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Why Did We Have to Fall in Love?

Chapter 4

Sarah's POV ~

I finished getting ready by putting a little hairspray on my ponytail to stop any loose bit of hair going flyaway. I then walked down stairs to see my parents just coming into the house looking very happy, this was unusual since they had been fighting and arguing for the past 4 and a half months.

I pulled nervously at the sleeves of my shirt making sure none of my scars showed. The first time I had ever cut it was after my parents first big argument which ended with my dad not being in the house for 2 weeks. After then it just became a habit of mine to cope with things at school and work and at home.

"Hi Mum and Dad. Where have you been?"

"We have been out on a date Sarah. Re-lighting the fire between our marriage." my mum said to me.

"Well I'm off to work. I'll see you's later."

"Bye Sarah. Have a good time at work" my dad said to me reaching over to give me a hug.

I hugged my dad then left the house to catch the bus.

Once I got to work, my manager dragged me into one of the staff rooms to tell me that One Direction were staying in the Hotel for a week and that I would have to help serve their evening meals to their rooms. I was happy about this but I hated doing Room Service. It took so much effort to push the trolley full of food into the lifts and back out and on to the floor and to the rooms where I would have to extra sweet and polite. If the people complained I had to write what they complained about then get shouted at by my manager. Fun.

I got sent to the kitchen where there was 3 orders of food to 3 of the boys rooms. Room 54, 56 and 57. Second floor. Not too bad but I wonder who had ordered the food. I got the plates of food and put them on the trolley taking them to the correct floor and rooms.

I knocked on Room 54 and called "Room Service". Then patiently waited for the door to open.

The door opened with Liam standing on the other side of the door. I handed him over the plate that had a note with "54" on it. He said "Thank you" obviously not recognizing me then closing the door and I went over to the other side of the corridor.

I knocked and called "Room service" at door number 56. The door opened immediately to show Perrie Edwards. "Hello love. How are you? Is this our food?"

I said "Hello Perrie. I am fine thank you. Yourself? And Yes I have two dishes for this room."

Perrie smiled at me while Zayn came to the door to get the food out of my hands.

"I recognize you." Zayn said to me while Perrie went further into their room going out of my sight.

"Yeah. I met you and the boys earlier at the meet and greet" I said smiling.

"Oh yeah. Sarah wasn't it?"

"Yeah. That's me. I hope you enjoy your food."

"See ya later" He shut the door.

I went to door number 57 and did the same routine. This time Niall answered the door.

"Sarah! It's you! Come on in please."

I went into the hotel room pulling the trolley with me. Niall closed the door behind us and helped push the trolley into the sitting area of his hotel room.

I opened the trolley doors to get out the last plate of food. Niall clasped his hands together and rubbed them up and down grinning slightly.

I handed him the plate and he went and sat down to eat his meal. I was about to start pulling the trolley back towards the door when he called to me.

"Sarah! Please don't leave. I want someone to talk to. Please?"

"I'm not supposed to, Niall"

"I'll call down to your manager. And ask if you can have a half an hour break. I'll do it right now. What's your full name?"

"It's Sarah Metters."

He called down and requested that I got a break. It was obvious he was successful as he got off the phone smiling from ear to ear. He looked a bit like the cheshire cat from Alice In Wonderland.

"Thanks Niall" I said while sitting down on the opposite end of the couch he was sitting on.

He smiled and went back to eating his food. Within about 6 or 7 minutes he had finished his Chicken, potatoes and gravy. He licked his lips and put his plate on the table in front of him.

He leaned back and looked at me.

"So are you gonna be our room service for the week?"

"Yeah I have been assigned your evening meals. So you'll see me every evening for the whole week"

"Good. That means I'll get time to get to know you. So how old are you?"

"I'm 18."

"Your allowed to drink. Wooo!"

"You're probably gonna laugh at me for this but I have never been out clubbing or anything. My parents don't like me staying out late"

"What? Your parents are extremely strict. Jeso. I feel sorry for you Sarah. You know what. When do you finish shift?"

"I finish at 9:30. Why?"

"Okay so 2 hours left to go And I am taking you out with me to a club. I'll get Haz and Lou to come with so we're not alone. Why don't you ask Beth to come too?"

"Beth isn't 18 yet. And my parents wouldn't be too happy with me."

"Just tell your parents your staying at Beth's for the night. I'm sure they won't mind that."

"I'll give them a call. I'm not promising anything though Niall"

I gave my parents a call. They didn't sound interested they just said come back whenever you want. It was obvious they were "busy" relighting the fire in their marriage. Gross.

"They are good with it." I said to Niall.

Niall was texting i'm going to guess Harry and Louis.

After about 3 minutes of replying to texts.

Niall said "Harry and Louis are up for it. Eleanor said she want to come too."

"Okay. I have to get back to work. I'll be back up at the end of my shift. See you then"

"See you later Sarah"

I wheeled the empty food trolley back to the lift. Thinking to myself.

What am I going to wear? I only have my work clothes. I don't think this is going to end well.



Plz update and I hope u r ok with the police business n stuff any who updat when u can love the story!!!

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Delilah Smith Delilah Smith

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