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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson)

chapter 26*

Harry’s p.o.v

“oh god harry what is this?” liam complains as he enters the house which was so beautifully lit up with dim yellow lights.

“what do you mean? I did not do this !!!!” I point out at all the mess louis had created while decorating the room.

“what this is your house, you invited us, you were supposed to keep it clean” liam continued and I could see niall and zayn just standing there watching me and Louis kind of fighting silently.

And there Louis began, “yess harry you invited them you were supposed to keep it clean!” he had that evil smirk on his face and I know he was killing it.

“Yess harry tell me where am I gonna sit?” niall starts as he kicks packets and papers which were lying on the floor though he smiled at me sympathetically but he walked and stood beside Louis.

“happy birthday Louis!!” he smiled and wished him whispering that was a bit too loud for me to hear. I guess my friends have already taken him.

“Thank you mate” he whispered back and stared at me with that smirk still on his face. “hey what are you staring at with those eyes…? Just clean the room!!” he ordered. I saw zayn coming up and making some space on the couch and sat right there as we all watched.

“that is mate how you make space, by the way happy birthday Louis” he smiled and wished him. Nobody right now did not even care about me.

“hey guys!” I announced, “I guess you’re at my home?”

“yeah, thats right “ niall said. “you don’t know how betrayed I feel right now!! only because of you . you and you” I pointed at liam first, then niall and then at zayn but everytbody’s face just didn’t show up anything.

“are you guys really my friends?” that question really made me think hard.. “so atleast you could just help me….. me cleaning the shit this birthday “kid” has created” I said quoting the word kid, coz I knew how irritated Louis gets with that word. I saw his expression changing from that smirk to a grin to a stare. I liked it.

“I guess let the party begin” he removed his stare away from me and I guess my shot was just correct. It hit him right.

Liam moved forward to help me but I stopped him. “I guess I have an idea” I announced and everybody’s face turned towards me. “what if we celebrate it in some other room, just leave this shit here, c’mon we’ll shift to another room” I gestured and started to walk towards the hallway.

Everybody followed me straight. It wouldn’t be any thing new for Louis but for everybody else, I think it is, brand new.

“wait!” I say as I just remembered something which I had planned out. “no not you Louis, you take the keys from the kitchen and go and wait!” I tell him.

“as you wish sir!” Louis agrees and walks out of the hallway and I was happy he didn’t ask me anything back. Other guys looked at me with confusion specially zayn.

“what happened?” he asked. I knew why he was so confused, “do you guys even remember its his b’day?”

“I do , I wished him too” niall says smiling.

I nodded and continued in a low tone, “so we need to surprise him a little”

“but we barely know him harry” liam sounded correct though.

“I agree” zayn says as he shows a thumps up.

“but we can atleast make it all nice and warm for him” I suggest and niall agreed.

“yeah correct, he deserves it I guess” niall says.

“okay!” liam agrees.

“okay? With everyone?”

“yup” and everybody agreed. I had planned something already so it was just going to be fine,

“c’mon into my room” I gestured them.

“anyway we’re not here just for the food” liam says and niall giggles in agreement.

“what are we actually doing?” zayn asks as we entered my room. Niall directly jumped onto the bed like usual, “there is no time waste we need to hurry up!!” I announce “okay but what are we doing?” liam asks me.

“nothing much…just two cakes and some party poppers “

“okay!!! Heyy you guys got some gifts?” niall asks in excitement.

“no, wait why?” zayn asks and I thought why are they evn here with me.

“stupid, you’re here for a a b'day party. I guess you remember?”

“that’s fine , he wouldn’t anyway want gifts from us!” liam says and started laughing and I don’t know why.

“that is not funny…” I mocked.

“why have you started acting so like responsible man all of a sudden?” niall asks getting off the bed and stepping down, “that is not the harry I know”

“are you fine??” zayn asks me giving that concerned look he usually gives me when I tell him some horrible stuff about me.

“what will be wrong with me, I am perfectly fine!” I tell them

“you can tell us harry” liam says as his glare shifted to me

“didn’t I tell you I was perfectly fine” I inform them as I stressed on the word perfectly.

“you’ve never mocked us like that, I am so concerned harry”niall repeated and that got me furious. I shouted and screamed at them, “don’t you guys just get it?? I am perfectly fine!"
I was so angry, “iam fine goddammit”.

I brushed my hands through my hair. I tried to calm down and immediately realized, “ I am sorry” I apologized.

“you never swear harry” niall says and I think he was correct. I don’t really swear.

“its fine” zayn states as he caress my upper arm and tries to cool down the whole thing.

