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I sat alone on my couch in the living room drinking all the liquor there was in my house. I couldn’t believe she left me for him. I still remember when she called me to say it was over but she said because of our busy schedule.
Ringing phone
“Hey guys keep it down Sophia is calling me.” I said as the boys kept making a rack of sound.
“Hello babe” I said as I tried to shush everyone.
“Baby I love you.” Louis said as the rest of the boys laughed.
“Guys shush.” I said.
“Hello Sophia.”
“Liam we have to breakup” She said in a serious tone.
“Sophia I’m not far away from your house let’s talk there.”
“No Liam its better like these we go our separate ways.”
“Sophia are you sure your okay like nobody is making you do this?”
“No Liam it is my decision we don’t have anytime for us to see each other anymore.”
“Sophia please do-“ “Goodbye Liam.” She said as she hanged up. The van went silent and I started to cry.
*End of flashback*
That was the last time I ever heard from her. I went crazy that whole week trying to understand where I had went wrong. I cried myself to sleep and the guys came to see me everyday to get my mood up but nothing helped. One day I finally got up and went out for a walk, as I was walking down the rode I saw a newspaper stand. I stopped to see what were the headlines just to notice a picture of Sophia with none other than Douglas Booth. I quickly grabbed the newspaper and read the headline “Looks like Liam Payne’s ex girlfriend Sophia already found a new guy in her life as she was seen holding hands with none other than Douglas Booth at his movie premiere.” She lied to me. I told myself as I ripped the newspaper and ran home. All I could think of is how she lied to me and made me think it was my fault. She was probably already with him when I was still on tour. When I opened the tour I grabbed a bottle of whiskey and chugged it all.
Ever since that day I haven’t came out all I do is drink my sorrows away. All I could think of is Sophia. Even though she hurt me I still loved her and that’s what I hated the most. I could never believe she would do this. I thought she was the one the one I would have a family one day the one I would marry.
I heard a knock on the door.
“Liam you in there?” I heard Harry say from outside.
“Leave I don’t want to see anybody.” I said rudely but it was true all I wanted was to finish my bottle.
“Liam let me in please we have to talk about tomorrow remember were going to go to the hospital were we will meet all those kids.”
I remembered that we had said we were gonna go make their wishes come true to meet us but I had totally forgot it was going to be tomorrow.
I quickly go up and opened the door.
“Liam look at you, you’re a mess. And look at this place.”
“I have no time to clean the place or myself. ”I said as I sat down again on the couch.
“Okay Liam I know what that bitch did to you was horrible I mean who does that but you need to keep going with your life.”
“I don’t care about anything.” I said as I drink from my bottle.
“Bro look at yourself your becoming an alcoholic your drink all the time. And really Liam you don’t care about those kids whose only wish is to meet you before they die.” Harry said looking furious.
I put the bottle down and started to think about what Harry said. He made me sound like a dick, and I started to feel bad about what I said before.
“I’m sorry Harry” I said looking down.
“Its okay Liam.” He said as he patted my back.
“And you really stink.” He said covering his nose.
“I know I do Ima take a shower and I will stop to drink.”
“You sure you will stop?”
“Yes and if you want proof here take this bottle and oh that all of those too.” I said pointing to the ones I still had.
“I’ll see you tomorrow at the hospital I will get myself ready.” I said as I closed the door.
*Next day at the children’s hospital.*
“Hi were One Direction” We all said in unison as we waved to the crowd of kids that were in front of us.
I tried to put a fake smile to them since it was hard to see all these kids that were battling this fight to stay alive. As I looked around the room I saw kids with no hair, some with a patch on one and somewhere in wheelchairs.
I felt like an ignorant bitch at that moment I kept thinking these past few weeks my life was over but these kids life are over. I should be thankful that every day I can wake up not fearing this could be my last day.
“Liam answer the question” Harry said as he broke into my thoughts.
“Repeat the question again mate.” I said confused as I saw us all sitting down in front of the kids and Harry had a bucket.
“They said what is your favorite color?”
“Purple” I said as many kids started to say that was there favorite color too.
We finished answering all the questions the kids had for us. Many of them asked us everyday questions such as “what do you guys like about being in a band” and “do you guys miss your homes”. And then we moved on to take pictures with each of them.
Each of the kids came and hugged us and then they took a picture with us. We took so many pictures my eyes were starting to hurt of so much flash. After we took the last picture we said goodbye to all the kids and thanked them for there presence. As we were heading out a girl was running towards us with a little kid yelling “wait!” We all stopped and she came toward us.
“I’m sorry for bothering but this boy Bill is a huge fan and wants a picture with you guys.” She said as he was trying to catch her breath. She beautiful from head to toe, she was like about 5’7 with long brown hair, hazel eyes, and had a sweet voice and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.
“Sure” Zayn said as we all got together to take the picture. After two snaps she said thank you and was about to leave when I said “Wait” She turned around and stopped.
“Um what’s your name?”
“Martha.” She said with a beautiful smile that made me smile too. And with that she left with the little boy named Bill.


Okay first chapter
Lets see if this is a good story so far


I like this story

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