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Pinky Promise.

Liam and I were seconds away from finally kissing, when his phone went off. He jumped back and answered the phone.
"Dani? Yeah, I did. What's the big deal? It's prom. Are we dating? No. But neither are you and I, so this is no longer your business."
Liam hung up the phone and he pulled me in by my waist.
"Where were we?" he asked, and before I could answer, his lips came crashing into mine. I had never felt such a rush before.
"Gettin' it!" Talla and Gracie yelled.
Liam and I pulled back and giggled.
"Too weird?" he asked.
"Just right." I smiled.
He took my hand and lead me to the busses.
The boys and everyone else went out for a late dinner, but liam and I stayed back. We were both silent, but I pulled Liam up the stairs of the bus and into the bus. I ran my hands through his hair and down his neck. His grip tightened on my hips and I leaned in for another kiss... And another... And plenty more. Liam lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He layed me down on his bunk and layed next to me.
"I don't want to go too far, I'm sorry." Liam whispered.
"Don't be. We don't need to rush whatever this is." I replied, hugging him tight.
We just layed there holding each other all night, talking. It was the best feeling in the entire world, no matter how many times we've done this before, nothing felt like this.
"Hey, Kat?"
"Yeah, Li?"
"Can you please tell me what happened with Elijah?"
My heart sank, and I became choked up. "So, we were together for close to two years." I started. "About 6 months before it all ended, I had found out he had been cheating on me... For a while.Anyway... I gave him another chance after a two week break and well... He still made the other girl a priority. Towards the end he complained that all I ever wanted was... Sex... Attention... Yada, yada, not enough dates and such... Although I never recalled being offered to get taken out. He's been playing his game between the girl and I since... She's his new prom date."
I snuggled my head under Liam's arm to cry.
"Don't cry, Kit-Kat. He's not worth the tears anymore. And Friday, I'll be the luckiest guy in the world. I'll have the prettiest girl by my side, and I get to make a douchebag jealous." We both laughed and hugged tighter.
"Yeah, Kat?"
"What made you tell Danielle off tonight?" I asked.
He took a moment, then began, "I'm always going to love her, but I'm sick of her being nosey, and frankly, I just don't give a damn anymore about her opinion anymore."
Although I'm sure this phase wouldn't last long, knowing Liam and his love for Dani, but I'll take what I can get.
"Hey Liam." I spoke.
"Yeah, Kat?"
"Where's this going?"
He took a very long minute and a very deep breath before responding, which only made me have a sick feeling.
"Kat, I've really fallen for you. I want to do everything right. And I just wanna take things slow..."
I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but I didn't wanna mess this up either.
"Promise me one thing." I spoke.
"We'll always be best friends. No matter what we do."
"I promise if you do." he replied, holding out his pinky.
"Pinky promise? That is some serious shit, Payne."
"As serious as it gets, love."
I wrapped my pinky around his, and kissed his, he kissed mine.
"It's settled. Best friends til the end." I stated.
We both laughed, and he kissed my forehead again.
We layed there for a bit longer, but when I started dozing off, Liam noticed.
"Now, let's get you to bed. Got a big day Friday." he smiled.
"Friday is still days away, Payne."
"Catch up on the sleep now, cause we aren't missing one second of that experience." He kissed my forehead, got up, and carried me piggy-back to my bus.
"Goodnight Princess." he spoke softly, as my eyes closed.
I didn't sleep right away, now he had me thinking of prom. There's no way any of this was real. I'm going to prom with Liam. Liam Payne. My best friend... My best friend who had fallen for me. This is all too good to be true.
My phone buzzed and it was Liam.
Liam- Tell me tonight wasn't a dream.
Me- I'll let you know when I wake up ;)
Liam- Sweet dreams.
Me- None sweeter than tonight.
Liam- Goodnight, gorgeous.
Me- Night, Payne :)
I grabbed a jacket Liam had lent me a few weeks ago, I had slept in a bed beside him so long now, it seemed hard to sleep without him. I put it on and cuddled under my blankets, before I knew it, I was asleep.


I know the chapters are a bit short, but I hope everyone is liking the story! I'd love comments (no hate), suggestions, etc.



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