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Please Stay With Me

Chapter 26

Gabriella’s P.O.V

I was waiting for Liam to get home still. His meeting had ran longer that I expected. I hope he was okay. I laid down on the bed and just stared at the ceiling fan. I put my hand on my stomach and felt our daughter moving like crazy. Ever since Liam left she hasn't stopped kicking.

“Don’t worry princess, daddy will be home soon.”
I said rubbing my stomach. As each day passed I loved my baby girl more than the last. It’s weird how you can have so much love for someone you haven't even met yet. I just couldn't wait to hold her, and kiss her. I knew Liam was going to be an amazing father to our daughter. He had some much love for her already and she wasn't even here yet. I’m so happy Liam is the father of my child and not some dead beat who would bail as soon as he found out I was pregnant. For some reason I feel like this was meant to happen. I feel like I was supposed to end up with Liam some how. I love him so much, and I believe I always have. I just wish it didn't take me so long to realize it. I could have avoid a lot of unnecessary drama. I heard the front door slam and I jumped. I wonder what happened.

“Babe!” I heard Liam call from the living room.

“In the bedroom!” He walked in with a slight frown on his face. “What happened Liam?”

“Harry is out of control Gabby. He showed up drunk and an hour late. Louis said he has been drinking every night for the past few weeks. Everyone is worried about him and its like he doesn't even care about the band! Which pisses me off, all of us have worked so hard for this and he is treating it like he doesn't give a fuck!” His face was turning red so I knew he was upset and angry at Harry.

“Babe I know he cares. Imagine if you were in his position right now. I’m sure he is just hurting, give him some time okay?” I kissed his lips and he relaxed a little. I didn't want him to think I was making excuses for Harry because I wasn’t, I just knew he was in a rough spot right now.

“Well he has three months to get in together.” What?

“What do you mean he has three months?”

“Simon is making him complete a alcohol rehabilitation program for three months, or else he may be out of a job pretty soon.”

“Rehab! They cant just kick him out of the band! They are sending him to rehab! Its that bad?” I felt my eyes water I cant believe I did this to him. “It’s all my fault.” I started to sob.

“Baby come here.” He pulled me into a hug and I sobbed into his chest. “You can’t blame yourself for this, you're not the one putting the alcohol to his lips.”

“But if I wouldn't have hurt him this badly he wouldn't be in this situation to begin with Liam!”

“We both didn't mean to hurt him Gabby. But he is going to get help and he is going to get better okay? Don’t stress yourself out about this, its not good for the baby.” I calmed down and stoping crying. I hope Liam was right. I hope he does get better.

“I need to see him Liam, before he goes. When does he leave?”

“In two days. He is staying with Louis till then. Tomorrow I’ll take you to see him okay?” I nodded and he kissed my cheek.

“Okay.” I put my hand on my stomach and I felt the baby kicking like crazy. I put Liam’s hand on my stomach and he smiled. I know he felt our daughters little flutters from inside my stomach. I put my head on his shoulder and he rubbed my back. “She’s been kicking like crazy ever since you left. I think she missed you babe.” He smiled.

“I missed my princess so much. Daddy’s home now baby.” He said talking to my stomach. He kissed my bump and then kissed my lips. “I missed you too.” He told me and kissed me again.

“I missed you too Liam. Now come lay with us.” We both laid down on our bed. He pulled me closer and pulled me into his chest and put his hand on my bump.

“I really don’t want you to stress about this okay?”

“I know Liam its just hard. I feel like I’m responsible for this, I feel like maybe if I did-” He cut me off before I could finish.

“If I didn't get you pregnant then you would be in this position?” He looked at me with sad eyes and he bit his lip.

“What? No Liam, thats not it at all. If you didn't get me pregnant, we still would have found a way to be together some way or another. I don't regret us at all Liam. I love you more than anything and I want to be with you okay?” He nods.

“I just don’t want you to feel like we are a mistake.”

“Liam I could never feel that way. I promise.” I lean in and kiss him. He kissed me back and he rolled us over so he was now on top of me. He continued kissing me and he grabbed one of my breast in his hand. He slipped his hand under my shirt and continued grabbing my breast. He tried to slip his hand down my leggings to remove them but I stopped him. He looked at me confused but I pushed him back and rolled us over so I was now straddling him. I started kissing him and I began kissing and sucking on his neck. He started to moan and I could feel him grow hard in his jeans. I kept sucking on his neck and kissing his jaw line and I started to fumble with the hem of his shirt. He sat up and I pulled his shirt off him. He tried to take mine off but I shook my head and pushed him back down gently. I started to kiss all the way down his chest leaving small kisses everywhere. I got to his happy trail and I stared kissing the area because I knew thats where he was more sensitive. I began to unbuckle his belt and I unbuttoned his pants. I started to kiss lower down by his pelvic area and he pushed his hips up.

“Gabby I want to touch you.”

“No, I want to do this for you baby.”
I kissed his lips quickly and I began kissing all the way down his chest again. I finally reached the waist band of his boxers. I slipped my hand down his boxers and he was fully hard already. I pushed his boxers all the way down and began to stroke his member. I pumped him a few times and noticed pre-cum was already oozing from his swollen tip. I took him into my mouth and started to suck. He bucked his hips causing more of him to go into my mouth. I took my tongue and licked from the shaft all the way to the tip. I started to swirl my tongue over his tip and Liam grabbed a handful of my hair.

