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Stole My Heart

Memories and a Photoshoot

I smiled; I remembered it just like it was yesterday, when Louis proposed, of course. I was sitting on the couch in our flat. Louis was seated beside me. I smiled over at him, he smiled back as I begin to think back to when he dropped the question and asked me to marry him.

Flashback, 4 months ago:
I was sitting, standing actually with my toes buried in the cool sand of Brighton Beach. The water was slowly coming in on shore. It felt good along with the cool breeze. I was wearing a short-sleeve black dress and tights with Louis’ black London Fog trench coat over it. It actually went really well with my dress. I felt really comfortable. I had been waiting for Louis, he had something for me.

We have been together for a little over two years, almost three. Looking over toward steps that led down on to the sand, I noticed Louis in his red skinny jeans and a red and white stripe shirt with his red suspenders over it of course. I smile and turn in the direction of my boyfriend.

“Hi, love,” I smile as he came in to better view.

“Hi, Lou,” he smiled and pulled me in a loving hug. Pulling away from the hug, he leaned in and kissed me. I turned so I was facing him without breaking the kiss and moved my arms to wrap around his neck. He deepened the kiss and put his hand on my face as his tongue licked my top lip, begging for entrance. After a few minutes of kissing, we pulled away.

He continued to stare over at me. “What are you looking at me like that for?” I asked, smiling at him.

“I’m just looking at you, you look so beautiful,” he smiled, taking a step back. I wondered what he was doing. I realized what he was doing when he got down on one knee and looked up at me, smiling widely. Was he seriously going to propose? This is so sweet, I thought to myself as he continues to look up at me. He slowly pulls out a small black box that was small enough to fit a ring in. Could it be?

“Jess, I love you, so much. You are everything to me. I have no idea what I would do without you. You mean everything to me, baby. I am so glad I got to know you. I love you with everything I am, forever and always. All I want to know is if you want to…Jessica, will you marry me?” he asked, his eyes glued to mine and started to open the box. My eyes filled with tears. I loved him so much.

“Y-yes!” I muttered as he took the ring out and slid it on my finger. I could feel the tears starting run down my pale face. He slowly got up from his knee and pulled me tight in his arms, holding me close to him.

“Why are you crying, love?” he asked, staring at me, a look of sadness and confusion in his eyes. It’s not that I wasn’t happy, I was so happy. I don’t think I could ever be happier than I am right now. My boyfriend now fiancĂ©, Louis Tomlinson asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes.

“I don’t know, I’m just so happy,” I said, smiling at him and reach over, grabbing his face in my hands and kissing him deeply.

He smiled against my lips and kissed me again. I smiled as he grabs my hand and led me up the beach. Once we made it to his car, he opened up the passenger side door and I got in. After shutting the door on my side, he went over and got in the driver’s side. He started up the engine and began driving. We get back to our apartment about five minutes later.

“Louis.” Both of us look up to see Harry standing there.

“Yeah, Haz?” Louis looks over at him as I lean my head and rest it on his shoulder.

“We have a photo shoot in a few hours, me and the guys were gonna go for some ice cream before the shoot, want to go with us?” he asks, smiling over at us.

“Sure!” We nod as we get up and follow Harry to go meet up with the boys. Harry, Louis and I all pile into Louis’ car and started to head over to MacDuff’s Ice Cream Shoppe, a well-known ice cream parlor here in London. Once we get there, we met up with the guys. I get one scoop of mint ice cream on a cone while Louis got his usual Strawberry on a cone also.

“Hey Lou, hey Jess,” Liam smiles at me. I smile back.

“Hey Liam,” I smile at him. We all sat and caught up with one another while we munch on our ice cream. After we finish with our ice cream, we all head over to the place for the photo shoot.

They took a couple of the boys doing some poses before Louis looks over in my direction and motions me to come over. I smile and go over to him.

The four boys walk off for a break while Louis and I took a few pictures. The photographer took one of us facing each other and smiling, one of me standing in front of him while he had his arms around my waist with our hands intertwined while we smiled at the camera. We then got one taken of us kissing while Lou held me close in his grasp.

After another half hour, the boys finish up with their photo shoot. We head back to the flat and pass out for the night from the long day we had. It was fun, but exhausting.


First chapter <3
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Thanks! I will update soon, next chapter is already in progress :D
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Pls update soon! It's awesome
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@blown away;
Ur welcome
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I'm glad haha (: I'll try and update again soon!
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Nice story I love louis! So I'm like this story...a lot!
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