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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson)

chapter 69

Harry's pov

Oh god. Really? This person right now in my arms confessed that he ran because he was bullied at the university for being gay. Its not difficult to process the information because I knew something was up with him the first moment I laid my eyes on him but Louis? I don’t know what made him confess this. That too to me.

The fact that he trusts me this much in a span of a month I don’t know what I might’ve done to deserve this boy in my arms. He’s not a boy. He's a 23 old man in my arms but I still feel as if he's a 13 year old boy who just got hit by his friend and he's here in his fathers arms telling him quietly that instead of hitting him he considered running back home. He also wants his father to not tell mom because she might scream at him for being a coward.

But he isn’t a coward like me. It was brave. Very brave of him to actually run away from them than fighting them and ending up in jail or something.

The thought scares me a little. He was so afraid at a point that he decided to leave his family who he loves so dearly. I know he loves them more than he loves himself. And now that I am thinking this over he hasn’t called them since his birthday. Maybe he’s afraid they’ll call them back and he wouldn’t want to go.

He’s snoring on my chest quietly and he looks like a squirrel squished up. I bend down to kiss his head a goodnight.I lightly unwrap my arm from around his shoulder and shift wiggling from his frame and laying him lightly on his side. He shifts a little.I tuck him tightly otherwise his back is going to hurt him bad in the morning and walk out of the room.

“so how did the massage go?” Niall meets me at the kitchen entrance wiggling his eyebrows at me.

“...c’mon” I sigh smiling lightly. “he’s alseep”

“it was that good?” I take out a water bottle from the fridge turning my back at him.

“yes” I nod walking into the hall. I know he’s following me.

“did you get your share of pleasure knowing that he isn't well?” he nudges me lightly and I eye him widely because now we’re in the hall where my sister is half asleep lying on the couch flipping through channels on the television.

I sit back Niall beside me drinking his beer can.

“Whats with zayn? Why has he sent me a private invite? And why isn’t he here to give me the invite?” not that I'm complaining but he could've called if this is so special for him.

“How am I supposed to know harry?” niall turns to me. “and anyway he just told me to hand you the invite, not a big deal. He said he had work”

I stretch my arm to pick up the mail from the stool and I tear it open.

“HORIZAYN” it reads. wow

“clever name isn’t it?” nails laughs beside me.

I read forward, the date, time and the venue. it actually has my name on it.

“look here he’s got 3 top sponsors off the list. Did you see that coming?” niall points to the bottom of the card.

“hey! Harry can you pass me the bottle I’m going to go sleep!” she says and I stretch forward to hand her the bottle. “the pizza box too. Niall you sure don’t want to have it?”

“nope! Save it for Louis. He’ll be fresh in the morning” he chuckles looking at me giving me the same dirty look he gave me a few minutes ago.

“okay.. now I’m going to go” niall stands up patting my shoulder. “see you Saturday mate”

“okay goodnite. See you” I follow him to the door keeping the mails back at the showcase.

Louis’ pov

As I walk out my room at 8 I smell something delicious. Its not eggs. Nor is it pancakes. Its different.

“what is he doing in the kitchen?” I yawn as I spot gemma at the couch having her coffee reading the newspaper.

“Not a clue. He’s been there for like an hour and a half since he’s returned god knows what he’s cooking” she folds the paper and keeps it aside.

“hows your back?” she asks as I sit down brushing my hair off my face.

“it’s good. Its good” I tell her. “The massage really helped. Thankyou for the oil” I nod.

“its fine. I know how harry gets when he has to take care of something or someone. That’s why I gave him that. Otherwise he would’ve been up all night” she sips her coffee smiling.

“oh” I don’t know how to feel about that. Really. Because when I woke up all I could think of was how I really made him massage my back when he just got his stitch cut a few hours ago. Really I felt bad for making him do that. He must’ve been sore there and he didn’t even complain. Oh god.

I didn’t even ask him if he was feeling dizzy or something.