“can we just concentrate on the birthday?” he continues.

“please lets hurry up!” I say drifting away all the thoughts that ran into my head right now.

“okay then, lets HARRY UP”niall says and everybody including me starts laughing so bad.

That did lighten the mood. We walked out of the room with me carrying the bigger box of cake, liam carrying the other box of cake and niall and zayn carrying the party poppers and other stuff as we followed them.

“where do we have to go??” niall turns around and asks me.

“then follow me?” I say and walked forwardalong the hallway as they all came after me. “is this some new secret place in your house???” zayn asks me total confused

“c’mon you’ll see” I tell him, coz I was excited more than any one of them. We all hurried up the hallway and in a minute we were just standing outside the glass door which led us to the huge room they had never seen or you can say that I never let them in! I whispered, “okay now in one, two and three!!!” I opened the door silently so that Louis doesn’t know we entered coz I could see him standing there staring at the huge sunset scenery. We all silently walked in and peep toeing we went and stood behind Louis. Liam hadn’t wished him yet so he decided t go and stand right behind him and we all just circled him around.

“Okay then “ I mouthed and we all had a show of thumbs up to just to tell each other we were ready. I don’t know why liam just wanted to scare him though he doesn’t know he doesn’t get scared. He isn’t that kind of a kid. Just saying. Liam whispered from the back directly into his ear, “happy birthday Louis” And I was correct, he wasn’t going to get scared and guess what he didn’t. He then just normally turned around smiling wide as his eyes were now kind of not visible. He was smiling that wide. ”thank you soo much” he said and then liam pulled him into a bro hug. He hugged him back.

When they were over, I asked him
“hey liam did you think about scaring him??” He smiled at me weirdly probably he still isn’t over the thing about what happened in my room, “no why would i? that was just his b’day gift…..” he then faced Louis again, “did you get scared??”

And he didn’t have an idea about that liam’s joke but he just agreed, “yeah I got scared, like soo much” he spread his arms wide to show him how much he got scared. And that just made me smile too. Only coz that was a little bit funny. Not because I found him cute or maybe he acted a way too cuter this time.

“lets cut the cake” and i announced in excitement and niall just jumped around happily and zayn smiling bought the small table in the centre of the room where the two cakes had been placed.

the cake wasn't too fancy just normal chocolate truffle cake. So here we were finally circling around Louis to cut the cake as niall was lighting the 23 little candles put on the cake. To make it more so dramatic I went and dimmed the lights as I turned the regulator and watched the lights get dim. My stare slowly shifted to louis’ face and how much prettier he looked right now. that excitement inside him to celebrate his b’day was somehow killing him so much. He couldn’t resist himself though he was jumping all around telling niall to hurry up lighting the candles where zayn and liam just stood there having some serious talk.

That is what I could figure out with their facial expressions.

So we were all agai surrounding Louis as the candles were ready. Liam starts,“so we begin at 3, 2, 1..but first make a wish”

“But can I repeat the wish harry?? I just made one wish last night..i can't think of anything important now!!” Louis directly speaks to me .

“yeah sure..” He shut his eyes for 2 secs, I don’t know what he wished and we were ready again for the cake to be cut. “yeahhh, blow the candles off now!!!” niall says in excitement and there Louis went blowing the candles off. Not all of them at once but in two times he was able to do it. He was a strong player. And at once we all began singing the not so old happy birthday anthem which seems to get new everytime at a birthday party.

Finally when the cake was cut and the other cake we bought was smashed onto louis’ face by niall and then how the whole thing started to messen up, but it was fine everybody was enjoying including me. Zayn went and turned the music up..loud. real loud and we all liked it that way.

Loud music is what helps in dancing your tears away. It’s the best kind of music. And right now if we all needed to talk we would have to literally scream into each others ears which might even lead to bursting our ear drums. But right now everybody was enjoying and that is what is the best.\


Heyyy sexxxy ppl there...sry I hv nt been postingg..
Reason being I was not keeping well. I am not well now too but just that if I could do an update it would do no harm. Sorry I couldn't edit the chapter,I know it really sucks reading it like dat. But plz ppl stay with me fr a few more days! I need ur wishes. thank you.


Hi guys, if you are reading this fiction, please continue reading it on the new user id I have created. Which is "Boomelouu". The old one is "boomelou" The one I am using now. I shall be continuing the story there.

thankyou for all the love and support!

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Well, it has been the death of me!

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JASLKDJGFLSKDJG these 119 chapters are gonna be the reason i fail schools,m fkjsdhabfkljsadhgf

AlexxStylinosn28 AlexxStylinosn28

I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

LizzyM101 LizzyM101