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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 8 - Rehearsal Day One

I woke up to a loud bang and something very heavy and very suddenly laid on top of me giggling like a baby. Yes I woke up with THE Liam Payne laying on top of me laughing his socks off.
"Liam.. What happened? Why are we still driving" I say trying to catch my breath.
"The- the bus... turned out of the service station and we fell off the seat." He said trying to stop laughing.
Me joining in the laughter didn't help, although we were quickly cut off by the rest of the boys, sans Zay- The Reason, entering the seating area.
"Eyy eyyyy!" Louis called as he caught site of us on the floor.
"Haha, nah buddy it's not what it looks like!" Liam explained as he pulled himself and back onto the seat.
I was sitting on his knee wrapped up in blankets when he gave me a small peck on the lips before turning his attention to the rest of the sleepy looking crew.
"Eyyy eyyyy!" Louis repeated before finally taking his eyes off us and sitting down.
"We will be arriving at the arena for rehearsals in about an hour so make sure you're all ready." The intercom spoke.
"What? Why's it day? I thought we were rehearsing? What? Why? How?" Harry is to cute tired and ruffled. Cute in a friend way... I think. Yeah. Um...
The voice of reason, also knows as Liam, spoke up and calmed the mop head down. "Paul phoned at about midnight and said they we were just going to pull over and rehearse today instead of last night, he's going to meet us there."
"DIBS ON THE BATHROOM!" I scream as I untangled myself from Liam and the blankets in one swift move. How I didn't use my face as a crash mat I'll never know.
I grabbed the bathroom door and shot a cheeky wink at all the lads who are now laughing hysterically at me. Well all except one. I slid into the bathroom, which was a lot bigger than I expected. It's like a freaking TARDIS this bus is. I turned the shower on before getting undressed giving the water chance to warm up. I looked at myself in the mirror for a second before stepping into the water.
"Oh ooh oh ooOOOOH" I squealed reaching for the water knob. Jeez that was hot.
There was yet again an explosion of laughter from the other room. Sounds weird saying other room whilst on a bus. That's how big this place is. I stood under the now warm water and let it wash away all my troubles. I washed my hair and body, shaved necessary places before I stepped out of the shower. Only then did I realise I didn't grab my bag of clothes, meaning the only thing I had was a towel. So now I have to leave this room, in only one towel, wet hair and reddened cheeks. I took a deep breath before exiting the bathroom.
I stepped out of the room half dry and wet hair hanging over my shoulders. I turned to look at the seated area to find five boys staring at me in complete amazement.
"I forgot my clothes bag." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Shouldn't have been showing off then should you love?" Zayn snickered earning a few glares from around the room.
Okay that's it! I've had enough!
I could feel myself getting angrier as I stormed over to him. I stopped right in front of where he was seated and leaned over so I was only inches away from his face.
"Look, I don't know what your problem is love, but next time you want to talk about me, do it to my face instead of doing it behind my back like a little bitch." I snapped at him.
He sat there in shock for a few minutes after I left the room. I went to my bunk and somehow managed to get dressed, just my simple black skinnies and grey All Time Low T-Shirt. I slid out of my bunk and plopped down next to Niall seen as Liam had now stolen the shower.
"That was amazing." Niall whispered in my ear.
"I know, wave of confidence I think." I whispered back, laughing.
The rest of the journey consisted of people up and down from the sitting area, people running around in towels and endless "Ouches" from people banging numerous body parts on different parts of their bunks whilst getting changed. It also consisted of what felt like hundreds of dirty looks from Zayn. It's like all I have to do is move a millimetre and he's scowling at me. What did I even do to him? Thoughts of what I could have possibly done to make this boy hate me fill my head, but I shake them away as fast as I can. I shift in my seat, grab my earphones from my pocket, plug them into my phone and turn the music up to full volume ignoring this crazy bus ride for as long as I can.
"Oh Hiiiiiii!" The sound of a very squeaky voice rose above the sound of my earphones and I finally stepped off the bus, slinging my bag over my shoulder and taking one earphone out. "You must be One Direction and Shannon Horan? I am Sarah and I'll be your tour person for today." The woman continued now giggling.
