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*Present time*

“So Liam I know that these past weeks have been hard for you.” “And I want to give you my condolences for the death of Martha.
“Thank you very much Giuliana.” Liam says as he looks down
“I know it must be very hard for you and thank you so much again for doing this interview with us.”
“Your welcome again.”
“So Liam are you ready to talk about Martha.”
“Yes .”
“Okay then what was Martha for you?”
*Big silence*
Liam looks down at his shoes and then stares at the camera.
“Martha was everything for me she still is but you know what nobody will ever understand what she was for me unless I them the story." Liam said as he tried to smile.
"What Story?" Giuliana asked confused.
"Our Story" Liam pauses as he smiles to the floor. Then looks up and says "Let me start from the beginning.......................................................



I like this story

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