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The Deal

“Thanks for the ride Paul” I said as I closed the door of the car.
I walked Martha to the front of the house; I could see she was shocked with the huge house.
“This i-is your h-house?” She said stuttering.
No it’s not its Harry’s I’m borrowing it because my house is a huge mess because I have been in a state of depression.
“Yeah come on lets go inside.” I lied as she went inside.
“Oh god this place is so big and so unreal. I never imagined being inside a mansion.” She said as she stared at the ceiling and chandeliers that hanged from the ceiling.
“Come on this is the living room.”
“Shut up! I have never seen such a huge plasma tv.”
“Well you have.”
“So what do you want to watch?” I said as I took a whole stack of movies.
“um anything it really doesn’t matter.”
“Alright what about The Notebook”
“huh oh yeah sure.” She said as she sat on the couch.
“Wait before I start the movie, you’re not joking with me right that you never seen a romantic movie.”
“I mean I have seen some but I never make it past ten minutes of it because it always so dramatic and stuff.”
“But that’s the whole point of the movie anyways I’m sure after this one you will love romantic movies.”
“Let’s hope so or else I wouldn’t mind sticking with books there way more interesting.”
“No there not” I said as I grabbed some popcorn and started eating it.
“Yes they are I mean they have helped so many people and by the way they help you release stress.”
“They do?” I asked shocked about what she was saying.
“yes I mean have you ever read The perks of being a wallflower, how about Thirteen reasons why, Of mice and men? The fault in our Stars?”
I looked at Martha confused and shook my head. I don’t know about anything she was talking about.
“Oh god you haven’t lived life.” She murmured under her breath.
“What is that?”
“Well if you haven’t read this books then you have no concept about what life really is.”
“Um yes I mean almost everyone has read those books and know them by memory.”
“Let’s make a deal Martha.”
“I show you every romantic movie there is and teach you that love is real and you give me books to read so that I can learn about life. Deal?”
“How do you know I don’t believe love is real?” She said in a confused face and then said “Oh right I have never had somebody in my life to feel those things.”
“Alright then?”
“Then Deal.” She said as we both shook hands.


Hope Chapter 4 is better


I like this story

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