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Please Stay With Me

Chapter 13

Zayn’s P.O.V

I was falling asleep on the couch again. I hadn't done much since the tour ended except sleep and fool around with girls from time to time. I needed to get out more. I heard my phone ringing so I got off the couch almost missing the phone call, because I was so sluggish getting off the couch.

“Hey can I come over? I need to talk to you about something.” Why was Gabby calling me? Something was wrong I could tell, she sounded upset also.

“Gabby are you okay? What is it, whats wrong?” She has been acting strange lately, ignoring my texts and calls. That wasn't like her.

“I’ll explain everything when I get there. Are you home? Can I please come over?”

“Yeah I’m home, I’ll be waiting for you.”

I could she was crying on the other end of the phone. I decide to make some food for both us. I wasn't the best cook in the world so I decided to make pasta. I figured she would want comfort food, and pasta is carbs. Carbs are comfort food right? I mean there must be a reason every girl trys to cut them out of her diet. I also had some chocolate, girls love chocolate. I was so bad at this. I mean I grew up with nothing but women but I still found myself confused as to what to do in times like this. The past was finishing cooking and I heard a knock on my door. It must be Gabby. I turned down the stove and ran to answer the door. I opened to see a crying Gabby, soaked and wet, and shivering. Shit did she walk here?

“Jesus Gabriella. Get inside.” She just nodded and walked inside, water was dripping all over the place. She wasn't talking only shivering. “ Here go to my room and I’ll give you some clothes to change into. Gabby why didn't you call me to pick you up?”

“I didn't want to bother you.”

“Gabby you would never do anything to bother me. Anytime you need me just give me a call and I’ll be there, no questions asked.”

She walked into my room and I went into the closet. I just grabbed a pair of sweat pant and a plain black t-shirt. I walked into the room to see Gabby in nothing but her bra and underwear. Damn she looked good, I felt myself getting hard just at the sight of her. Fuck, now I was going to have to walk out there and try to hide the growing bulge in my pants. I really needed to get a girlfriend. I handed her the clothes and picked her wet ones up off the floor so I could put them in the dryer.

“Thank you Zayn.” She said so quietly it sounded like a whisper.

“You’re welcome. I’ll be in kitchen.” I was fast to get out of my room. I was slightly embarrassed about what happened to me just from looking at her. It was weird for me because I honestly didn't see Gabriella in that way. I mean don't get me wrong she was a beautiful girl, very beautiful to be exact. But I guess since where we are such good friends, and because she was dating one of my best mates, I found it wrong to look at her that way. My train of thought was interrupted when she walked out of my room, she looked good in my clothes to be honest. But thats a secret I would take to the grave with me.

“Uh I made pasta if your hungry.”

“Thank you Zayn but I’m not.”

“Come on Gabby! Its good to eat when your sad! I do it all the time!” I said trying to make her feel better because I could tell she was feeling down. She gave me a small smile with my response. Well I got her to smile so I was getting somewhere.

“Are you sad Zayn? Is that why you made pasta?”

“No I’m perfectly fine.” I mean it was the truth but seeing one of my friends sad did make me sad. “But the really question is why are you sad?”

“So how about that pasta?” She was clearly trying to change the subject but I wasn't going to let her off the hook that easily.

“Sure I’ll fix you a plate of pasta and you can tell me whats wrong as you eat.” She took a deep breathe.

“Fine. But food first.” I nodded and gave her a plate of food. We sat on the couch as she ate. She ate everything plus seconds.

“See you were hungry.”

“Yeah I guess I was. Now that I think about it I don't think i’ve eaten anything at all today.”

“Gabby its like 6! Thats so bad for you!”

“I know but I just haven't had much of an appetite lately.” I nodded at her.

“So are you going to tell me whats wrong now?” She took a deep breathe and thats when she told me everything.

