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The City Of Love

Views; Good, and bad

Naomi p.o.v.

When we get to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower, we walk to the edge, where the railing is. When I see the view, I gasp.

"Oh my goodness!" I shout.

"Wow," Harry sighs. "It's beautiful."

I go all the way to the edge, and bend over the railing. I almost fall off, but an arm goes around my waist, so I don't.

"Don't fall off love," Harry says, and makes me blush.

"Oh! Let's go look through the telescopes!" I shout.

"Ok," Harry laughs. We walk to the telescopes, but I hear something that catches my attention. But I keep walking. But then it keeps going. Lia and Niall fighting. I listen.

"I didn't know you fell!" Niall shouts.

"I screamed your name twice!" Lia yells back.

"I didn't hear you!" He screams.

"Well you should be thankful Harry was there! You shouldn't be angry at him! He saved my life!"

"Thats it! I can't take it anymore! I'm leaving," Niall says.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Lia asks.

"No, we just need some time apart. So I'm leaving," he says. And with that he walks away. Towards me.

"Naomi, we're leaving," he demands.

"But we just got here! I don't wanna go back to the hotel! We aren't in the same room anyways!" I whine.

"No. We're leaving Paris," he says.

"No way bro. We just got here too! I don't wanna leave yet!" I shout.

"Come on," he ignores me.

"No Niall! I'm not leaving. It's been my dream to come here for as long as I can remember! You can't take me away from my dreams!" I shout.

"I don't care! We are leaving right now and that is that," he ends the conversation, and grabs my arm and starts walking away with me.

"Let go of me!" I shout.

"Niall! Let go of her!" Someone shouts. It's Lia.

"Shut the hell up Lia!" He shouts. He stopped walking, but tightened his grip. It hurts really badly, but I hold back the tears.

"Niall, stop! You're hurting her!" Harry says. Niall looks down at me, and lets go. I run to Lia, and she hugs me. Niall runs to the elevator, and leaves.

Why would your brother do that to you?" Lia asks, not saying his name.

"I don't know, but he's being weird. It's probably because he's here. You guys have been fighting and he's been ignoring you for the whole entire two days we've been here," I point out. "You guy were much better at home."

"I know, it's annoying," she says.

"Annoying my butt! He's a bloody monster!" Harry speaks up which makes me laugh.
Rachel and Louis come around the corner, smiling.

"Whats up with you two?" Lia asks.

"Nothing," Rachel says. "But can I talk to you girls?"

"Sure," I say. We walk over to the other side of the Tower, and she talks.

"I kissed a boy on the top of the Effiel Tower!" She squeals.

"Who?" Lia asks.

"Bruno Mars!" I say sarcastically. "No. It was Louis ya Ding Dong!"

"Oh. That's cool," she says not very excited.

"Thats awesome! Somehow I knew you were gonna kiss, or something…" I wink.

"Naomi!" She shouts and hits my arm. "That is disgusting!"

"Thats just how I am," I smile.

"Can we tell our story now?" Lia whines.

"You have a story?" She asks.

"Yes," Lia says. "Ok, so-"

"Can I borrow Naomi for a second?" Harry cuts her off.

"Uh, sure," Lia says. He takes my hand, and far away from them.

"Whats up?" I ask.

"I need to ask you a question," he says.

"Yes?" I say.

"Do you uh, do you want to be my girlfriend?" he asks.

"YES!" I shout so loud, probably all of France could hear me. I hug him tight, and he does the same.

"I love you," he says.


How'd you like it? Drama, or nawh? COMMENT! :D



i just reread my update. its freaking disgusting

its coming soon my love!

Omg, NEED an update! :) x

Wrecking_Ball Wrecking_Ball


They are! There beautiful boys! Just like One Direction!!

ofc i would! 5sos is another group of babes i love.! How could I not.!