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The City Of Love

shy girl out

Esmie POV:

The boat ride was so weird everyone knew everyone but I was the girl who had to join in. I feel so happy that Im here this was my dream to come to Paris I knew Rachel for about a few weeks before she asked me I said yes after a few days.

"Hey Esmie what are you doing we are going to have some fun or do you want to go home." Rachel asked me I don't want to be a kill joy so I said the next best thing I can.

"No but I want to go back can I have the hotel key I want to got to sleep." She looked sad but I don't know anyone but her and I just started letting her in now 5 new guys I cant do it in one night.

"Ok but one of the boys have to take you and he will stay with you so you wont get lonely." I don't need anyone here but if it will make her happy I will go with someone

"Fine but which one im really tired" She looked around and pointed to Liam he looked like he wasn't having any fun either so I can go and maybe hang out but I doubt it.

"Liam lets go back I need to get some sleep and it looks like your not having fun." he nodded his head and we left.


sorry if its short but hey its up



i just reread my update. its freaking disgusting

its coming soon my love!

Omg, NEED an update! :) x

Wrecking_Ball Wrecking_Ball


They are! There beautiful boys! Just like One Direction!!

ofc i would! 5sos is another group of babes i love.! How could I not.!