirk probably forming on her face.

“Sorry,” he says, “hello, Ryan.”

“She’s in the kitchen,” she says. I hear footsteps coming closer before darkness fell over my eyes.

“Guess who,” Cody says.

“Hmmm I don’t know,” I said playfully.

“It’s the sexiest man on earth.”

“Paul Wesley?”


“Evan Peters?”


“Channing Tatum?”

“Shit, you’re terrible at guessing,” he said laughing.

“Well those are the sexiest people on the planet, so I’m out of ideas,” I said shrugging.

“Hurtful!” he gasped. I turned around to face him, laughing.

“What’s up?” I ask

“Nothing much,” he starts, “I have something to ask you. I was wondering if you wanted to go bowling with me tomorrow?”

“Cool,” he says, smiling.

“Love birds, get your asses in here we’re about to watch a movie,” Ryan yells from the living room. Cody lets out a light laugh before we go into the living room, and sit on the floor, since there were no available seats on the couch. Rooney, Bradley’s cat comes over and rubs himself on my arm. And yes, if you were wondering, he named his cat after Wayne Rooney, because he’s obsessed with football. After a while Rooney left to go explore the rest of the apartment.

After multiple movies and a dinner consisting of salmon, mashed potatoes, and green beans (of the perks of having a group of friend that are all chefs) Bradley, Rooney, and Cody left.

It was my week to do the grocery shopping, so after everyone left I went to get the other girls together so we could make the shopping list. After thirty minutes of “making a list”, which basically consisted of Ryan and I arguing over whether vampires or werewolves were better and Eden making the list, I drove to the store. Another thirty minutes later I had a cart filled with everything from meats to vegetables to nutella, Eden’s weak spot. I wish I could try it, but I’d rather not die today.

I turned the corner pulling the cart instead of pushing it for no particular reason, going toward the checkout line. I got there at the same time as a young boy. He had blonde hair blue eyes and was extremely handsome. He had brown roots in his hair so that meant it was probably dyed.

“You can go ahead,” he said in a Irish accent.

It was actually pretty hot.

“Are you sure?” I asked, “ I have a lot more stuff than you do.”

“Yeah it’s cool. Go ahead,” he assured, smiling.

“Thanks,” I said before setting all my items on the conveyor belt. The man behind the cash register began ringing up my food. When he was done he winked as I swiped my card.

“Would you like cash back?” he asked.

“No thanks,” I said.

“Well, would you like to give me your number instead?” he asked handing me my receipt.

“Sorry not interested, you cheated on my best friend with her sister,” i informed him. Dirty pig. I heard someone snicker behind me and turned around to see the Irish boy biting back a laugh. I pushed the cart to my car before setting the bags in the trunk, putting the cart back in its rightful place, and driving home.


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S U B S C R I B E & V O T E


Love it! <3

Sam.Andrews Sam.Andrews

Update I love it

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Keep it up! I really like the story so far, good description and not overly reliant on the dialogue although having some more character interaction would be a nice way to get to know the other characters. =) xx

HarryGirl13 HarryGirl13