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Niall and Jessie Forever


"Jessica I'm ready just do it already"
"But I dont think we should do it until weve told the boys because what will they think and if their okay with it then I will do it for you and me "
"Alright promise me my queen and soul mate of darkness"
" I promise my king of darknes to be"
What happens if they turn and something extrodanry happens what will we do

Jessie has complety changed what she looks like but now she is sticking with the look untill she feels like cahngeing in maybe in about thirty years so no one reconises her
she has Ginger hair with emerald green eyes and

And of course everyones favrouite Irishman Niall James Horan still as sexy as alaways the gorgeous blue eyes and stunning soft silky blond hair

Harry Styles
Cheeky sweet and funny

Louis Tomlinson
Funny adorbale cheeky sassy

Liam Payne
Daddy direction kind sweet amazing friend

Zayn Beyonce Malik
Amazing at giving advise brother from another mother gourgeous sexy


  1. Chapter one

    Nialls wish

  2. Chapter 2

  3. Chapter three

    The book and school

  4. Chapter Four


  5. Chapter 5

    Danger alert !!

  6. Chapter 6



My story was longer than that the account deleted some of the chapter