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LOST AND STILL FINDING(larry stylinson)

chapter 24*

Louis’ p.o.v

“stop doing that” I mumbled as I tried to sleep and push away the person who was shaking me.

“let me sleeeeeeep…its my birthday” I mumbled and cried again to whoever it was and I pulled my covers up on my face.

“Louis get up, you have 20 missed calls on your phone..plzzz get up” a familiar voice screamed and puled the covers off my face. He shook me terribly this time.

"i shot up sitting straight, “whats your problem dude??”I screamed as I squinted and narrowed my eyes, pulling my body up.

“call your mum right away” harry tells me raising his eyebrows. “All the miss calls her from her.”he continues.

I took the phone from harry and I tried opening my eyes wide but the light in the room just didn’t help. I unlocked the screen and called my mum right away. I knew, by now she’s been dead already.

Only a single bell rang and she picked up and a smile grew on my face.

“hey mu—“ before I could say anything I was cut.

She immediately got angry and started rambling,“Louis how do u manage to sleep on your b’day? And not pick up my phone and not call me and not let me wish you and not let the girls wish and not let your dad wish you? When did you do—“
I spoke in between cutting her sentence, “mum, mum stop mum, u can wish me now” I tried to calm her down as I said in a low voice.

“Oh yeah sorry baby I screamed at you”

“that’s okay mum you can wish me” I tell her as I was looking down at the cover on my body and just drew circles but I could notice harry still sitting there in front of me staring.
I gestured and asked what he was still doing here and I don’t why he suddenly gets up looks here and there awkwardly, scratches his head and leaves the room. I wonder why he did that. Anyway I was talking to my mum.

“so its your birthdayyy” she says

“yeah mum I know” I sigh lightly. i could hear in the background that the girls wanted to wish me too and they were screaming and fighting over who will wish first. That made me giggle. Oh how I wish I could just see them.

“Um…Louis can you come over skype or something? I cant handle these girls”

“mum I’m not sure I’ll ask harry” I pull the covers away as I slide my feet out from them and got up on the floor to go and ask harry.

“Who’s harry?” my mum asks me with a confused tone.

Oh shit I haven’t told anything about him yet. “oh mum the guy whose I am staying with. he's my landlord sort”

“okay,” she sighs. “faster Louis, Ernest started crying..i need to handle her. It was so nice before you went away Louis. You totally know how to handle them.”

I could hear the little 10 month old baby crying. My mum's words just froze me for a little while. “no not again mum. Its my birthday” I walk out of my room faster and walk to the hallway as I called out for harry.


“yeah Louis” he calls me back.
I reached the hall and saw him coming into the hall from the balcony. “can I use your skype?”
He narrowed his eyebrows for a second at me, “follow me” he says and walks past beside me through the hallway back from where I already came.

“hang on mum, it’s a huge house, harry’s taking me somewhere” I told my mum. I saw harry turning his head around as he looked straight at me with that grin on his face and then he looked back in front. He did that because he didn’t like the fact how I always commented on him being so rich but I just loved it.

He walked past the music room and turned right. I had never gone to that place before or ever noticed it before. I wonder how huge this house is. I followed him through the small narrow corridor. He switched on the lights and there was in view a longer corridor which led us to a door.

I whispered “Faster harry”
He twisted the door knob and we entered in as the lights switched on automatically. I could just stare and stare and stare. I was frozen again.
I whispered again, “harry?”

“Why are you whispering?” harry asked me confused as he moved on to a table where I could see a MAC kept.

“coz I am thinking that I don’t fit in here” I whispered to him again as I shrugged.
He giggled once “ oh stupid go and sit on the chair..your mama’s waiting” and then switched on the Mac as he turned around to walk out of the room.

I caught a hold of his shoulder and squeezed it, “hey hey stay here, I don’t know how to use it” and I shrugged again.

“okay “ he says as he leans down on the table with is left palm flat on the table and bending his back to the curve which made his tee shirt hung a little low from his neck which gave me a peek into his shoulder tattoos and the bird tattoos. The tattoos were art. He is art.

“just login here and then you can go on” he says as he stands up straight as he handed me the computer.

Due to the fanciness of the room I was so confused and almost not in this world for a while and I even forgot that my mum was on the phone.
“oh hey um I’m ready” I tell her on the phone.

“okay” and she hung up.
I deep breathed and got ready for my mum. I was soo soo excited to see all of them after almost 4 weeks. I missed them soo much right now.

And after a minute everybody was visible on the screen which automatically brought a smile on my face. Those bright little faces of my sisters on the screen just made me so happy in a second and even before I could wave them a ‘hi’ I felt like I was mobbed on the screen which my 4 girls jumping on the screen, “HAPPYY BIRTHDAYY LOUIS” they all shouted and screamed. And then my mum appeared in the background and she simply but beautifully with all of her heart said, “happy birthday dear” and she blowed me a kiss. And the next moment I could see a tear drop tingling in her eyes but she got up and moved out of the screen area and I wondered where she went.
My dad came and sat, “happy birthday big boy, 23 huh?” he says.

“thanx, ya dad, I feel so old already” I tell him as I made a sad face.