She told me everything from the fight she had with Harry because she suspected him of cheating on her, to her cheating on Harry with Liam, to her newly discovered feelings for Liam, and how she had been avoiding intimacy with Harry and how its taking a toll on their relationship. She told me she feels so much guilt that its hard for her to even be around Harry at time. I have to admit i was exactly happy to know that she cheated on Harry, especially because I know how much Harry loves her. I’ve never seen Harry ever love a girl as much as he loves Gabriella. I don’t know how Liam is dealing with all of this. No wonder they were acting so strange on the trip. I should have known something was up between them two. I mean I knew something was wrong I just didn't expect this. When Gabby finished tell me everything, I was honestly shocked. I couldn't do anything but look straight at the clock and watch the hands move.

“Wow.” Thats all I managed to get out.

“Zayn you can’t tell anyone about this! Especially Harry!”

“I know I know. I wont tell anyone. I promise.” I have to admit I feel guilty about knowing this information and not telling him. I know I would want him to tell me if he knew this kind of information. I don’t know how Liam was keeping this a secret, especially from Harry. We were all like brothers, I mean i’m sure he is trying to look out for Harry’s feelings but I don’t think this was the right way to go about it.

“Have you talked to Liam about it?”

“No I already told you I can’t. I can't handle rejection from him Zayn.”

“Gabby I don’t think its right to keep this from Liam. If you feel this way about him then I think you need to tell him the truth. You don’t know whats going through his head. I know he love you Gabby everyone can see that.”

“Yeah but he loves me like a sister Zayn. He doesn't love me the way I love him.”

“Well you’ll never know unless you ask him.”

“I just can’t. I can’t lose him.” She pursed her lips. “Just pleats don’t tell him about this.”

“I already told you I wouldn’t, you have my word.”

“Thank you Zayn. I knew you would understand.” She reached over to hug me and I hugged her back and she buried her face in my neck.

“I’ll be here for ya babe.” I kissed her cheek. “But I still think you should consider telling Harry and Liam both the truth. The longer you keep this inside the more its going to hurt everyone else in the long one.”

I hope I at least encouraged her a little bit more to tell Harry and Liam the truth. There was only so much I could do. Its not like I could force her to tell them, I hope she will though. I know with out a doubt Liam loves Gabriella. They are both just being fucking babies about it and won't do anything. I would prefer him with Gabriella over Sophia. I mean Sophia wasn't exactly the greatest girl. Liam was too good for her, she was always complaining about something. Its like whatever Liam does isn't good enough, or he could have done it better. She could be a bitch sometimes, but I wouldn't tell Liam that. I haven't exactly had the greatest track record myself. At the end of the day I just hope Gabriella would make the right decision.

Two months later

Gabriella’s P.O.V

“uh.” I moaned over the toilet. This is the second time I’ve thrown up today. This bug I have is pure hell. I can’t eat anything, or hold anything down. Foods that I used to love have started making me sick. Harry was worried of course, and has been taking care of me for the past two weeks. For the past two months, I was always nauseous in the morning, but it hadn't been till recently that I started throwing up multiple times a day.

“Are you sure you don’t need to go to the doctor babe?” Harry looked worried but I shook my head no. “Are you sure its just a bug? I mean its being going on for two weeks.”

“Yeah I’m sure. I’m fine Harry. The smell of your eggs just made me sick.”

“You love eggs baby. I didn't know they were making you sick. Do you think this is a bad batch?”

“Maybe, just please throw them out.”

“Okay I will. Do you want some crackers? Maybe that will settle your stomach?”

“Yes please.” Harry walked into in the kitchen to get my crackers, as I brushed my teeth. I always felt self conscience that I smelled like vomit. Harry walked into the room without crackers.

“It seems we are out of crackers babe. I’ll have to go to the store and get some. Do you want anything else while I’m there?”

“Um yes lots of apples and peanut butter. Also I want pickles, bacon, ice cream, and chocolate.”

“Peanut butter? Gabby you hate peanut butter.”

“I know but I’ve just been wanting it lately.”

“Um okay but can you repeat that again? You gave me a list of things.” He laughed.

