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In Secret

The First Day

"Niall, sweety are ya ready for school honey cakes?"
Ugh. School. The devils favorite creation, a jail,, torture chamber, dungeon you pick your name. A place where they judge you by your strength and the girl you date. Not that this affects me. Brittany is the hottest girl in school. And dating her has its benefits.
"Coming mum."
I threw on a T shirt and followed my nose down the stairs. Mmm. Smells like pancakes. As soon as i got down the stairs my mum hugged me and smothered me in big, wet, red lipsticked kisses. "Oh look at you, my little Nialler's of to high school"
"Mum are you crying?"
"Oh you've grown so big, soon you'll be of to college."
'Mum I'm hungry, and I've got to get to class do yo-"
"Oh my, you're already late! Here are the keys, go on now"
'But what abou-"
"I said GO!"

I rushed out the door and and drove . Fast. I honked and Brittany came out in her first day of school regalia. She looked like a pink bomb exploded on her but i didn't say anything. I learned best to stay out of these matters. When she entered the car i leaned in for a kiss.
"Not know no ones here to see."
'Why does someone need to see?"
'Dollface if I kiss you now then my lipstick will get ruined...for NO reason. At school if we kiss people will be talking about it and my retouching will not be wasted."
I didn't really get but I shrugged and kept driving.
When we reached the school, all eyes were on us. I was driving my red Ferrari convertible top down and Brittany was laughing and smiling her pageant winning smile. All eyes were on us but mine, were somewhere else.



I really enjoy reading this and I can't wait till more comes out!! (hinting update!!)

I love it! It's really good!

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan

i love it so far :) update