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Supernatural Love Means Supernatural Troubles *A One Direction and Union J Love Story*

Chapter 7- April 15th, 1991

Sarah’s POV

Harry and I took Louis to the training center which I had made in the woods. Louis has been acting weird though. He has been carrying on about some girl named Marissa. I can’t have a boy on the team that talks to imaginary friends. It could jeopardize the whole mission. I tried to get him to admit that she doesn’t exist multiple times but he won’t give in. So I gave it one last attempt.

“Louis, please try to phase into your wolf form.” I said trying to plead with him into changing one more time.

“I can’t. I don’t want her to see me as a wolf. I don’t want her to be scared.” He said while trying to whisper to me.

So I decided to play along for a while to see if it would get me anywhere.

“Well then, why don’t you tell have her wait for you back at the mansion until we are done with your training?”

He then shook his head, “Sorry she said that she can’t do that. She is not allowed to leave me ever. She has to always be with me all the time. Please keep quiet about the whole wolf thing. I want to try to warm her up to the idea so she doesn’t get freaked out about it; after all she is only human.”

I then turned and walked to where Harry was standing. So I pulled him over and talked to him while Louis was “talking” to Marissa.

“What do you think we should do?” Harry said while turning to face me after I let go of his arm.

“Honestly, I have no clue. We can’t have him talking to someone who isn’t there. We have to destroy him if he keeps this up.”

I then paused, “Tell me this, you hear thoughts right?”

He shook his head in agreement, “Yes, I hear thoughts but what does that have to do with anything?”

“Can you hear the thoughts of ‘Marissa’ or anything that Louis could potentially be talking about?”

Harry’s POV

What am I supposed to say? I only heard them that one time in the forest ever since then I haven’t heard them. Only very rarely have I ever heard the same thoughts from that time that we went to rescue Louis. I never did tell her I heard those thoughts that day. Maybe I was just hearing things.

“Harry? Are you even listening to me?”

I was brought back to the present by Sarah’s voice.

“Sorry, I was thinking about something else, what were you saying?”

She then sighed, “I was saying that if you don’t hear ‘her’ then he should be destroyed. We can’t have him be talking to people that don’t exist. I asked everyone back at the mansion when we first brought him back and he started talking about ‘her’ and everyone said that they never saw anyone. Same goes for anyone else imagining things.”

“Oh ok then, that makes sense.”

“So do you hear the thoughts of someone else talking to him?”

I shook my head no. I mean is she is human we should see her so obviously the thoughts don’t belong to her. I haven’t heard them ever since that night. So maybe it was someone else that could have been watching us.

“Then that settles it. I will take care of him.”

I saw her step back to where Louis was standing.

“This is your last chance.” She paused.

“You need to stop talking to ‘Marissa’ and phase.”

Louis stopped ‘talking’ to her and turned to Sarah, “Please stop talking about that, it is starting to scare her.” He put his arms out protectively as if there were someone behind him.

I could tell that Sarah was getting impatient and tired of trying to get him to stop ‘talking’ to Marissa and just phase already.


“She said that she can only be seen and heard if she makes herself seen and known.”

Sarah took a breath, “Then tell her to show herself.”

“She can’t”

Her patience was starting to run out again, “why not.”

“Because she is scared and I have to be in danger for her to show herself.”


“NO, IT’S NOT. She shared her thoughts with Harry that night that you saved me.”

“No, she didn’t he told me, he hasn’t heard any.”

Louis then turned and faced me. “Tell Sarah that you can hear her thoughts please.”

Sarah faced me. Then I heard them out of nowhere.
“Tell her you can hear me. I know you can.”

There it is the voice again. It took me by surprise and it was almost as if someone was whispering in my ear. I shook my head back and forth to see if it was just in my head.

Sarah must have mistaken my head shake as a no because not even a second later she was phased and stalking towards Louis as if a lion after their prey. He turned around and started running.


It was too late. Once a werewolf gets angry there is no way to get them back under control because they are too focused on what they are set on doing.

I phased and run after her. She leapt at Louis. At the last second I ran in front of her and blocked her from biting Louis. She then ended up biting me instead.

I howled and fell to the ground. She bit what would be my right arm in human form. It was gushing blood, bit to the bone and basically you could call it being completely mutilated. The bit wasn’t just a bit it was with the force of if she were to rip off Louis head.

Sarah then shifted back into human form after realizing what had just happened.

Then pain took over my body and everything faded to black.

Sarah’s POV

After I realized what happened I forgot about everything. I needed to make sure that Harry gets taken care of.

I turned to where Louis was standing speechless.

“You should be feeling so damn lucky right about now.” I yelled in frustration at Louis.

“Right now I need to get Harry help. I will deal with you later. Go back to the mansion and I hope for your sake you cut the Marissa crap or else I will have no choice but to destroy you.”

I picked up Harry’s body after it morphed back into human form once he blacked out.

I feel so bad; I literally mutilated his entire arm. What I don’t understand is the fact that Harry took the bit from me in order to save Louis.

Once we got back to the mansion, I saw Niall and Kylie sitting on the couch talking. They spotted Harry in my arms and rushed over. I then proceeded to tell them what had happened.

“His arm was supposed to heal instantly wasn’t it?” Niall asked as I laid Harry down on his bed.

“It was ripped so badly that it won’t heal fast enough. An injury like this if left uncured or a few more hours would mean a certain death.”

I then started to get teary-eyed just thinking about it. I can’t lose Harry, I feel like we have this connection that no one else will understand. I pushed back all of the emotions that I was feeling. I need myself to focus. I need to think of a way to save Harry.

Kylie then stepped forward, “I think I know a spell that will help heal his arm faster.”

She then took out her wand and waved it over Harry’s basically mutilated arm and said the word, “Ferula

Within a few seconds I saw the bone go back together and then the vampire healing kicked in. So, the muscle and tissue started covering the bone. The skin then healed and Harry opened his eyes and looked around the room.

“What just happened?” He asked.

“I just fixed your arm it was pretty badly injured.” Kylie said while putting her wand back away.

“Thanks, for fixing my arm then.”

“No problem. So now we will leave you and Sarah to discuss. So we will talk to you both later on.” Kylie said while taking Niall’s hand and leading him out of the room while shutting the door behind them, which meant it was time for me to confront Harry about what just happened.


So how do u guys like it so far? please comment and let me know if u like it or not??

MASSIVE THANK YOU to the three who gave this story a 10.0 rating!!!!! and the 2 that are subscribed it means alot!



@Directioner for life

hey guess what i updated today yaya i finally got my laptop back from school and im now able to work on my stories more :) at least for the time being
Please update I L-O-V-E LOVE this story please please please please please update
This is an amaZAYN story can't wait for zayn and union j to come into the story!! Also ajsjjddkdkdjdjd are harry and Sarah a couple or not?!?
kk thanks for letting me know: )