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Niall and Jessie Forever

Chapter 2

"Alright Niall when we've told the boys it will happen but we won't tell them yet alright" I could feel his emotions he was a little hurt but I grabbed his hand and speed off into the house just as I got in from the forest the bell rang I told Niall to open it since it was his friends I walked like a human up the stairs o our mansion to my little library hidden in another room in the attic. While I was up there I couldn't focus I just had this bad feeling but I wanted to ignore it but having instics like I have I really shouldn't so I walked out of the secret library to hear the heart beats of five boys but I smelt something els also witch wasn't what I liked the smell of a deamon I ran downstairs at my vampire speed faster than light to follow the smell to the door of the boys beasment I knew the deamon sensed me because it turned around with its eyes full of black "looking for me " I said sarcastIcly "actually no" I was quite hocked until I realised she meant Niall "what have you seen" he will be so powerful nothing compeard to you power but when you turn him soon I believe he will be granted with amazing powers and your blood will flow into him he'll be like you but you'll be more powerful and I wanted to sense that it was true" she said with the ray of truth coming from her black eyes "well I shall see but get out of here we have more than one metal who doesn't know about our existens " I demanded her she did as I pleased I thought she would have put up a fight could he really be as almost as powerful as me I'll do some reasearch I'm the old books up the stairs from the other library the enchanted library and talk to Niall later about it


Inside my library much cleaner withought the hole in the roof The secret entrance underneath the library

When I pull a certain book it unlesshes a black spiral stair case because it's enchanted it reveals me by how cold I am when I walk on it it turns to ice


My story was longer than that the account deleted some of the chapter