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Teenage Dirtbag

*2 Months Later*
I woke up next to Liam and smiled, I kissed his cheek. We finally got a break from tour, and he brought me home to London. We've spent every day together for the past two months, and I couldn't love it more, but I was going back to Paris... Alone soon. I was coming to the end of school, and even though it was online thanks to touring, we still get prom. I know Liam wasn't happy about me leaving... And I know he really wasn't happy my ex, Elijah, asked me to Prom. I didn't necessarily say yes, but I refuse to go alone. Why not take Liam, right? He'll be back on tour. Why not go with the girls? Well, we are going in a group, but also with close guy friends. Today I was going shopping for a dress with the girls, and the boys had a show at the O2. Everything was going to go back to our new normal.
Liam's eyes fluttered open and smiled at me. He kissed my forehead and sat up.
"Morning, gorgeous." he spoke in his very sexy sleepy voice.
"Morning. Ready to get back to tour?" I asked.
"If it means leaving you, no." he smiled.
"I'm not leaving. I'll be on tour with you all the way... Just not Friday." I sighed.
"Yeah... Friday... Prom..." he said in a frustrated tone.
We sat in silence for a moment, then Liam continued. "Remember when we first started talking? You were so excited for prom, and the way your face lit up... I told you I'd be right there next to you... And now you're going with Elijah... I don't get to see your amazing smile, your gorgeous dress, or what a prom even looks like."
He had a point, and I hated it. I wasn't going with Elijah out of spite, I was going with him because Liam can't. He's rich and famous, and let's face it... He just doesn't have time for me. No matter what Elijah put me through, he's normal, he has time for me. I'd much rather be with Liam...
"If I don't go, I'll never see prom either. I'd give ANYTHING to go with you instead, but it's not the life we have. I love you, Li. And it's one day away from each other, but it gives us a whole day to exchanged stories. I have to get ready and go." I kissed him on the cheek and went for the shower.
When I got out, Liam was gone. "Great." I sighed, grabbing his note. 'Sorry we don't have a normal life, I'll make it up to you. -Liam'
I heard a knock at the door and got dressed, "Just a second!" I yelled.
I opened the door to Talla and Gracie. "Ready?" they asked.
"As I'll ever be." I smiled.
We pulled up to a boutique and immediately went for the dresses. We quickly got stopped by an assistant. "Ladies, let me help you. I promise you'll find the dream dress."
We started blurting out our ideas... And five minutes later she had literally almost every option we had said.
"We may be here a while." Gracie gasped.
"I just wish Chelsea and Perrie could see the mess we've made." Talla laughed.
"Who's first?" the assistant asked. Gracie jumped up, "Me please." The assistant smiled, "Tell me all about your date."
Gracie's face lit up, just as Talla's, and even mine. With each detail of each of our date's, dreams, and favorites, we narrowed down dresses. Each of us found the perfect dress, and shoes. We went to chec out, and all realized we hadn't even looked at the prices.
"Guys... what if we can't afford them?" I asked.
"Crap." Gracie and Talla replied.
"Don't worry about it." the cashier smiled.
"Don't?" we all questioned.
"I'm guessing you're Kat Adams? We got a phone call earlier from a friend... Liam..." she whispered. "Everything is taken care of for all of you." she smiled, removing each price tag before we could see.
I'm not sure how I felt about it, but I had never loved Liam more.
Liam's P.O.V.
I felt bad for guilt tripping Kat about prom... She should go be happy. I had to call the boutique I knew they were going to and make sure she found the perfect dress no matter the price. I'm going to make her night more than special. I have the biggest surprise, and she won't even expect it. I felt my phone going off.
'Kat! Find a dress?'
'The perfect one! And... This really amazingly awesome guy bought it for me... for all of us'
I could hear her smiling.
'Wow. Chivalry still exists.' I laughed, but the phone was silent. 'Kat..? Kat. What's wrong? Talk to me. Kat... I promise to make everything better, like always. Meet me at the hotel? Please'
The phone went dead, and I immediately called Niall.
'Hey Nialler, I need your help. Can you put me on speaker? Hey guys... I have an idea..."
Kat's P.O.V.
After Talla and Gracie decided to do lunch, I walked back to the hotel and called Liam to thank him... Except things went horribly wrong with a text from Elijah. I cried so hard, I'm lucky Liam understood a word I said. I ran to the hotel when Liam told me to meet him there. I crashed onto the bed and cried into the pillow.
"Kat." Liam came in, pulling me into a tight hug.
I cried a bit longer, then read him the messages.
"So basically, he has a new girlfriend to go with." I let out.
"Kat. I'm going to be completely honest. he's the biggest douche I've ever heard of, and you deserve so much better. Stop letting him do this to you." Li let out in anger almost.
"I hate when you're right." I sighed, we both smmiled. "What do I owe you for the dress?" I asked.
"Owe me?" he questioned.
"I'm not going to prom alone. So I'm not going."
"Yes you are. You have to live the experience for both of us. You have to show Elijah what in the bloody hell he's missing out on."
I smiled widely, "How do you know I'll even look good enough to make him reget this?" I asked.
"Kat. If I were him. God..." He began, his voice intensified. "I'd be speechless in anything you wore. Any guy would be damn lucky to lay eyes on you there. I wish I could be one of them."
His voice went from passionate to upset again.
"Maybe i'll just buy your cut out and take it with me." We both laughed.
"Sounds like the best plan." he smiled, kissing my forehead.
"I love you, Kat. And prom will be amazing."
I smiled widely, again, I wish those three words meant exactly how they felt. "Let's go get you ready to go back on tour, Payne."
I was almost all ready for the show. My mind was still set on Elijah, but Liam had a point, I can do better, cause I deserve better. The boys ran out on stage, and we soon followed. The usual routine happened, except the boys had more lyric changes then I had ever heard before. Each song had a new verse, I swear. And towards the end of the show, the boys threw in Teenage Dirtbag. One of my personal favorites. Probably because we got to act like we were hot shit and the boys chased us. Once it got close to Louis' part, the girls walked to the other side of the stage, and only Lou and Liam were center stage. Niall, Harry, and Zayn walked me stage right. Lou went on with his part, slowly walking toward me, and I to him. He finished his line and walked past me to the other boys. I became extremely nervous as Liam and I became center stage, my heart raced. Then he sang: 'I've got two tickets to prom on friday, baby come with me friday, and don't say maybe. I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby, like you.' My heart raced even faster. Before the boys picked up singing again, I nodded at Liam, then Lou and Zayn burst out, 'OH YEAH, dirtbag.' Liam pulled me into a spinning hug, then went on singing.
The girls and i went backstage to wait for the finale, "You guys knew?!" I asked as they all pulled me in for a hug."DUH." They all shouted.
When the boys came backstage I ran over to Liam and jumped into his arms. "How did you do it? How'd you get off tour? Why'd you do it?" I smiled. He held me up and replied.
"I asked the boys for they're help. They convinced management to switched the dates, especially once twitter trended #letLiamgotoprom. It's fate." he laughed.
"You took it to twitter? You know how it makes me feel. I don't want hate..."
"No hate. The fans wanted it. I'm surprised you didn't get all the notifications when they tweeted you to say yes. I'm lucky it was even a surprise." he smiled.
"Thank you, Liam."
"Just kiss already!" Louis shouted, along with everyone else.
Liam and I looked each other dead in the eye, my heart raced, and we both leaned in, in the heat of the moment.




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