“I’ll just go with you. I don’t want you to forget anything.”

“Okay and I know good forbid if I get something off your random food request list. Those foods do not even go together.”

“I know I’m just be wanting salty and sweet foods lately.”

“Well lets go.”

As we got to the store Harry decided that it would be best to split up when we got groceries. He said he thought we would get out of there faster without everyone noticing him. I got all of the food I had been wanting came across the isle with feminine products. I walked down and couldn't help but look at all the boxes of tampons and pads. Speaking of which I had to be running out. But then I tried to remember when I last bought some. I ran out right before we left for California. That would mean I haven't had my period in two months. That couldn't be right, I had to have my period. Maybe it slipped my mind, because I have been focused on other things lately.

As I grabbed a box of tampons my eyes locked on a box of pregnancy tests. I couldn't be pregnant, Harry and I were always completely safe. I mean we had gotten back into sex but I always made sure he wore a condom. My mind immediately went back to night Liam and I slept together. He used a condom right? I mean, Liam was always safe when it came to that stuff. Well I assumed he was. Should I ask him? No I couldn't just ask him that. How weird is it to just get a text message from your best friend saying “Oh remember that night we slept together? Yeah did you use a condom?”. i couldn't just bring that up out of no where. If I did he would surely worry about something that most likely isn't even happening. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. I have been stressed lately and that I read somewhere that can take a toll of your menstrual cycle. Should I buy the test? I mean whats the harm in taking it? I mean I’m probably not even pregnant anyway, so why not just buy it to be sure. I put down the box of tampons and picked up he pregnancy text instead. I was going to go home, take this test, get a negative result, and finally put this to rest once in for all. I would continue acting like it never happened and Liam and I could continue acting like nothing happened as well. I hurried and paid before Harry saw what i was buying. After I checked out I shoved the test into my purse so I wouldn't take the chance of Harry seeing it.

As we got back home I asked Harry if he could cook me bacon and dip it in chocolate. He gave me a weird look but he didn't refuse. As he began cooking the bacon I went into the bathroom to put an end to this worry. I took the test out of the box and read the instructions. I did my business and put the test on the counter. This was going to be the longest five minutes of my life. I started at the clock and it seemed like an eternity before those five minutes finally passed. I walked over to the counter, this was it the moment of truth. I mean I’m sure its nothing anyway, there was no way I could be pregnant. I took a deep breathe and picked up the test from the counter.

“Positive.” I whispered to myself. I sunk down to my feet and placed my head against the wall. I began to cry and I guess Harry head me because he knocked on the door.

“Gabriella are you okay?”

“Yeah i’m fine.” I said my best trying my best not to sound like I was crying.

“Uh okay well your chocolate bacon is ready.” Its actually not that bad I tried it.”

“Okay i’ll be out in a minute.” This explains everything. my constant morning sickness, my weird cravings, and my random mood swings. I gathered all the evidence of my text and put it into a plastic bag and wrapped it up so Harry wouldn't find it.

I cant believe this was happening. Not only was I pregnant, but the baby wasn't Harry’s. It was my best friends.

This baby inside me was Liam’s.


So what did you all think?! I liked Zayn's p.o.v to be honest. I feel like he is a constant thinker so I felt like he would actually be thinking all of that stuff while he is having a conversation with someone, or justing thinking to himself.

I'm sorry for the big time jump but I really didn't want to have a bunch of chapter being fillers because they can get annoying at times. Well for me they do so I didn't want to give you all a bunch of them.

But what do you think is going to happen next?!
Tell me in the comments below!
I love you all!


It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

It perfectly fine, I understand! Take as much time as you need.

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster

Beautifully written. I'm a Liam girl but im pulled to the love that She and Harry did experience. Great update!

Dew4ever Dew4ever

Ahh Harry!! He should've had the baby <\3

melanie0905__ melanie0905__

I love this and my name is Gabriella Marie Fuentes CX if only my last name was carter -.- then I would be the character CX jk jk tho but its a really good story cx