We followed her into the arena and I have to say it was HUGE! There were hundreds and hundreds of seats everywhere. I stood in the middle of the floor just staring at the huge building that surrounded me.
"Shannon! C'mon!" Niall shouted from the other side of the arena.
"Coming!" I shouted as I was snapped out of my stare.
We walked down a short corridor before the woman stopped and pointed to a room on the left.
"Shannon this is for you." She squeaked
"What my own dressing room?" I followed suite and squeaked with her.
"Only for the day Hun jeeze." She huffed and walked off showing the boys to their dressing room.
Whoa, who turned the bitch tap on? I walked into my dressing room and looked around. Again like most rooms I've encountered on this trip its HUGE!
There was a mirror on the left side and a lovely leather sofa on the right. I threw my bag on the sofa and opened it up grabbing my trackies and vest top ready for rehearsals. I don't really dance in my show as its more acoustic but a girl needs to be comfy. Confident that no-one was going to walk in I turned away from the door and stepped out of my skinny jeans and pulled on my trackies. I pulled my shirt over my head completely forgetting about the earphone in my ear an instantly becoming tangled.
"Whoa Hello!" A voice came from the corner of the room.
"W-what?" Liam?" I ask my shirt still stuck over my face.
"Not quite..." The voice was now familiar.
"ZAYN!" I screamed finally freeing myself of my t-shirt and spinning away. "What are you doing? I'm in my bra LEAVE!"
"Awhh, why darling? It ain't a bad site." He said with a sneaky grin.
Growing angry I turned around completely dismissing the fact that I was half naked.
"Wow, that was dickish, now LEAVE!" I screamed.
Obviously hearing the commotion four other boys appeared in my dressing room. GREAT! Now ALL of One Direction have seen me half naked. I didn't know what to so I just stood there and watched, as Niall covered his eyes and the other three just stood staring at me.
"L-Liam!" I finally managed to stutter.
He walked towards me grabbing me as soon as he got here. He used his body to cover mine as he brought me into a hug. I don't know how he did it without saying anything but one simple look managed to get all four boys to leave us alone.
"Shannon...What happened?" he murmured
"I.. I... I was getting changed into my rehearsal gear and I tired taking my shirt of but it got tangled in my earphones and I got the shirt stuck on my head and and then I heard a voice an I thought it was you but it was Zayn and I don't even know, he was so creepy. He doesn't even like me." I rambled.
"Shhh shhh... It's okay baby, we can all sort it out later but right now we go to rehearse." He said softly.
"Okay, can I come watch? I don't really feel like rehearsing after that."
"Yeah course you can." Liam giggled as he let me go and grabbed my vest back up off the sofa.
"Thanks." I smiled as he pulled the shirt over my head.
We walked out of my temporary dressing room and back to the arena area. I let Liam go as he walked up onto the stage and took a seat about 5 rows back. I placed my feet on the seat in front of me crossing my arms over my body suddenly feeling very uncomfortable about the 10 eyes staring at me.
I watched dimly as the boys rehearsed all their songs and dances for the tour, it took quite a while as they did most of them a few times. Thank god my phone has a good camera 'cause all in all it was really funny except a for the few very intimidating glances shared between Liam and Zayn. The rehearsal finished around 10pm, late I know but they had to make up for missing yesterdays, we all collected our stuff and climbed back on the bus.
"Right guys." The intercom spoke. "It's going to be another 4 or 5 hours before we get back to London so chill out and enjoy the ride."
"Yeah right." I mumbled flopping down in the seating area.
I stayed sat alone whilst all the other boys went to shower and/or sleep.
"So Shannon." Zayn winked and he walked into the seating area
"No! Don't you fucking dare! You don't even like me!"
"Haha, You're right I don't like you..." Zayn sneered towering over me.
"Zay-Zayn... What are-" I was cut off by the feel of Zayn's lips on mine. They were hard, dry and very forceful.
I was in utter shock and couldn't move. I could feel the anger building up inside me and I managed to extend my arm and punch him in the stomach. He staggered back and glared at me with such anger all I could do was scream. What happened next was such a shock. Zayn fell forward landing on his front with a thud. I looked up, to find Harry stood behind him with a frying pan in hand looking just a shocked as me. I stared at him for second before he dropped the pan next to his limp friend and joined me on the seats. No words escaped his mouth as he pulled me into a cuddle and let me cry on his shoulder.


Double update as an apology :D Love you guys! Thank you for all the support!


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