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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 7 - A Different Kind Of Liam

Chapter 7 - A Different Kind Of Liam.
As I walked down towards the seating area I am stopped in my tracks by two voices trying not to shout.
"I just really don't like her." Zayn spat
"Why? She's done nothing wrong! And she's Niall's sister!" The second voice that seemed to be Louis defended me.
"She'll break this band apart. She thinks she can just waltz in here with her stupid guitar music and let Harry pant over her then go flutter her eyelashes at Liam and take him away from us?! Nah mate, it just really pisses me off." Zayn said throwing his arms in the air and walking away, straight towards me.
I stood in the hall staring at the dark haired boy striding towards me looking at his feet. He stopped dead when he noticed me standing in the hall.
"Shann-" He began.
"Don't!" I shot at him, shoving him out of the way and walked to Louis who was now in the seating area.
"Whoa... Whoa... Shannon, what's wrong?" Louis said, seeing the anger on my face.
"Oh, I don't know Louis, why don't you ask your lanky, dark haired, brooding friend over there!" I say nastily.
"Hey! Don't get mad at me, I defended you."
"Yeah, I'm sorry Lou." I say, now getting upset.
Do not cry. Do not cry. Not in front of Louis.
"Hey hey hey, it's fine. Come here." He said, arms wide, leaning towards me.
I moved closer to him and he flopped his arm around me for the second time in 3 days. I put my head on his shoulder and the tears slowly fell from my eyes. A few of them landed on Louis arm and that's when he noticed.
"Shannon, are you crying?" He said softly pushing my head up off his shoulder.
"N-no... maybe." I said sitting up and wiping my face.
"Did he really make you feel that bad?"
"Louis, I heard every word he said, How can you ask if it make me feel bad?" I said sniffling.
"Every word? Hmm, yeah I get it now." He said softly.
"Do you agree?"
"No no no no no! No Shannon. Honestly I don't know why he thinks that but it's defiantly not true. Liam likes you, he likes you a lot and do you really think he's admit that if he thought you were going to break up the band? No offence love but I don't think Daddy Directioner would let a girl come between us and our career." He reassured me with a wink end.
"Yeah, I know Louis, I know but I still feel upset about what he said, he sounded like he really meant it." I say lowering my head, should I mention the Harry comment too?
"Yeah, I can see that love. Anything I can do to help?"
"Just don't tell Niall?" I give him my best puppy eves, they ALWAYS work on Niall.
"I can't promise that love." He said looking quite upset and immune to the eyes.
Damn, I have to up my pleading game!
"It's okay Louis, I understand." I say standing up. "If anyone asks just say I'm sleeping."
"Will do." Louis smiled looking up at me.
I gave him a small smile and made my way back down to my bunk. I stepped on the small block to help me up and climbed behind the curtain. I plopped my head on the pillow an curled up under the covers. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep because I'd practically only just woken up, but I just needed to be alone, and on this bus this was as alone as I was going to get.
I laid in the bunk for about an hour listening to the sound of the boys and crew loading and sorting things onto the bus. I shifted a little towards the curtain and peered my head out as I heard numerous voices and the closing of several doors. My assumption was confirmed when I heard the engine roar and the bus began to slightly vibrate. I remember someone mentioning that the ride to the arena was going to be about 2 hours, with us being at the other side of London, the traffic and the fact that London is a complete pain to drive around anyway.
"Hey Shnoon, why you over there?" Niall said waving his arm for me to come over.
"Gimme two minutes." I replied half smiling.
I feel okay when I got out of the bunk, until I rounded the tiny corner and The Reason for my downcast mood. Yes 'The Reason', I'm not even using his name anymore. Niall moves to sit with Louis and Harry sat. I gave The Reason a slight smile but he did nothing but scowl at me and huff. Niall and Louis sat starting at me whilst Harry was fiddling with his phone.
"Where's Liam?" I asked trying to sound happy.
Niall and Louis both continued to stare until Louis looked at me differently. They both knew I was upset, I could tell, however it was only Louis who knew The Reason. I gave him a slight nod, my answer to his previous look.
"Niall can I talk to you for a second, alone?" He said softly.
"Yeah sure mate." Niall answered.
"Hey Shnoon, why you over there?" I shouted over towards Shannon who was poking her head out of her bunk.
"Gimme two minutes!" She answers sounding off.
I smiled slightly knowing she wasn't quite right when she came round the corner and saw Zayn at with us. She didn't say anything to him but the tension was weird. Harry was pissing around with his phone but Louis was mimicking my actions. Staring at Shannon. There was something wrong with her, I'm not sure what but I will find out.
"Where's Liam?" She askes.
I said nothing, neither did Louis, however somehow Louis managed to get a nod in his direction.
"Niall can I talk to you for a second, alone?" Louis said.
"Yeah sure mate." I answered.
We both got up and made out way to the other end of the bus.
"What's wrong?" I asked worried.
"I know what's wrong with Shannon-" He stopped mainly because I cut him off.
"Wait, What? Why? What is it?!"
"Niall stop." He said bluntly. "She didn't want me to tell you, and I don't want you to tell anyone else or do ANYTHING until things settle down a bit? You got me?"
"Yeah, I promise! Now tell me what's wrong with her, I hate seeing her like this." I say looking over to Shannon.
"It's Zayn-" Louis stopped, again because I cut him off.
"What's he done? I'll kill him!" I say, anger brewing inside me.
