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Supernatural Love Means Supernatural Troubles *A One Direction and Union J Love Story*

Chapter 4- August 29th, 1929

Sarah’s POV

The cloud then took on the shape of a figure in a black cloak. It was slowly approaching Niall. He was standing with his hands straight out in front of him in a fighting stance. His hands were open and out of nowhere some sort of blue orbs started radiating off of them. The figure only moved closer to Niall. The figure lunged towards Niall. He very quickly threw the orbs in his hands at the figure and it vaporized in the air.

“Whoa, how did I do that?” Niall said while looking at his hands.

“I don’t know, but that was wicked!” Harry said while high-fiving Niall.

Suddenly, I got another vision. There was a boy sitting at a bar with a drink in his hands. One of his friends walks over to him so he turns towards them. He doesn’t see the man next to him spike his drink and neither does the boy’s friend. The friend then walks away and the boy turns back around to finish his drink. He drinks it and starts to leave through the back exit which is through an alley. There is a sign in the front that says “Wolverhampton Bar.” Once he closes the door he clutches at his heart and falls down. That is where it ends.

“Guys, we will have to continue this later. I just had another vision.” I said as I was walking to the door.

“Girls, feel free to practice, but I’m going to need the guys to help me.” I motioned for Harry and Niall to follow me.

We all flitted over to the bar without anyone spotting us. Sure, enough the boy came out of the exit in the alley where Harry, Niall and I were waiting. I saw the boy start to clutch at his heart and fall down. The boys made sure that no one was watching while I was changing him. The one thing I forgot to think about was the blood-alcohol content in his blood. So while injecting some venom the alcohol got in my fangs and I started feeling woozy. I completely forgot that I had still been injecting venom. Harry noticed what happened and had to pull me away from the boy.

Harry’s POV

I had noticed that Sarah had looked a little woozy and then I remembered that the boy was more than drunk. I went over next to her and gently pulled her away from him and tried to help her up but she just ended up falling into me for support.

“Niall.” He turned and walked towards me.

“Do you need help with her?” He motioned toward Sarah who was basically limp in my arms.

“No, it’s ok. I got her. Are you going to be able to take him back by yourself?” I asked him as I put Sarah on my back sort of like a piggyback ride.

“Yeah, no it’s fine. I got him. Ya gotta’ love supernatural strength.” He said as he hoisted the boy onto his back. After a few minutes of flitting we made it back to the mansion.

The girls were still training so Niall and I went upstairs to get Sarah and the boy comfortable. I figured I might as well stay with Sarah just to make sure that she is ok. Niall told me that he would put the bag of blood on the nightstand and stuff like that.

After a while Sarah started to wake up again.

“Woah, what happened? My heads pounding almost like I have a really bad hangover. I haven’t had one of those in a long time.” She said while shaking her head back and forth. She attempted to stand up but almost fell so I quickly caught her.

“Maybe you should lie down for a while longer. The boy had more alcohol in him then you first thought. I carried you back here and Niall carried the boy.”I said while laying her back down and laying down in the empty space next to her.

“The girls are still down stairs training and I told Niall to set everything out for the boy so that you didn’t have to.”

She then took my hand and intertwined it with hers. “Thank you, Harry. That’s so sweet, I really appreciate it.” I smiled a little knowing that I do really like her, but I don’t think she would ever feel the same way.

“No problem. It was nothing really.”

“Are you kidding me? I probably would have killed him if you didn’t pull me away when you did. So, thank you.” She said while giving me a peck on the cheek.

“You’re welcome.” I said smiling. In my mind there were sparks even when her lips touched my cheek.

After a while, we both heard a loud crash coming from downstairs.

Sarah’s POV

I don’t know if he felt it or not but I felt sparks when I kissed his cheek and after I did I could sense the smile on his face. We were both brought back to the present when we heard a loud crash coming from downstairs.

Harry and I both quickly hurried downstairs and found Scarlett battling a demon that she had thrown into the wall using the Everte Statum spell.

Scarlett then raised her wand and said, “Evanesco!” and just like that, the demon had vanished.

“I see you are all having fun? Aren’t you hungry yet?”

The girls nodded their heads. “I have some food in the kitchen so you can all help yourselves. I’m going to teach the new boy, Harry and Niall some new tricks while you are eating so we will be back shortly.”

Harry, Niall and I walked over to where the boy was staying and knocked on the door.


here we go there the next chapter



@Directioner for life

hey guess what i updated today yaya i finally got my laptop back from school and im now able to work on my stories more :) at least for the time being
Please update I L-O-V-E LOVE this story please please please please please update
This is an amaZAYN story can't wait for zayn and union j to come into the story!! Also ajsjjddkdkdjdjd are harry and Sarah a couple or not?!?
kk thanks for letting me know: )