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Over Again

Chapter Eight

Liam slowly ran to the corner of the sidewalk as James chased after him. Danielle recorded the thirty seconds of madness as she laughed. Liam had gotten a Spiderman action figure and James wanted it badly. This led to the public running and eventual tackling.
“Ah, I give up!” Liam mockingly yelled as he swept James into his arms. “Here, it’s yours. You deserve it more.”
“He’s stronger than you.” Danielle laughed putting her phone away. She had recorded nearly the whole encounter. It was nice seeing the genuine smile that lit up Liam’s face when he played or even looked at James.
“I’m super hero!” James flexed his muscles confidently. Danielle gasped covering her mouth as she faked surprise. This only egged the young boy on. He posed as much as possible while still being in Liam’s arms. It was a sight to see.
Liam widened his eyes, “You’ve revealed your identity.” James gasped loudly as an expression of horror crossed his young features. He looked around expecting his enemies to appear at any moment.
“Oh no,” he slapped his free hand to his cheek dramatically. This was a devastating blow for the two-year-old.
Danielle shook her head, “What do we do?” She played along effortlessly. It was easy to get wrapped into the excitement.
“Quick we have to go before someone sees him.” Liam decided looking around as well. He made it look easy although he barely knew what he was doing.
James pointed forward, “Go!” He ordered causing Liam and Danielle to smile with laughter. Liam enjoyed playing along with his son. It felt natural despite his major delay. They continued to walk in the bustling streets of the centre. People moved from shop to shop. Vendors were camped out at several locations selling everything from food to jewelry. James was excited by it all Liam noticed as they continued on their way. He wondered how often Melissa took the boy out. She seemed to be overprotective of him.
“Ow, James look there’s a carousel.” Danielle pointed to the square where a carousel and other small attractions were located. James clapped excitedly Liam set him on his feet so that he could walk on his own. “Do you want to ride?” She asked bending down so that they were eye level. James nodded. Danielle looked up at Liam, “Is it alright if I take him on there?” she asked causing Liam to hesitate. He debated between making the decision on his own and texting Melissa.
“I wanna ride. I wanna ride.” James’s sudden demands shook Liam back to reality. The toddler was getting more and more impatient.
“Sure,” he finally decided. James grabbed Danielle’s hand pulling her away. Liam followed at a slower pace. He watched as the got on to the ride. Danielle helped James onto a horse and held him so that he didn’t fall off while the carousel turned. Liam snapped a few pictures before folding his arms and patiently waiting. The day was going a lot better than he thought it would. That started when Melissa actually agreed to let James come with him. He had expected her to put up a fight, but she didn’t. Even though there was something in her eyes when he mentioned Danielle. Liam couldn’t help but think back to one of the last conversations he had with Melissa while away for the X-Factor.

“Don’t be ridiculous you’ll find a cuter girl and move on Mr. Superstar.” Melissa joked as they video chatted. She sat in her bedroom leaning against the headboard of her bed. She had known about her pregnancy for two weeks now and every day she told herself that she wouldn’t tell Liam no matter how much she wanted him to know.
Liam shook his head, “I highly doubt it. You’re the only girl for me Mel.” He watched as her face flushed. “If anything it’ll be you who moves on.” Melissa gasped opening her mouth to speak, but she was cute off by a blond boy walking into the room. “What’s up Niall?” Liam asked turning to look at his new friend.
“We have to leave in ten minutes.” He announced before walking back out of the room. Liam sighed turning back to his laptop screen.
“I have to go,” he announced. Melissa frowned as he did. “I’ll try to call you later. I love you.”
“Love you too.” Melissa spoke with a sense of finality. Liam shook off the eerie feeling as he closed the web browser. That was the last time he spoke to Melissa. He would call and text her, but she never answered. His mum even told him that she didn’t come around anymore. Liam wondered about her until he met Danielle, then Melissa Wright became a distant memory.

Liam was brought back to the present by James running up to him. He smiled looking down at his son.
“Did you enjoy the ride?”
“Fun,” James nodded. “Danielle and I get cotton candy.” He announced before grabbing Danielle’s hand once again and pulling her away towards the vendor. Liam chuckled as he thought about the conversation he had with Melissa when she would mention cotton candy every minute. He found it oddly amusing at the time, but looking back on it Liam realized it was strange. Melissa hated the pure sugar treat with a passion. There was only one reason she would suddenly crave it; she was pregnant then.
“Are you okay?” Danielle asked suddenly with a small smile on her lips. “You’re in your own world.”
Liam shook his head, “I’m fine.” He responded forcing a smile onto his own lips. He had to stop dwelling on the past. There was no changing it now. Besides he was beyond happy with Danielle and James didn’t seem to rock their relationship too much.
“Good, because there are paps here.” Danielle informed him as she looked at James who was playing with his action figure whilst snacking on the blue cotton candy. According to him blue was a super hero color.
“Um,” Liam looked around trying to think. “The public doesn’t know about James.” Danielle looked at him expectantly. “We’ll just ignore them.” He shrugged. “He’s having too much fun to pull him away now.”
Danielle smiled, “He’s a good kid. Filled with imagination, but it isn’t too far of a stretch from someone I know.” She teased. Liam rolled his eyes playfully. “You’re really good with him.”
Liam smiled at his girlfriend, “Thank you and you are too despite this being overwhelming. It’s really appreciated.” He pecked her lips quickly before running over to James and stealing some of his cotton candy which got the boy’s attention. At the moment Liam didn’t care who saw them.

