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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson)

chapter 25*

I opened the envelope which the courier person gave me. It was addressed to me and was sent by the BBC RADIO people. I was pretty sure this was for the meeting to be held this week.

Sitting on my bed I removed the envelope and I opened the letter. I read the whole thing silently.
It said that I was cordially invited for the thing I sponsored. I already knew why was there a need to send an invitation? But then when I reached the end it was signed by NICK GRIMSHAW. He totally knew what he was upto. And I don’t even know how am I supposed to behave when im in front of him. But I think its his time to act safe.

I heard Louis entering the room as he asked me, “hey you need to get ready fast”
“but why ?” I frowned.

“you have to go shopping with me”

“why that for?”

“the partaayyyy” he yells, “and yes for Christmas too, you still haven’t bought the Christmas
tree” he adds.

“but why do you need me?”

“to carry the stuff I buy” he chuckled as he said. The most lovely chuckle I’ve ever heard. That chuckle just burst out from inside him and which just made him laugh as he placed his hands on his waist. That guy made me feel light in a second and I was feeling so happy in a matter of second.

“then I am not coming” I said trying to act angry.

“you will have to cum baby” he said as he chuckled again cracking his old bad dirty joke.

“ew Louis!” I exclaimed. “anyway you’ll never get any of those privileges of me cumming on you” I added.

“I never asked for it and I never will, I am straight” he said confirming. Was he really? That just broke my heart.

“get ready in fast. You just have 10 minutes” he ordered as he moved out of the room.

“and you too” I yelled as he exited the room.

“I only need two” he yelled. Really? I never thought about how talented he was catching things so easily. He just made a pun.

We were back home from all our shopping and it was 5 already in the clock. And by what Louis had said that I had to go with him to carry all the bags, I never thought he was serious about it until now when my hands hurt.

I had put all the bags in Louis’ room. When I entered his room to keep the things while he went to the washroom, I never thought he was such a messy guy. There were things still lying on his bed. Like he still had those clothes he wore last week still on the corner of his bed. That diary was lying open in another corner. The pillows were not in place and the bed covers were still not folded. The carton his mom sent him was lying near the dressing table which had some crumbled paper lying inside it. I never thought he would do so much justice to the room he lived in. the only neat place I could see was the couch and I was quite happy about it, atleast he left some place for himself to sit on.

The bags filled with stuff we bought I put them on the not so empty bed and sat at the end of the bed waiting for Louis to come out of the washroom.

I just glanced here and there and then I heard the door click open as Louis was wiping of his face with the towel. Then next thing he did was quite expected. He threw the towel on the couch. Ouch! He was so damn neat.

“what are you staring at?” he asks me as he went to the dressing table to fix his hair and my eyes just followed him.

“your neatness kid”

“I guess you forgot it was 23 year old kids birthday today!” he sys as he turned around to give me a death glare.

“happy birthday 23 year old kid”

“not so welcome”
I smiled at this comment as I got up to exit the room.

“wait!” he shouts. “where are you going?” he turns around as he walks up to me.

“my room “ I gestured.

“whose gonna help me then?” he says making a pleading face.

“help you for what?”

“the tree and the everything else” he tells me.

“you’re grown enough to do it alone I guess!”

“why are you always so grumpy?” he asks me.

“hey mister! You don’t have any right to say that!” I told him pointing my finger towards him.

“I have it!” he scoots closer to me.

“you don’t!”I shout as my finger pressed against his chest.

“yess yess I have it mr. grumpy” he repeats as he stuck to me as our noses were an inch away from being touched. My breath hitched once but I was still okay.

“I don’t have time for you mr. straight!” turned around and exited the room as I hurried through the hallway. I don’t know why I made that comment but something made me do that. Louis made me do that.

“so mr. gay is jealous of me being straight?” I heard him yell from his room but I ignored it and entered my room banging the room door shut.

I did not think about what he said. Nor was I sad about he commenting on my sexuality. It was fine. I was used to it. I don’t know what was hurting me so much that I just ran away from him. I felt a bit weird from inside.

For once I thought about what he said. “mr. gay being jealous of mr. straight?” I guess for once I am. I am not happy about him being straight.
I was not happy.

Louis’ p.ov.
Sorry I was not being rude, just a bit sarcastic.
I thought to myself. Did that hurt him? Why do I care. Anyway I don’t behave much like myself these days. I guess lotte was correct. I used to be so mean all the time.
Anyway. Lets just start with setting all these things up.

I picked up the huge packets and got them out of the room. Somehow when I reached the hall I threw the bags on the couch and started emptying all of them one by one.

The things for the party were put aside coz first I need to put up things for Christmas.

The huge christmas tree we bought was still standing beside the door. I walked up to it and shifted to the door which was near the balcony door. It looked perfect there. And after I decorate it, its going to be wonderfull.

The tree was heavy so it took almost all of my energy to push it to the place where I wanted it to be.

I took out the lights we bought out of the packet.
The first thing I searched for was a plug in point so that I don’t have to remove the lights again when I’ve already put them. Clever. Wasn’t i?

Anyway. When I bent down to search for sockets under the curtains, I saw plenty of them near the tree and the places where I wanted to put the light.

This whole decorating thing went on for two hours straight. I was tired but not too much tired coz the thing still hasn’t begun. When I was finally done putting the whole Christmas up and the other things also and for once I glanced over the room. I was quite happy with my work. I knew all this perfectly because my sisters were never allowed to touch these things when they were kids and me and my mum would do all this. So I was quite nicely trained with all this.

The room was lit up with yellow lights. It looked pretty. So nice. I was proud of the work I did.
I looked around one more time and my eyes stooped at harry standing behind me staring at me with his puffy eyes and I bit wet eyes.

“you bitch. You slept for four hours straight and I was alone here doing this” I complained him.

“that’s not the truth sir” he replies as he walked up to the couch, made some space for himself setting aside the packets and sat down.

“then what is it?”

“I ordered the food”

“it took you four fucking hours to order food?” I swear.

“why do you swear so much?” he asks me with a frowning expression.

“ you make me angry!”

“anyway you didn’t remember to order food, and if you forgot about that then I guess Niall would’ve killed you here” he informed me.

“your not so welcomed” I nod.


“coz you never compliment me for things I do best” I say sounding angry and bet I was.

“I do, I do” he says as he slouches back at the couch putting his feet up on the table.

“when did you last time compliment me for the dish I made and then this …the whole room I decorated?” I complained coz I really did not like the fact that he never did compliment me.
He glanced over the whole room and then looked back at me “yeah , the room feels so warm and pretty. You did this alone?”

“oh so do you think Obama came and did this as I sat there watching him put things up”

“no …I don’t think so” he smiled at me. “omg…why are you soo soo ---filled with spontaneity?”

“that’s what you call being sarcastic and filled with humor and filled with sassiness!!” I tell him the correct words he was searching for.

“will you ever end up obsessing with yourself ?”

“no!!” I told him smiling wide.

“I guess that’s the answer I was looking for”

“your welcome!” I nodded as he got up.

The next moment when I was about to clean the room and order harry to help me clean it up though he would do the most of it, the door bell rang again.
Harry went and unlocked the door to see his best mates!!


heyyy again. hope you guys enjoyed the double update. feel free to tell me if you dont like the elongated details and want the story to speed up!!
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AlexxStylinosn28 AlexxStylinosn28

I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

LizzyM101 LizzyM101