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Supernatural Love Means Supernatural Troubles *A One Direction and Union J Love Story*

Chapter 6- December 3rd, 1990

Sarah’s POV

Ever since we went to the woods that day, I had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. Something is unsettling. There is a presence. I can sense it but can’t see it. Maybe it’s just my imagination who knows…anyway once I got back from hunting with Harry, Niall, and Liam, I had another vision.

There was a girl walking in an alley. It was almost midnight and there was something following her. She turned around and it was a man in a ski mask. He raped her. Once he finished raping her, he stabbed her and left her there to die. She laid there barely breathing and bleeding out in a pool of blood.

That’s when the vision ended. I can’t go change her because I have to train the new boy, Louis, how to control his wolf form and use it to his advantage to fight the demons. Out of all of the boys I trust Liam to change the girl and bring her back to us. So I pulled Liam over and explained to him what was happening. He agreed to do help but I also told Niall to tag along just in case something else happens.

Liam’s POV

Niall and I went to the location where Sarah had told us to go. It was almost pitch black outside and the only thing that barely lite the alley was the street lights, but even those didn’t make it any more visible. I tried to focus and soon enough my night vision kicked in and I could tell that Niall’s did as well.

We both heard someone approaching and so we both hid on the roof of the nearest garage so we could get a game plan together. I wanted to make this quick so that no one would suspect anything and Niall was getting really hungry.

I turn towards Niall, “ok so here’s the plan, I will change her and if you want to you can kill him.” I motioned towards the man in black following behind the girl.

“Remember when you do kill him; slash his throat first so that he can’t draw attention to himself and to us. After that drain him dry and take him with us.”

He nodded his head. By the time I finished explaining the man was already stabbing the girl.

I could tell looking at the blood was making Niall feel uneasy since he was really hungry. He went to get up but I held him back down, “No, Niall not yet we have to wait until he’s done.”

He turned and looked at me, “I can’t help it I’m getting hungry. Why can’t we just go down there now?”

After a few more seconds past, the man was still stabbing the girl. Once he finished, she looked like a wreck and he tried to run away.

Niall looked at me, “Now?”

I looked back at him, “Yes, Niall, Now!”

I let go and he made a b-line for the guy.

Niall’s POV

Once Liam gave me the signal, I was behind that man faster than you can say “Nandos”. I followed him a while down the alley, where he stopped running and decided to walk. I walked right behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and I took that opportunity to slash his throat. I latched my mouth onto his neck and feasted on his blood.

The sticky liquid quenched the burning in the back of my throat. Once I finished him off, I turned around to see Liam with the girl in his arms. I picked up the body of the man I just finished off. I looked over and Liam motioned for me to come back over by him. I nodded my head and went over to where he was and then we both went home.

Once we got back, Kylie came over by me.

“Is he dead?” She said while motioning to the body that was in my arms.

“Yes, I was just about to go upstairs and burn him.”

“Oh, well actually I was wondering if I could try this new spell I was working on, on the body, if you don’t mind.” She looked really cute when she was nervous.

“Of course you can. Follow me.” I led her upstairs to my room and placed the body on the fireplace mantle. She then took out her wand.

“Deletrius” She shouts while waving the wand at the body, and all of a sudden it just vanished.

“Wow, now that’s impressive.” I said while clapping. “Bravo!”

She then bowed as if playing along with what I was saying.

“Thank you! Thank you! I’m here all day.”

“You’re cute! You know that!” I said while tapping her nose.

“Pshh. I know I am.” She said while flipping her hair.

I smirked at her response.

“Would you like to join me on the couch downstairs while we wait for Sarah and Harry to get back?” I said while running my hand nervously through my hair.

“Sure, I would love to.” She said while blushing slightly.

“Ok then, let’s go!” I said while taking her hand and leading her downstairs to the couch.

Liam’s POV

I brought back the girl and took her to the spare room upstairs. Niall took the man to his room to dispose of. I then went downstairs and got a packet of blood and put it on the night stand next to her bed. All I had to do was wait for Sarah and Harry to get back from training Louis and wait for another mission. Hopefully nothing will go wrong and Sarah will be able to help me train the girl I just brought back.


ok guys this is where i am right now im working on the next chapter but i will need you to comment and tell me what u think so far should i keep going or just stop?



@Directioner for life

hey guess what i updated today yaya i finally got my laptop back from school and im now able to work on my stories more :) at least for the time being
Please update I L-O-V-E LOVE this story please please please please please update
This is an amaZAYN story can't wait for zayn and union j to come into the story!! Also ajsjjddkdkdjdjd are harry and Sarah a couple or not?!?
kk thanks for letting me know: )