“So you let James go with Liam and his girlfriend for the day.” Carmen spoke slowly as she swept her hair off of her shoulder. Melissa nodded silently answering her friend’s question. They were at a small café. “I can’t believe it.”
“Why not?” Melissa questioned looking at her best friend curiously. Carmen didn’t seem to be able to maintain her opinion on having Liam in James’s life.
Carmen shrugged, “I didn’t peg you to be one to allow your son to be part of a playing house experiment.”
Melissa set aside her coffee mug and looked at Carmen directly, “What are you talking about?”
“I’m sure Liam has James’s best interest somewhere at heart deep down inside, but what about this girlfriend of his? From my understanding they’ve broken up before and honestly how stoked can she be about her boyfriend having a kid? To her it’s pretty much like playing house. At the end of the day James isn’t a thought for her.” Carmen spoke bluntly. She didn’t sugarcoat anything. Her words didn’t sit well with Melissa. In uneasy feeling had developed in the pit of the young mother’s stomach. She eased out her cell phone deciding to check on her son.
Melissa: How’s it going?
She waited on Liam to reply to her text message. Each passing second seemed longer and longer as Melissa watched her phone. A part of her knew that Carmen had no clue what she was talking about, but the other part took heed to the words.
Liam: It’s going great. James and Danielle really get on well.
Melissa read the text message several times before looking up at Carmen. She held up her phone showing the text message. Carmen shrugged in a nonchalant manner before taking a sip of her hot tea. Melissa tried her best to enjoy her day and not worry about James too much. Megan joined them later and they went to see a matinee movie together. During the movie Melissa was slightly distracted from her worrying, but it was still there. Around five o’clock she decided it time for her to go home. She said her goodbye and parted ways with her main emotional support system.
Melissa: Not that I am rushing, but what time are you bringing James home?
Liam: He’ll be there in at least an hour.

Nearly two hours later there was a knock on Melissa’s door waking her up. She had fallen asleep reading on the couch. In a groggy state she quickly answered the door. Liam carried a sleeping James in his arms as he held onto the black backpack. Melissa took the backpack sitting it against the wall beside the door. She led the way to James’s bedroom where there was a twin bed with Marvel Comic covers, small dresser, round table and chairs, plus several toys.
Melissa pulled back the covers so that Liam could lay James in the bed. After James’s head hit the pillow and he settled in, Liam carefully pulled off his shoes. Melissa tuned to the dresser and retrieved a pair of pajamas.
“He fell asleep in the car poor lad.” Liam informed her as he stood. Melissa slowly undressed James careful not to wake him up. “He didn’t have a lot of sugar, but he ran around a lot.”
“Did you have to use the inhaler?” Melissa asked. James was diagnosed with asthma when he was a year old. The doctor claimed that it would better as he got older.
Liam shook his head, “No, he was fine. You worry too much.” He teased as they left the bedroom leaving a night light plugged into the wall.
Melissa folded her arms, “I’m use to worrying on my own.” She reminded him. “Can I ask you something without you getting the wrong idea?” Liam looked at her skeptically, but he nodded. “How serious is your relationship with Danielle, because I don’t want James to get use to someone who may not be around long. I mean him getting attached to you is risky enough. Even when I date someone I hold off letting them meet James.”
Liam folded his arms as well, “We’re pretty serious. We live together.”
“But you’ve broken up before.” Melissa countered. She was beginning to feel defensive.
“We broke up before, got back together, and made James. What is your point?” Liam looked at her with a nearly cold expression.
“I just want to protect my son.” Melissa sighed unfolding her arms. “That’s all I care about.” She assured him causing his expression to soften.
Liam rubbed the back of his neck, “It’s late. I have to go. Call me when James is awake.” He kissed her forehead before opening the door and walking out of the flat. Melissa laughed to herself at the irony of the situation. She had gotten use to Liam kissing her forehead when they were dating. He would say his goodbye, kiss her forehead, and go off with his friends or family. Later that night he would either call, text, or stop by. The difference was that they weren’t together now.


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