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In Secret

That Girl

My alarm rings. And a wave of dread rushes over me.
Moving. High school. First day. New Girl.
The few phrases that can ruin an average teenagers life. I get up slowly and grudgingly get ready for another long tiring day of life. In my house we're "independent" which means mom doesn't pay us any attention at all. So me and my 2 sisters have to fend for ourselves. Which is why on this first day of school i was up at 4. After making breakfast and getting the girls and my lazy mother up for work. I got ready for school. And if I do say so myself, I looked pretty good.

When I finally got to school there was a big commotion in the parking lot.Being the problem solver that i was i went to see what it was all about. There, in a shiny new Ferrari convertible that could have paid for my whole family's college education. Was a boy. Just a boy. I mean yeah he was cute and muscular, and his eyes were kind of spark- No what am I doing? He was there sitting next a girl. This girl , I knew.
The first week I got here me and my new friend Tania went to the pool to cool off after a long day of work at the library(which is where we met). And here we saw this girl. I think her name was Brittany or something. We swam for a while and then walked up to the snack booth to get ice cream cones. She walked up to us followed by her cronies.
"Look at what we have here, the prissy punk and her fugly friend."
Tania rolled her eyes.
"What do you want Brittany?"
"Just to help a friend! See your suit here is not in style so i came to help you fix it." she said thrusting the ice cream into Tania's suit and an evil sneer spread across her face slowly.
"There, much better."
Tania just smiled at Brittany and turned and stalked of calling me.
Just as I was leaving i turned and saw Brittany fuming obviously shocked at Tania's actions.

I was shaken away from my thoughts by the bell. It's time I went to class.



I really enjoy reading this and I can't wait till more comes out!! (hinting update!!)

I love it! It's really good!

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan

i love it so far :) update