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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson)

chapter 70

Louis’ pov
After Harry had left and Gemma too went out to see her friend before she gets busy with the job.

I too went out for a simple walk till the store to get some juices for myself. Returning back I met Rosie waiting in front of our apartment with some plant pots in her hand. I invited her in but she said she had to hurry up for work. She handed me both of them.

"This is mint and this is aloevera. Harry wanted these days from a long time." I took both of them. "Would you please tell him I came by and gave these?"

"Yes yes of course Rosie."

"Thank-you so much. Now I better hurry" she smiled wishing me a good day and I wished her back.

I came in and kept them at the kitchen window.
The whole day all I did was lay in bed with my phone and texted Lottie. But later i called home. I was missing them. All of them. Way too much. I know its for me as well as them. I am a homesick child. I've always been.

Lottie took a off today from school so I had the chat with her. I didn't tell her about the hospital thing because they're already worried about me and I don’t want them to come running here and take me back to my real home. Not that I mind it.

I’ve started a somewhat different and much loved life here with Harry and Gemma and I'm enjoying. Just the fact that I need a job and its time I fucking contribute to this house in every way possible.

Today is a Wednesday and I don't know what to do. I feel like I have nothing to do and if I don't do anything soon my head will explode but my back seems to not support me and is actually totally against my mind.

It's about 5:30pm and I'm exhausted lying on the couch haven eaten the last slice of pizza I found in the fridge. I don't know what else to do but I feel like I should be fed ice cream right now.
But you know life isn't sunshine and rainbows. Now do you know, you never see a rainbow nor sunshine in winter. So there you go, nothing for me today.
I further slouch into the couch putting my phone on the table beside me where the juice cans lay because before harry left he handed me four juice cans and said I had to finish them until he returns. The ones i bought are for later. I felt like a kid who had to do his homework by the evening till daddy returns from work and gives him treats.

I don't know what my treat is going to be.

Harry hasn't called me since the morning nor have I called him. I don't wanna be a bored housewife who calls their husband for entertainment. And well why am I the wife? Yes why am I? Harry will be the wife.

And I twist on my side to pick up the remote to change the channel because it started showing advertisements. My phone buzzes beside me.

Well now is the bored housewife calling me?

I pick up the call after checking its not Harry and its Stan calling me. Finally he called. I know I should be calling but what would I say to him if I called.

"Hey?" Stan begins sounding more like a question.

"It's Louis. Hi!" I say sounding a bit excited and scared because he's been my best friend since kindergarden and this is the first time we haven't talked for whole two months.

"How are you?" He mutters

"I'm fine. You're back home?" I ask

“yeah we came the next day” he chuckles lightly. It feels so nice to hear him happy.

“what happened?” I ask him out of curiosity.

“nothing..?” he clears his throat.

“c’mon stan . you can tell me. Don’t think that anything changed between us. please”

“yeah. But you didn’t even apologize Louis.—“

“I am apologizing. Right now I am. I didn't have the courage to call you. I’m sorry. I mean it. Ple.."
“ok then” I can sense him smiling. “forgiven .”
“so what were you saying?”

“you know how uncle phil gets.”

“yeah....but what did you do this time?"

“he caught Eleanor and me in the basement. Actually we were just talking and then things began ....uh it was same the day I met you at the mall” he's talking like a girl.

I cant stop laughing as he whispered the last part.

“don’t you do that now ok” he continues its hard to stop laughing but easy to imagine the postion they were in. “we hadn’t started anything and he busted us. She was just about to go third level” he laughs himself.

“so someone got lucky after they met me”

“not you shit. Tell me hows your tall man?”

“tall man?” oh is he talking about harry?

“Harold Skyes is he?” he is smirking over the other side I know it.
“Horton styles” this is going to be fun.

“ I hope he's wild and horny as his name”

“he is don’t you worry. When is the graduation?” I end up asking.

“it’s done. Didn’t you know about it?” he asks lowly.

“no.” I blurt “no I mean there was a missed call from the chancellors office but they didn’t call one more time so I thought it wasn’t important. And nobody called me. Not even you” I'm not blaming him for anything.

“everybody was angry. Dan, Phil, Jade, Max, Milly, Eleanor, me even for that matter Calvin too. He wanted to apologize. He’s sorry for what he did”
“but nobody called me. Not even once.”

“we went to your house. Your mom told us you didn’t wanted to be contacted, so we apparently didn’t”

“yeah. I wanted that. And excuse me why was Calvin's name being mentioned here? I don’t even want to think about him”

“he’s sorry for what he did. He’s ready to apologize”

“can we talk about something else? I dont want to ruin this.”

“I was wondering if we could meet once? For old times sake? All of us?”

“you mean all?

“yes all.”