“Fuck, just like that baby.” I started to bob my head up and down and Liam's moan started to become louder. “Suck a little harder for me babe.” I did as I was told and I felt his member start to twitch inside my mouth. I sucked on his tip even harder hallowing my cheeks creating more friction and more pleasure for Liam. “I’m going to come in your mouth so if you don’t wan’t me to stop now.” I kept sucking him and soon he was moaning and panting above me. “Oh I’m co-coming babe.” I felt Liam’s hot liquid in my mouth. I swallowed and looked back up at him, he was still panting. I crawled up the bed and I hugged him, snuggling into his chest. I kissed his neck and put my head on his chest again listening to his heartbeat start to settle down.

“Wow babe. I really enjoyed that.” He smirked at me and I laughed.

“I’m glad. I wanted to do that for you, I wanted to show you how much I love you.” I kissed his neck again. I couldn't help but notice the hickeys I’ve left him.

“Babe you don’t have to do that for me just to show me you love me. I mean I really enjoyed it but you just telling me you love you me lets me know.”

“Oh really? So no more of that then?” His eyed widened and I smirked.

“Oh no! I didn't mean that.” He chuckled. “Thats always appreciated, but I’m just saying I know how much you love me.”

“I love you Liam.” I smiled.

“And I love you too Gabriella.” He smiled at me and pulled as close as he could because of my bump. “By the way, I love your lips around me. You’re very good with your mouth.” He winked at me and I slapped his chest.


“What! You are!” I started to blush.

“Liam it doesn't mean you say it out loud!” He chuckled at me.

“I just wanted to see you blush babe.” He kissed the side of my head.

“Not funny.” He yawned. “Take a nap with us Liam. Then we can wake up and I’ll make dinner for us.”

“Okay baby, but I’ll cook dinner. You cook every night.” I smiled.

“Fine. But please lets sleep now. Mia and I are sleepy.” He pulled me into him, my back against is chest. He put his hand on my bump and kissed me head.

“I love both my beautiful girls.” He whispered and I smiled.

“We love you too Liam.” With that I closed my eyes and fell asleep in my favorite place, Liam’s arms.

As we drove to Louis’s house, I began to fell extremely nervous. I was going to apologize to Harry and I honestly pretty scared about how he would react. I just didn't want him to get mad again and I didn't want a repeat of Harry and Liam's encounter. I didn't want Liam to get in trouble and I didn't want Harry to get hurt. We arrived at Louis’s place sooner than I thought. Liam could sense I was nervous because he gripped my hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked.

“Yeah. I need to do this. I need to let him know I’m sorry.” I didn't expect all of this to happen so quickly. This is exactly what I feared when I first found out I was pregnant. I was scared to hurt him and now I’ve done just that. He put his health at risk, his job, and he well-being, And its all because of me.

Liam got out of the car and he came to my side and opened the door. Always a gentleman. He helped me get out and he gave me a deep passionate kiss. It felt nice, it let me feel like he was there for me. Like he was always going to support and protect me. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the door. I was nervous to knock, I took a deep breathe and knocked.Louis answered the door and looked surprised to see both Liam and I there.

“Gabby, Liam what are you guys doing here?”

“Uh I came to see Harry. Is he here?” Great I probably sounded stupid of course he is here.

“Gabby I don’t think thats a good idea.” He comes outside and closed the door behind him.

“Louis, please. I just need to see him. I need to apologize.”

“Gabby listen, he isn't in the best state right now. He has been drinking and crying. He has being crying over you for the past couple weeks. I don’t think you seeing him will do him any good.” I immediately began to sob, I knew it. I knew this was all my fault.

“Damn it Louis! Did you really have to tell her that? She feels bad enough and she doesn't need this on her shoulders. She doesn't need stress!” Liam spoke up. I could tell he was angry.

“What the fuck Liam? Its true he has been crying over her! I didn't say it to make her feel bad! I didn't know she felt that way.”

“Louis she’s pregnant and she doesn't need to be worrying about this any longer. Just please let her see him.” Louis shook his head no.

“Liam thats only going to make it worse. She can see him when he gets back. Once he’s completely better. I’m sorry Gabby but if you really care about Harry like you say you do you wont put him through this until he’s better and can handle it.” He had a point so I started to calm down some.

“Okay.” I sobbed. Louis hugged me and I cried softly into his shoulder.

“You can write him letters you know? When he’s gone. Only his family can contact him but we can all write letters.”
I nodded my head. Liam grabbed my hand and pulled me into his chest. He kissed my head softly and whispered that he loved me. We began to walk back to the car before Louis walked inside I called his name.

“Please Louis, just please tell him I’m sorry.” He nodded his head.

“I will. I promise.” He walked back inside and we got into the car and left. This wasn't how I pictured this trip. Maybe its a good thing I didn't see him. Maybe it would be too hard for both of us to handle. I didn't know how I was going to make it three months keeping all this guilt inside. I hoped the letter would make me feel better.

Now all I had to think about was what I was going to say.


Hope you enjoy! Will update soon :)


It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

Beautifully written. I'm a Liam girl but im pulled to the love that She and Harry did experience. Great update!

Dew4ever Dew4ever

Ahh Harry!! He should've had the baby <\3

melanie0905__ melanie0905__

I love this and my name is Gabriella Marie Fuentes CX if only my last name was carter -.- then I would be the character CX jk jk tho but its a really good story cx