"Niall! You promised! Now listen!" Louis said, slightly annoyed, moving to grip my shoulders so I'd pay attention to him. "I was talking to him earlier and he randomly blew up on me about how he doesn't like her and that he thinks she's stealing Liam while seducing Harry or some shit and that it's going to break us up...." Louis trailed off finishing his explanation.
"What?" I said now filled with anger.
"Yeah mate, I know. Anyway she heard everything which is why she's so upset."
"Yeah it's okay mate, I won't say anything to Zayn just yet, but she gets like that, she's strong but when people don't like her it really hits her hard." I say walking away.
I looked up to see Niall and Louis walking back towards us. Thank God! I feet so uncomfortable sat here. Niall smiled sweetly at me. He didn't need to say anything, I knew what Louis had said and I can guess by Niall not saying anything to The Reason, that he's waiting until it settles before he says something. We sat there for a few minutes before a rustling and a bang came from further down the bus. Liam! My mood was suddenly lifted slightly when I saw him fall out of the bathroom in a plain while shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms.
"Hey." He said smiling as he sat next to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I looked over at Niall who just smiled at the interaction. Wow, he really is okay with this. Although Liam hurting me is not the priority on his mind at the moment.
I smiled at Liam. He also clicked on that something was wrong. I gave him an I'll tell you later look and he complied. We stay around for about an hour before the speakers above us began to make noise.
"Hello guys." The driver began. "Unfortunately they're having some technical difficulties and the area and for safety reasons they're having to transfer your rehearsals to another city, and this city is Newcastle, meaning you might as well get comfy cause where going to be on here for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience."
There was a mixer of huffs and groans for the crowd of us sat at the end of bus. I didn't say anything, I just got up and climbed into my bunk. I really didn't want to be there right now and I needed to catch up with some friends back in Mullingar. I'm just about to climb back out to retrieve my laptop when a very cute face pops round the curtain.
"Any space?" Liam said before climbing into my bunk anyway. "What's wrong babe?"
I tried to explain to Liam what had happed, but before I got to the "But it's okay it was nothing" part he was out of the bunk and marching down the hall. I followed quickly as I heard a number of gasp's and a loud bang. I looked up to find Liam holding Zayn against the bathroom door by the shoulders with just one arm pressed his chest, his other arm is raised and his hand clenched into a fist.
"LIAM!" I screamed. "STOP IT!"
I ran towards the commotion and put my arms between the two angry boys. I stared straight into Liam's eyes. They were nothing compared to how they usually were, they were burning with anger.
"Liam stop it now! I am fine! This isn't worth fighting over!" I say sternly earning a scoff from the second boy in this kafuffle.
Liam looks between me and Zayn and lowers his arms, which makes Zayn's balance falter slightly, Liam walks away from the situation. I didn't say anything but just looked up ay Zayn with growing hatred. I turned around and walked to Liam's bunk, climbing in and wrapping my arms around his back.
"I'm sorry." He whispered as he turned over to face me so we could tangled ourselves together.
"It's okay baby."
"Baby?" He laughed.
"Yeah, why?" I said now going shy.
"Nothing, I like it." He answered stoking my hair.
We laughed for a while and talked about how awkward it's going to be for the next four hours on this bus.
"Leyyyuummmm!" I moaned as the conversation died down.
"Okay okay, get up." He said knowing exactly what I wanted.
"Boy, I could get used to this." I say smiling as we both climbed out of my bunk.
"Oh really?" Liam said winking and he walked to the kitchen area to make the tea I asked for without asking for.
I stopped in my tracks and walked back to the bunks, carefully grabbing the blankets off of mine and Liam's. I stopped for a second trying not to wake anyone up as it seemed like they'd all gone to bed. Well It'd been a long day since we had, well the boys had, loaded everything and I was late so it was bordering on 5 when the driver gave us the delay message. I looked at the clock on my way back to the big seating place.
"Liam! Its like 9 O'clock, why are they in bed?" I whisper shout giggling and spreading the blankets out on the biggest seat of them all.
"It's been a long day and they may be lads but they love their beauty sleep, especially Harold, but he needs it." He winked causing me to giggle some more. "C'mon lets watch a film." Liam half asked, half stated as he brought the two cups of tea over to me. He set them down on the little side table and sat on the seat with me, once again tangling ourselves before grabbing tea and the remote. The TV on the tour bus wasn't like a normal TV, its likes smart TV or something? It already has loads of pre downloaded movies and TV shows so we didn't have to get up to choose a film.
"What do you want to watch?" Liam asked sleepily
"Are you sure you want to watch something? You look tired." I ask kissing his cheek.
"Yeah I do." He said planting a soft kiss on my lips.
"Right okay pick one then." I say continuing to kiss him, deepening it slightly.
"Well I can't when you're kissing me can I?" He laughed pulling away.
"Okay..." I said making a pouty face and having a sip of my perfect tea.
We ended up starting a very crap high school film about some sappy teens or something, but after the first half hour we both fell asleep once again entangled in each other's arms.


So sorry for the late update! Ill update more often now I promise!


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