“ok. But I'm not coming to Doncaster anytime soon”

"oh. Not a problem. We’ll meet whenever”


“I gotta catch. Talk to you later sometime?”

“yeah bye”

I swing the phone side ways and it hits the headboard. I dint even realize how i reached the bedroom while on the phone. My position changed from lying across the bed to laying halfway at the edge my neck hanging.

I feel a bit relaxed yet there’s this feeling growing inside me that I really want to get rid off before It starts to feed on me and make me insane.

Anyway even if Calvin is sorry for what he did he could call me once at least. If he really was sorry he could’ve called. If he really wants to be friends with me he would’ve called. If he values our friendship he could’ve called. Its been more than three months hell five months since he broke that news out in the university.

Shit I don’t wanna remember any of it. It s going to eat me up if I start thinking about it. I can't let that happen. I’m over it.

I take deep breath brushing my hair with my fingers.

“why are you pulling your hair out your scalp?” Fuck my heartbeat raced for second. I thought there was an intruder. Its fucking Horton.

"You’re supposed to knock. You scared the fuck out of me” I look up but then come back to my position where my head was dangling off the bed. It feels good all the blood rushing down to the brain. It feels fresh.

“ok mister” I can hear him taking off his boots. The mattress near my feet dips in.
“did you get bored today?” now I can feel Horton near my legs. The mattress compresses beside my thighs.
“is that a question or an answer?”
“I started with did” I can feel his hands right at the sides off my waist. Fuck me the blood is now drained from my body. His hands are cold I can feel through the thin fabric of my shirt.

“you’re cold”

“mhhm” I can feel his curls at my neck tickling and I look up and bam! He smashes his lips onto mine. He’s way too cold.

His lips bash like a pair off frozen rose petals. There swirling across mine in perfect motion.

His hands shift up to my neck and his body presses hard against the mattress but my head hangs back as his lips torture me towards pleasure.

I moan lightly as I realise how much I've missed this touch of wanting him beside me the whole day. I ease in making my movements slow enough to make it up for the whole day. He pulls away biting on my bottom lip and sighs content his eyes fluttering open behind his long curls falling on his face because he's lying on top of me almost halfway in air pressing me against the mattress of the bed.

He dips in again this time his tongue running across my lips. His lips are no longer cold but I feel mine have gone cold but I don't mind.

He presses his knees against my thighs releasing a groan into my mouth. My hands travel up his back to his black T-shirt. His body has warmed up against me as he's pressing so hard I might be imprinted on this mattress forever.

I hear footsteps at the back of head somewhere but I'm too busy,
"You guys find your chill or I'll puke all over"

It's a voice too familiar. Why didn't Harry lock the fucking main door? He has a spare key doesn't mean he'll never close it.

He's not ready to move from above me yet and my hands reach against his chest. I don't mind that he's pulling away. It's so warm and cozy under him I don't even mind his weight right now and it feels like home even though I've been at home the whole day.

"Get out right now" Harry mumbles against my lips making me laugh into his mouth.

"I didn't expect such a reward for being a lucky charm!" Ed sounds offended.

"Lucky charm?" We both say at the same time. Harry looks at Ed behind him whose standing at the door hands crossed at his chest.
He gets off of me and i feel the blood rushing to my legs back again. They've been numb for like three minutes straight.
"Yes a lucky charm." Ed turns around to walk out of the room and Harry follows him. I'm still under the feeling that Harry is above me kissing.
Anyway I get up stumbling because until now I didn't realise my back still hurts but it's much better than before.

"Lucky charm because you only woke up at the hospital when I was there. Like after full 4 days." Me? I slept for four days straight? My allergy was that bad? I was about to die.?

"I didn't realise I was sleeping for 4 days straight!" I'm walking beside Harry now and he seems a bit relaxed than before.

"C'mon I'll get you guys something to drink" he walks into the kitchen and Ed and I walk into the hall.

"I mean I felt so empty but still I felt so heavy for whatever time I was asleep" I'm shocked because really god.

Ed leans in beginning in a low voice "And zayn said you kept calling for Harry at night" he shrugs a little smirking. "But I think it's a bit obvious right?" He winks.
"Shut up" I slap his arm and he breaks into fits of laughter as Harry joins us back in the hall.

"I heard you were talking about zayn? What is so funny?" He hands me an apple juice pack and Ed his beer and he's having the smoothie he made in the morning.

"Ohh that" Ed straightens up, "apparently zayn ended up inviting me to his big opening exhibition and guess what?" He takes a sip. "I got the same invite three times from different parties."

"What about that?" Harry leans forward.

"It's a private invite right? It has to be one and official? But how am I getting three private invites for the same event? It's a mess. It can't happen"

"What?" My mouth escapes and both of them turn to look at me. I don't understand this one bit.

