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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson)

chapter 27*

Louis’ p.o.v

“yoooohoooo…” “yayaayayaya” were the only things I could here over the loud music. I never knew I had such a party freak inside me. It was just thrilling. A man and man party was just awsummm. And I was really liking it. Like really.

The room had a glass wall which had a glass door separation. Through the glass door I could see all the gym equipments. Yeah there was a huge gym beside this room I was standing in. wow. The room smelled slightly of smoke and had a slight no I guess really strong smell of Harry's cologne. It seemed like he spent some time here.

The area in front of me was carpeted red. The table dat I already talked about which had the MAC had a huge couch beside it for 4 people to lay down together or maybe stretch out easily.

And by huge I mean HUGE. When I traced my eyes over the couch and followed the whole decoration of the room my eyes stopped at the huge television set which was fixed on the wall and which was directly in front of the couch and I guess the couch was a sofa cum bed. And yes as far as I know the television set was not a television it was a damn whole home theater. I could see the huge speakers on the wall in each corner.

The room had another glass wall which was to the left of the television set. I walked up and entered the room as I pushed the door in. As I entered the door the lights switched on immediately. I mean automatically. And again my jaw dropped. There was this whole bar at home.

Harry fucking had a bar at his home and he freaking never told me. In front of the bar counter their was a circular bed with maroon and white combined silk sheets on them straight. Not a single fold. The bar counter was also clean. The slab was shining brand new with not a single particle of dust. Like it was still brand new or like nobody ever touched this place ever.

How does harry even have friends? Is he only human? My heart just sank to my feet just staring at the whole scenario in front of me and it started making me feel so poor within. I felt so guilty for staying here and enjoying everything even when I didn't own it.

I suddenly started feeling so small and tiny and little. So suddenly. I stepped back and turned around to walk out of the room and enter where the party was on! I went straight to harry.

I needed to talk to him. "Harry I need to check your mattress!” I said.

“Why?” he looks at me all confused.

I was damn serious about this thing,“Coz I think ur mattress is made up of dollar notes” his facial expression told me that he was just about to kill me, “Why do u think so??”

“Very simple, U sleep on money dude” I told him frankly.

And that is the truth I guess. “seriously u gonna get hit now” he brushed me away as he went to enter the room which i was talking about.

The one with the bar counter. “stop following me” he says as I traveled with him behind.

“okay”i turned around and went in with the others to join the party. We were all into the mood and were just waiting for the food and mainly the drinks!! The bell rang and I guess it’s the food.

I went to harry to ask for some money. “harry gimme the money” I asked him as I peeped in the room as I saw him picking up some bottles from the counter.

“I’ll go, you get these out” he pointed at the bottles in his hands and then kept them on the counter as he walked past me and out of the room. “okay” I pick them up as my eyes traveled along the path till where he was visible as he exited the fancy room.

And one thing I noticed was he slouched a little as he walked. Maybe coz of his height. Do I care? Nope? I walked out of the bar room carrying four bottles, two in each.

“yayaayayayayay…here we goooo” I screamed as I entered the room. “yeahhh people bring it in” niall screamed louder than the ear drums bursting music.

Once I placed the drinks on the table and everybody was up dancing and screaming. I have to admit liam was a good dancer! Zayn was the first one to pick up a bottle, “this one is gonna be good” he whispers acting like he was already drunk, “this one bottle could cost you your life” he continued.

“why??” he got me thinking. I picked up another bottle of the same brand. “this one is the best thing you could ever taste” he opens the cap. And then everybody picks up each bottle, flying the cap off.

“hey guys wait for me” harry shouts from behind as he struggles to enter the room with huge packets of food in his hand. He quickly enters the room keeps the packet on the table, runs to get another bottle and there he was standing beside me with bottle.

Liam starts, “so here we raise a toast for our new dear friend, who I guess, ---uh uh-we guess that is going to be friends with us for rest of our lives….that is what I expect for now..” and everybody had there drinks in the air. Zayn continues, “and I think you're a nice person to be with and enjoy…” Niall adds, “and the funniest person I’ve ever met..” Harry began, “and believe me the messiest and the cockiest person yet found” These guys were so, like the best I think, people I will ever meet and I guess I will ever want to meet. Its like being with the best in the world. They made me feel special and that is a lot somebody could ever do for a stranger, that too me. It was just unexpected.

“CHEERSSSS” we all said in unison. “and there’s something I too want to say,…..thank you so much guys, thank you so much..thats a lot to do for a stranger like me..thank you so much for trusting me, especially you harry” I continued as I turned towards harry.

“me?” he assured, “why me?”

“yes you, you were the first one to trust in me and I guess that’s pretty much somebody could do, thank you for everything”

“it’s the first time I’m hearing you be so kind and sweet Louis” harry says as he took a few steps away from me, coz he knew what he said and I would totally hit him this time.

“no seriously ur welcome” he continued as he came back to where he was standing. Just beside me.

“can we all have our first group hug??” niall says as he spreads his arms for a hug. And we all leaned in for the hug. “hey harry you didn’t call any strippers tonite??” zayn says winking but he had a little smirk on his face and everybody’s face was like they all understood what zayn said expect for me. “yeah curly, you didn’t?” niall says with the smirk.

I saw harry's facial expression like saying 'no guys no don’t'. but I guess they knew, they were messing up with him over something I didn’t know.

“hey guys, tell me whats happening?” I ask them as they all took seats on the huge couch but instead of me. I just sat on the floor which was carpeted, so it was okay. And harry began,

“people he knows it” he says as he took a sip of his wine. “you know it?” zayn chokes on his wine.

“what do I know? be more specific please” they were killing me.

“that I’m gay” harry says as if it was an insult and took another sip. a large one.


Sorry guys fr a short chapter!! Bt I'm sure I'll b bk soon!!!


Hi guys, if you are reading this fiction, please continue reading it on the new user id I have created. Which is "Boomelouu". The old one is "boomelou" The one I am using now. I shall be continuing the story there.

thankyou for all the love and support!

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Well, it has been the death of me!

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JASLKDJGFLSKDJG these 119 chapters are gonna be the reason i fail schools,m fkjsdhabfkljsadhgf

AlexxStylinosn28 AlexxStylinosn28

I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

LizzyM101 LizzyM101