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In Secret


The only class Adelynn and I had together was chemistry, that was also the only class where Brittany wasn't. She take bio.

The teacher's name was Mrs. Minchin, she was a plump jovial woman but rumor has it that she can be quite the devil if yo get on her bad side. As soon as we walked she directed us towards the wall where a seating chart was plastered, and I was sitting in the third row back next too... Adelynn.
I quickly took my seat and Louis and Liam walked up to me.
"Hey, Nialler um the boys and I were gonna ask Mice meat if we could sit together you coming? "
" No thats okay one of us has to sit with assigned partner anyways."
" Bu-"
"i SAID no!"
Liam walked away mumbling something to himself and Adelynn sat next to me. I smiled at her and introduced myself,
"Hey I'm Niall," and I held my hand out she took it and briskly shook it and turned away Luckily I didn't have to think of anything else to say cuz I was interrupted by Miss. Minchin.
"Okay class we have absolutely NO time for introductions today, we are starting right away on a project, the science fair is in two weeks and we must produce brilliant projects, as you all know we do the science fair with Razor High and we CANNOT lose again. Your partner will be the person sitting next to you you may discuss what you would like to do,GO!"


Thanks for all the support guys!


I really enjoy reading this and I can't wait till more comes out!! (hinting update!!)

I love it! It's really good!

Makenzie  Horan Makenzie Horan

i love it so far :) update