"It's a private invite. It's got to be only one" Harry tells me turning to Ed. Oh okay.

But wait. Why only one.? If it's being organised by one or more parties it could be more than one. It's a promotional event, right?
"It's a promotional event. It can be more than one. Call many as you want" I tell them and they look at me.

"That is what Louis" Ed rests his hand on my shoulder.

Harry continue s "it has to be one if its private otherwise for the public invites it can be any amount. But when its a private that too a promotional event its got to be one. That is the logic. And I've been giving out private invites. I know that. Even if the event is organized by more than one party they have to be organized enough to decide how many invites they are sending and to who" man he sounds serious. I understand what he's saying but phew I'd rather go have something for my growling stomach than empty my brains out here.
"Okay. whatever you say big guys" I sigh and stand up. "What would you want to eat?" I ask not turning around and entering the kitchen. It's almost 8 :30 right now. Harry returned late today I didn't realise that.
I don't really know what I should make but I'll try. What else does a brainless bored housewife do?

I ended up making butter chicken I made that one time for Harry and he ended up crying because it was so delicious.

We are all seated at the dining. Ed and Gemma included. Gemma seems surprised with every bite she takes because she thinks I can only cook cereals. How ironic is that? How do you cook a cereal?

Ohh shit I didn't tell him about the plants.
After Ed left and we were in the kitchen I told him as he washed the dishes and I sat there at the slab my feet dangling of course.

"Mrs Rosie Sparks came by today, she said you have attitude problems"

"I have attitude problems?" He looks at me his eyebrow raising but then he concentrates back on the washing.

"Is that the question or the answer Harold?"

"Harold? Oh I see"

"She was right. You have attitude problems" I giggle its hard to not laugh at Harry the way he turns to look at me after every sentence I speak.

" I don't have an attitude OK"
"Every thief says he's not a thief"

"They must have a chance to defend themselves. Shouldn't they?" Only a few of dishes are left.
"So you believe that you have an attitude problem?" I'm smirking so hard it almost hurts my face.

"Uh" he scoffs not looking at me this time.

"Tell me you believe it" I try to make my voice stern as he just washed the last dish and wipes his hands before turning to me.

"Louis shut up" he knits his eyebrows at me but there's a smile creeping at his lips.

"You are so blind" he walks to the fridge taking off the apron and hanging it there.

"I don't wear glasses" he shrugs with a silent so-whose-blind-now. He takes a step towards me. Now he has that smirk on his face. Walking towards me in his black skinny jeans and almost transparent T-shirt it makes me think otherwise. But I'm a wise man.

I try to distract myself, "she handed me mint and aloevera" I point at the kitchen window behind me with my thumb.

He's walking towards me and now his hands are placed lightly on my thighs. His hands, oh my, are actually huge. He can actually measure my thigh bone by just his palm.

The tattoos peeping out are clear as day even underneath the shirt.

"Mhmm I saw them before" he gently parts my knees and a shiver travels down my spine. It's not cold here but it feels like my blood just went cold. Shit.

"B-but you never asked me" I manage to say as his hands are now at my waist while he's placed himself between my knees and his eyes slowly travel down my nose to my chin and then he would look straight to me in the eye. It's enough to make me come thrice in my pants already.

"I knew you'd tell me. Wouldn't you" his face is so close I can feel my breath hitting me back after reflecting back from his face. But maybe it's just his breath.

His fingers dig at my waist pulling me towards him closely as possible that my hands now rest at his chest and they're slowly travelling up his neck.

After the last glare at his lips all I remember is his soft plum lips on mine making them wet again. This time it was sloppy than before as my hands reached his hair tugging at them and he'd moan every time I'd pull at them even lightly .

"Let's get to our room" I pull away breathless almost. "Gem might--" he doesn't wait before grabbing my lips with his.
Gemma would be here for water because its not that late for her to be asleep. She sleeps late anyway.
"Harry..." I mange to mumble against his lips as I mange to breath in.

Anybody could've guessed what must have followed the instances but it wasn't that way. I was horny he was horny. It was night. The perfect timing. We were in our room. I was ready almost in my boxers but he'd have to take my sweats off. He was shirtless on top of me his hair on my face his lips attached to mine. We were both ready. Almost. I would've shrieked loud if he hadn't stopped rubbing against my bulge with his the next moment. But something else made me squeak and sigh. But it was okay I guess.

I was ready but he wasn't. He removed himself from top off me and sat there at the edge of the bed his face buried in his hands as he muttered after every 15 seconds how sorry he was and I'd reply its fine. I understand I truly do. It's okay if he's a virgin. I wouldn't mind that. I'm a 23 year old virgin. He's just 21.


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I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

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