“hey gemma could you go wak--” he comes out of the kitchen wiping his hands on the apron his eyes shifting from gemma to me. He’s wearing his Reebok shoes and a tight plain grey t-shirt and black cycling shorts which aren’t even visible from the front as the apron reaches his knees. His hair is tied up. “could you guys be seated at the table”

My Greek god cooked for me. WOW.
I’m staring at him he’s staring at me. “hey goodmorning, you’re up” he smiles bright.

“yeah. Goodmoring” I wish him back when I see him walking towards me. He looks down at me. He looks so huge.

“hows your back?” his right hand moves to my shoulder.

“uh—it’s good. I feel better.” I manage to say because my thoughts shifted somewhere else. His hand rubs my upper arm.

“good” he bends down kissing my forehead lightly. I didn’t expect that especially right now. In reply to his gesture I place my hand on his cheek and he leans in. It feels so warm. He makes me feel warm.

“Table. Both of you at the table. C’mon” he gestures walking away and my eyes focus on his thighs tracing up to his bum. He has a nice bum. Well smaller than mine.

Gemma walks up to the dinning and I follow her.

“oh god yes” gemma says closing her eyes. “it smells so good” she licks her lips.

I nod in return the excitement building inside. What has he really made so early in the morning.

“Organic Grilled & Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Banana-spinach smoothie” he comes out of the kitchen trays in each hand. I wish he cat walked like that till the table.

“whose excited?” he sits down keeping the tray filled with the delicious sounding food on the table.

“they look good, I am excited!” I almost shriek as my nostrils fill with the yummy smell. My god.
Gemma picks up the Mushroom Portobello’s and keeps two of them on my plate then the other two in Harry's and the last two on hers.
We all take a bite and all sorts of voices sounding delicious are heard.

“fuck, harry this is so good, ..god!” I mumble and moan as I'm still chewing on the that one bite.

“my day is made!”gemma laughs taking another mouthful. “this is just wow harry”

“thankyou, this servant feels pleasure” he smiles straitening his back and chewing on his piece.
For a few minutes we all are busy until harry breaks the silence.

“shit!” that’s a slow shit. I mean you know how slowly he talks.“I have to go to the office from today” he makes an ugly face but still looks cute.

"Thankgod.” Gemma remarks looking at me. “atleast he’ll not be in the kitchen the whole day”

" you just said you enjoyed the dish. Don't be mean" he eyes her but then smiles when gemma shows him her middle finger. "okay so , I’ll be leaving in half an hour so gemma I think you’ll leave too?” she nods sipping on her smoothie, “and yes Louis if you need anything, anything just tell me I’ll get it before I leave okay?”he gets up picking up the plates in one hand and the finished smoothie glasses, all three of them in other hand. Well his hands are huge.

I walk to my room and gemma has also gone to get ready. I don’t think that I need anything.

“you decided on what you need, anything?” harry enters taking off his apron and bends down to take off his shoes. Look at the thighs. Shit man.

“uh I don’t think I need anything, I’ll be staying home anyway” I’ll be staying home. I’ll be staying home? Am I finally realizing I lost my job? Two weeks back. Shit.

I sit down at the end of the bed thinking how am I now supposed to find a new job. What am i going to do now?

“whats wrong ? everything okay?” he walks re-tying his bun and his fern tattoos are revealed and all I do is gape at them until he’s standing in front of me.

“nothing..” I trail off looking down at my hands. What is he going to think now.

“c’mon I can tell you’re worried” he places his hand on my shoulder rubbing it and its so soothing.

“I don’t have a job” I look up flicking my fringe off my eye. I know I sound terrible. Too terrible.

He chuckles looking down at me. “don’t laugh at me!” I punch at his toned stomach hitting my self in return rather than hitting him.

“c’mon you don’t have to worry about a job right now” he rubs my shoulder.

A buzz vibrating sound is heard and his neck glances up to the dressing table where his iPhone is. He pats my shoulder walking to the dresser and checking.

He keeps the phone down.
“come here” he calls and I turn to look at him “come here c’mon” he's standing there his arms open. Shit. I’ve never had somebody calling me waiting there arms open for me.

