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Why Did We Have to Fall in Love?

Chapter 29

Louis POV

I heard a sharp knock on the door I knew it would be the paramedics but I also knew it could be Sarah and Niall.

"It's open!" I shouted my voice hoarse from my crying that i did when i was on the phone to Sarah.

The door opened and two paramedics came in, one male and one female, the female knelt down beside my Eleanor and took her pulse while her work partner asked me questions about Eleanor. I began to answer them in a daze until there was an impatient knock on the door.

The paramedic opened the door and turned to me.

"Let them in." I said.

Sarah came in immediately, Niall following her slowly until he saw me. I guess I looked a complete and utter mess because he came over and put his arm round my shoulder and pulled my head onto his shoulder where I broke down.

Niall's POV

The second Louis head touched my shoulder the tears began falling thick and fast down on to it. I didn't care how bad he looked all I could care about was that 3 people I seriously care about has been affected by losing a child. First Sarah and now Lou and El, I couldnt bare looking at Louis while he cried on my shoulder so I looked over at Sarah. She was crouched down beside the unconscious Eleanor holding Eleanor's hand and with the other hand softly removing the hair from El's face. It was a minute later that I noticed that there was tears running down Sarah's face.
When the paramedics put Eleanor on to the stretcher, Louis head rose from my shoulder to watch the paramedics. He then stood up.

"I'm coming into the ambulance with her." He said, his voice surprisingly steady after all the crying he had done.

"We'll follow in behind Lou." Sarah said, her voice shaking slightly. I, on the other hand said nothing in fear that if I opened my mouth I would lose control of my emotions.

Sarah's POV

On the way to the hospital Niall never once took his hand off of mine, I could tell that he had seen me crying while I was sitting with Eleanor. I didn't mean to cry, but seeing two of my friends have to go through the same agony as I did, it almost kills me.

When we reached the hospital half an hour after Louis and Eleanor did I could tell that something had seriously went wrong while we were still on the way to the hospital.

We stepped out of the car to see Louis sitting on the ground outside his head buried in his hands, his knees up sheltering his body.

"Louis?" Niall said softly when we got close enough to Louis. At the sound of Niall's voice, Louis shoulders began to shake and then I heard soft sobs coming from him. I crouched down beside him and pulled him into my arms. Niall then did the same so that Louis was in between us.

"She...she...she..." Louis tried to speak but his words failed him.

"Louis. She'll be fine." Niall tried to reassure him.

Suddenly, Louis push us away from him and he stood up.

"No! She won't! She won't be fucking okay!" He shouted tears still cascading down his face. "I ruined her! I ruined her! I almost killed her! How can she be okay?! Huh?! How?! Tell me!"

"Lou...Please don't blame yourself for this. It's no-ones fault okay?" I said to him keeping my voice steady while I stood up.

"No Sarah. She lost too much blood. El lost too much blood. They don't think she's gonna make it." Louis said his voice breaking several times before he broke down into sobs again.

Just then a doctor came out of the hospital and was walking in our direction, when the doctor got close enough to Louis, he cleared his throat to allow Louis to get himself together enough to hear what the doctor was about to say.

"Mr. Tomlinson I have news on your partner." He hesitated and then looked at me and Niall his eyes fell to the ground before he looked up at Louis. "I'm sorry. She didn't make it."



Plz update and I hope u r ok with the police business n stuff any who updat when u can love the story!!!

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Love this.

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Love this.

Delilah Smith Delilah Smith

awww thank god harry's alive :) phew !

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I love this

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