“its not old, your life has a long way to go, may god shower everything on you” he prays for me as he smiled.

“thank you so much dad, but where’s mum? Where did she go?” I ask him worried.
My dad looked away from the screen “oh she’s in the kitchen” and then called out for her as he got up.
In a second I saw my mum taking the seat, “mum where did you go? And why that tear on your cheek?” I asked her.

“nothing baby, just missed you”

“me too”

“so how’s everything going there? No troubles?” she asked me.

“noo..not really but you know still adjusting as I’m not a very adjusting person.” I say.

“yeah, but that’s fine, you’re a grown up kid”

“why mum why? Why does everybody has to call me a kid?” I protested so angry
To my comment my mum started laughing and that got me so furious.
“mum I don’t like that!” I told her.

“I know sweetie, now go talk to some real kids”
As soon as she finished her sentence all 4 of them came up on the screen fighting for space.
“hey charlotte, felicite, daisy and phoebe.”

“hey!” they waved back. “hows it there?” phoebe asked.

“just fine!” I tell her.

“don’t you miss us for Christmas?” charlotte asks me as a sad expression took over her face. That sentence hit me a little bit.

“and why do you think so?” I asked her.

“coz you’ll be busy with your Richie rich” she said with a giggle that automatically took over her face.
I told her not to talk about this in front of the other girls.
I talked to her every night texting her everything. I was too close to her and I knew she would be the best one to give me any advice if I ever needed.
“I told you charlotte” I widened my eyes at her and she knew what I meant and she kept giggling.
If she would’ve been right next to me I would’ve cuddled her for being so cute but I just missed it. The other girls seem not to understand what we were talking about so they just went on asking me some random funny questions and asked me to crack some of my not so funny jokes and so I did. When finally talking for half an hour when my mom came back, she said she wished I was there with them on Christmas and we celebrated our birthday like always but I just go back there to that hell place. That city. I didn’t want to and I guess I’ll never.

When finally charlotte was alone on skype and I asked her if no one was around and she nodded yes.

“so are there any updates yet?” she asked me trying to control her giggle.

I was just sitting watching her do that, “no not really, but dare you open your mouth”

“your secrets safe with me, but what am I getting in return?” she asked me raising her eyebrow.

“I don’t really know but what do you want?”

“anything that you could give me..um something from your new job..you’ll get plenty of salary”

“yes yes they’re paying me good enough..i like that job so much and you know what I’m working with Ed Sheeran!!” I told her happily.

“yeah I got it, so your job is to get me autographs of every star you meet.okay”

“r u crazy, being a 23 year old, I’m gonna go and ask for an autograph? R u serious? That’s not happening” I mocked

“so its okay let the world know” she says folding her arms in attitude

“what?..wait you’ll get it” I told her immediately. this showed that she was my sister.

“you’ve never behaved this way before Louis! Whats up?” she asked me raising one of her eyebrows up as she narrowed her eyes.

“you sure you talking about me? Like seriously me?” I pointed towards myself so that I showed it was me she was talking about. But seriously I did behave the way I was behaving. I hadn’t changed.

She chuckled, “yup this is the way you’ve never behaved. You’ve changed brother! Are you in love?”
That comment I don’t know why she made but I guess I was the same old Louis who never gave a damn about anything. “no no why will I be in love? Life’s never been the way I’ve wanted it to go. So yeah I’m not in love”

“okay then lets just try to believe you!” she shrugged.

“I am not kidding, you have to believe me. I AM NOT IN LOVE!”

“who’s not in love?” I suddenly heard a more manly and a crisp raspy voice than mine. That made me shake a little inside coz I was busy talking to lottie. I immediately turned around and saw harry standing by the door as he walked towards me.

“hey Louis? Who’s there?” charlotte asks me. I turned towards the computer screen and before I could come back to my senses to tell her who it was harry was leaning down against the table curving his back.

“oh charlotte its harry!” I tell her as she saw him in the camera view.
Before I could just introduce them to each other they had already said there ‘hi’s’ and ‘hello’s’.

“So who is not in love here?” harry repeated the question as he looked at me and then at my sis.
“it was me!” I told him and my sister, I don’t know why but she chuckled again.

I heard the door bell ring and harry immediately says, “I’ll go and see, you talk”
When he exited the room charlotte immediately started rambling things about him, “you’re good at describing people” she said.

“I know I know”

“he totally looks like a greek god”

“ I know, but now you need to shut up coz m going, its been too late, I have to go arrange things for the party!”

“wait! Which party?!”

“my birthday party sweety..now bye” and I disconnected as I went offline.
This is place is gonna get another view. Right now I don’t have time but this room seems different.
I hurried out of the room to the long hallway to enter the hall to check who was at the door. But harry was no where to be seen when I reached the hall. “too fast” I guess.


hey guys..sorry for a late update. was busy with my college admissions. now here. you guys deserve a double update!!
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AlexxStylinosn28 AlexxStylinosn28

I should be thanking you for writing such an interesting story. I love how its so unique and not like the other typical stories on this site. There much more depth to it. The chapters always keep me on my toes. PS I love love this chapter and Harry is trying to be brave and intimate with Louis.

LizzyM101 LizzyM101