I walk up to him and he pulls me close and what does a needy person do. Sink in with the loving touches. I grip his shirt and bury my face in his chest as he wraps his arms tightly.

“you don’t have to worry about a job right now. any way your health is not good. We’ll work it out later”

“we will?” I look up and I can smell the food on him. The delicious mushroom Portobello's. Oh my god.

He nods “you smell so good” he bends down to kiss me. ”mushroom Portobello's worked great” he kisses me again breathing in every time after kissing. I chuckle into his mouth when his arms move to my waist his fingers digging in.

The thought of them massing my back last night oh my god. It was so uneasy in my pants. Only I know that.

His lips have traveled down to my neck and I'm holding onto him tightly drifting into pleasure. He's being so good. This is a complete different harry from yesterday who yelled at me because I told him not to smoke.

“you’re going to be late, 15 minutes to go” I inform him but i'm not letting him go.

“I feel like a housewife already” I finally let him go and he kisses me last time smiling as he walks towards the bathroom.

“Yes. You can be my wifey” he enters in the bathroom. Did he really just. “I’ll make you food every day and night” he says from inside the bathroom and I’ m literally imagining my life like that. “and I’ll massage your feet too, we’ll go to fancy dinners” he continues turning on the shower and that’s when his voice trails away making my heart beat faster.

Harry’s pov
As soon as I entered office Mr. Smith called in for me and he said I had many many pending assignments and recordings and editing to be done so I had to record three songs in a day.


Maybe I’ll have to work after my hours.
I don’t know if I should tell him about the sessions every Wednesday and Saturday because I can't miss them.. not the first session at least then I’ll get the timings changed but right now I'll have to talk to him about it. I reached by 9:30 ain the morning and its 2 right now I haven't even had my lunch because I've been busy checking things piled up on my table.

The morning went so well it was so good to get up and go for a walk in the fresh cold air. And then I met Rosie in the elevator and she took me to her house and that’s where I got the fresh mushrooms. She said she had just got them from the farmers market, they were freshly picked.

I walk out the office to head to the canteen but my phone rings in my pocket and its simon calling. He could’ve called on the office phone.

“yes simon?” I pick up the call.

“come to my office please”

“ok. I’ll be right there” now I gotta cancel my coffee.

I knock and he gestures me to come in and I take a seat.

“did you receive the invitation?”he’s having tea.

“what kind of? I mean for what?” I'm confused.

“the function its on this Saturday. The sponsor project you had with BBC 1 radio”

I already made It clear that day that I wasn’t going to do the project. “I told you to take my name off, I wanted my name off from it already”

“that isn’t possible. You went for the meeting. Didn’t you?”

“it was fake simon. I am sure I made it all clear” why doesn’t he remember anything. I screamed my lungs out on him that day. What the fuck. why does he have my name still in the project?

“we had another meeting while you were off these two weeks. They say you were the one who signed on the papers that day. Didn’t you?”

This is bullshit, “yes I did. But we can always send the—“

“you are going harry. They’ve made the invitation in your name. It's a private invitation. It’ll admit only you. You have to take your ID card and its going to scan and do other shit. You know how it goes. C’mon I don’t have to tell you, you know. Its official” this fucking simon has trapped me in this fucking game with fucking nick grimshaw. God I bet if I see him anywhere near me even for that matter near Louis I'm gonna bust head in and out of his skull. I swear.

“I got 3-4 mails yesterday. I’ll check in the evening” I stand up.

“and yes don’t forget to get Louis with you” what the fuck. Ahet does Louis had to do now with his. He was fired wasn't he? he smiles. Whats there to smile?

“why? He’s not working here anymore. Whats he to do with that?”

“it’s a promotional event for new artists. Its better to get some more people. No harm” he shrugs
sipping at his tea.

“you said its a private invite” I'm so confused.

“they’ve sent an invitation for him too. Don't worry. Just don’t forget his ID. Your's won't work for him” he takes another sip.

“okay” I frown. Is there something going on here? I can smell it faintly already.


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AlexxStylinosn28 AlexxStylinosn28

I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

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