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Never had a Boyfriend

I was talking to some kid named Iverson who had a Brain Tumor and was telling me how he practically lives here in the hospital. I felt bad I mean this place doesn’t look fun I told him if he was okay.
“I’m okay even though I have cancer I’m still alive and fighting I guess that’s the biggest blessing.” He said as I gave him a pat on the back.
I looked around as I saw Niall and Harry talking to the girl named Isabelle, Zayn was talking to the man, and Louis was talking to some boy who had an eye patch. I looked at the corner to see Martha standing alone smiling at everyone. I started walking her way, and when I was I was feeling my hands get sweaty.
“Hi I’m Liam and your Martha” I said as I extended my hand.
“How do you-“. She paused as she stopped shaking my hand. “Oh right when Bill wanted a picture.”
“Yeah is he your brother?”
“No his not I volunteer here at the hospital and I get to take him around the hospital you know so he won’t be always in his room.”
“Well at least he has you to guide him.”
“I know I really love that kid.” It got pretty awkward after that and we just stood next to each other until I said “You’re really pretty Martha.”
“Are you flirting with me Liam Payne?”
“Maybe” I said as she laughed “Are you single?” I asked as she stopped laughing.
“Who’s the lucky guy?”
“There’s no lucky guy I don’t have a boyfriend and as I recall I have never had one.” I looked at her stunned at the words she had said. I couldn’t believe this beautiful girl standing in front of me never had a boyfriend.
“Your kidding me right?” I asked as she laughed again and shook her head.
“So your telling me you have never fallen in love with a guy like in those romantic movies?”
“Romantic movies aren’t my thing .” She said as I put my hands on my head.
“Your joking right? What world do you live in?”
“As I recall I live in this world.” Martha said as we both started cracking up.
“I mean there so stupid the guy ends up getting the girl at the end and they live happily ever after, I mean that would never happen in real life. Like there’s more people getting divorces then marrying.” She said as I stared at her in complete shock. I mean she kind of did have a point.
“You have to come with me to see a romantic movie.”
“Are you basically asking me out Liam Payne?”
“If you want to call it a date then it’s a date.”
“So when do you want this ‘date’ to be?”
“Right now”
“Right now?”
“Yes I’ll take you” I said as I grabbed her hand and started walking towards the door until I remembered that I haven’t clean my flat and there was still a huge mess there.
“Something wrong?” Martha asked.
“No just give me a moment I need to talk to Harry.” I said as I walked towards Harry.
“Mate I need the keys of your house.” I whispered into his ear.
“What are crazy.” He yelled as the girl he was talking to stopped talking.
“Just give them to me so I can take Martha to watch a movie.” I said as he reached into his pocket.
“Here and by the way don’t have sex in my room or on the couch.”
“Your fucking stupid Harold.” I said as he started to laugh.


I hope the story is good so far.


I like this story

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