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Over Again

Chapter Seven

Liam helped James carry the light bowling ball to the lane. He let the boy push it on his own cheering him on when the ball managed to not go in the gutter. He had been surprised when Melissa invited him. She told him that James liked to go bowling and she took him as often as she could. Liam jumped at the opportunity to spend time with his son. He figured it was best not to bring anyone along without asking first.
“Look Mummy,” James pointed excitedly with a proud smile.
Melissa feigned surprise, “Oh wow, you’re practically a professional.” She high fived her son before taking her turn.
“Your skills have not improved,” Liam laughed as Melissa rolled yet another gutter ball. Her mouth turned up as she made her way back to her seat. “Watch the master.” Liam strutted confidently forward. Needless to say even James had a higher score than Melissa at this point.
Melissa rolled her eyes, “I use to wonder why James was so conceited. Now I remember.” She shrugged nonchalantly.
Liam waited until after he had rolled the ball to respond, “I am not conceited.” He countered turning to take a seat. He had rolled a strike.
“Of course not,” Melissa spoke in a patronizing tone patting his shoulder as she stood. “Come on James let Mummy help you.” She reached for her eager son’s hand.
“I do it mummy.” James pulled away running to the automatic pit. Liam watched them until his cell phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out turning his back when he saw who the caller was.
“Hello,” he answered as he always would.
“Hey,” Danielle’s voice sounded from the other end. “I just got home. Where are you?”
“I’m at the bowling alley.” Liam answered peeking over his shoulder. James hadn’t bowled yet.
“With the lads?” Danielle questioned. It sounded as if she was moving around in the flat.
Liam sighed, “No, actually I’m here with Mel and James.” It was silent. Liam checked to make sure the call wasn’t dropped. “Danielle are you still there?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m here.” She responded sounding less talkative.
“I would have asked you to come, but you were working.” Liam quickly added. He was still learning how to balance time with James and time with Danielle.
“No, no, it’s fine really Liam. Have fun with James. Tell him I saw hello.”
“I love you.”
“Love you too.” Danielle ended the call. Liam turned around in time to see the last pin fall and James jump excitedly while Melissa looked ahead with wide eyes.
“Did he do that?” Liam asked her rejoining them.
Melissa looked back at him, “Did you not see it?” She asked raising an eyebrow as he shoved his phone back in his pocket.
“Danielle called,” Liam explained. Melissa nodded as understanding crossed her features. “I wish I would have seen it.”
“Well, I’m sure it will happen again.” Melissa shrugged, “Maybe by the time he’s eight.” She added passing by Liam. There was a slight bitterness in her tone that Liam picked up on. He looked back at her, but he was busy typing on her phone. Once she finished she went to take her turn.
“I get strike too.” James ran up to Liam excitedly.
Liam bent forward holding out his hand, “Alright! You’re bowling better than your mum.” He added looking up expecting Melissa to have a comeback. She appeared to have not heard him.
“I go home with you.” James stated causing Melissa to look back suddenly. Liam looked at her with pleading eyes, but it was useless. He could tell from her cold expression there was no way she was letting James go home with him.
“Not tonight bud.” Liam ruffled James’s hair keeping a light tone. He couldn’t figure out what caused Melissa’s sudden change in attitude. He decided to ignore as he pulled out his cell phone to casually check his Twitter. The first thing he saw was a new tweet from Melissa. He clicked on it instantly regretting it.
@MelWright: James bowled a strike!!!
@HandsomeMike: @MelWright No way! I want proof.
@MelWright: @HandsomeMike he really did! YOU should have come with us.

“You’re thinking hard.” Louis commented as he waved his hand in front of Liam’s face to get his attention. Liam shook his head coming back to reality. He and Danielle were out with Louis and Eleanor.
“Sorry lad, I have a lot on my mind.” Liam responded as he glanced around the casual restaurant. It had a nightclub feel to it, but with more class.
Louis nodded taking a sip of his beer, “I would be thinking hard too if I had a two year old son that I hadn’t known about.” Liam shrugged barely taking in Louis’s words. “Are you sure he’s yours?” Those words caught Liam’s attention. He turned suddenly to look at one of his best mates. “I mean she didn’t tell you or your parents before and she barely trusts you alone with him now. Maybe there’s a reason behind it.”
Liam shook his head, “Mel isn’t like that. She wouldn’t lie about something as important as this.”
Louis held up his hands defensively, “Alright mate, just be careful.” He sighed finishing off the beer, “There’s my lovely girlfriend.” He smiled as Eleanor and Danielle came back to the table. Danielle took her seat beside Liam stiffly. When he had gotten home the night before after bowling, she had been asleep. They hadn’t really talked about his night, but it was obvious that something bothered her. Liam just didn’t know what.
“Are you mad?” he asked that night when they had returned to their flat. Danielle looked back at him with a questioning expression. “Are you mad about me going bowling with Melissa and James?”
Danielle shook her head, “No, I’m happy you’re getting to spend time with your son. I just don’t understand why you have to do it with her around.”
Liam took a step closer to his girlfriend, “Mel doesn’t completely trust me yet and I can’t blame her. There’s a lot I don’t know.”
“But how will you learn if she won’t let you?” Danielle countered. She shook her head suddenly, “It isn’t my place to speak on this, but you should really talk to her.” She pecked his lips. “I’m going to shower.” She slipped out of his arms and walked away. Liam looked after her filled with thought. Perhaps Louis and Danielle were onto something.

Melissa had finished cleaning her apartment in time for to fix lunch. It was a Saturday and she didn’t have to work which meant the whole day with her son. As she rummaged through the refrigerator there was a knock on the door. Melissa went to answer it glancing at James was fixed in front of the television.
Liam smiled when the door opened. He was dressed in jeans, light gray t-shirt, and a flannel button down. Melissa stepped aside allowing him in. She wasn’t expecting him to stop by, but she could tell he had planned it.
“What’s up?” she asked walking back into the kitchen. Liam’s steps could be heard following her.
“Danielle and I are going to the centre and I was hoping you would let James come with me.” Liam got straight to the point. He had time to think it over. Louis and Danielle had spoken some good words to him.
Melissa stammered in her speech, “I’m not sure that’s a good idea Liam.” She finally managed to say. “James isn’t used to being alone with you and he can get in terrible moods.”
“I’ll be able to handle it.” Liam assured her. “Come on Mel, he’ll love it and you’ll have the day to yourself.” Melissa stopped looking for food. “I’ll bring him before his bedtime.”
“Not a minute late,” Melissa added. Liam nodded as a smile pulled at his lips. She sighed, “Fine, he hasn’t had lunch yet though, so you’ll have to stop.”
Liam smiled victoriously, “Thanks Mel you’re the best.” He quickly kissed her cheek not thinking twice about it before going into the living room. “Do you want to go to the centre?” he asked James and nodded quickly. “Well let’s go.” Liam helped him up.
“Backpack,” James looked around, but Melissa was holding it. He ran to her and took it. “Bye Mummy,” he barely stopped in time for a hug.
“See you later.” Liam opened the door and followed James outside. Melissa watched them go feeling some type of way. After a few seconds of being alone she decided to call Carmen. They could have a day out together.


WHAT!!!! Noooo I really like this st

please update and make a sequeeel!! xxxx
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I love this story a lot! I really hope you post another chapter soon!
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