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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 6 - Tour Day, Well Sort Of

The Perks Of Being A Horan
Chapter 6 - Tour day, Well Sort Of.
We finished our conversations in the lunch place before we finally went back to the hotel. We were supposed to go back earlier today because the tour kind of starts tomorrow and when I say kind of I mean we don't have a show but we have to get lots of stuff ready. And the lunch we were having turned kind of into an evening meal just because we don't know what being on time means, we were having too much fun and Niall ordered WAY too much food. As usual.
We all decided to go to other boys suite for a few of hours before we plopped into bed. Liam got nominated to make everyone drink because he's the best at it. I walked to the kitchen and helped him with the cups, receiving a slight look from Niall as I did so. Why is he so against this? Once we were settled Louis was the first to speak.
"How about a little fun before work starts tomorrow?" Louis asked smirking.
"What did you have in mind Tommo?" Harry asked also smirking.
"Truth or Dare?"
There was a mixture of positive noises as Louis ran into the kitchen to find a bottle. The rest of us forming a circle whist he was gone. He joined the circle sitting in between Harry and Zayn.
"I'll go first!" I piped up causing the guys to look at me in a weird way. I'm playing Truth or Dare with ONE DIRECTION, I'm allowed to be excited okay?
I grabbed the bottle, spinning it as fast as I could. It landed on Zayn.
"So Zayn, Truth or Dare?" I asked.
I hadn't really spoken to Zayn much so I guess this was an interesting way to get to know him.
"Ermmm Truth."
"Pussy!" I heard Louis say trying to disguise it with coughs.
"Right then. Let me think..." I said calming down. "How many girls have you actually slept with?"
Zayn didn't really answer he just gave a dirty look and muttered something under his breath. Shoving it off I spoke again.
"Right. Your turn." I said passing him the bottle to Zayn.
He didn't say anything, just span the bottle. My entire body tensed up when it landed on me. I took a swig of tea hoping it'd help, it didn't.
"T-truth." I stuttered.
"What was the texting across the table in the lunch place?" Niall asked and the whole room stiffened.
"I-I e-erm..." My stutter grew even more.
"It was nothing..." Liam butted in. "I was just making sure she was okay, she looked tired."
"Yeah." I shot Liam a look of thanks and the game moved on.
It took a few spins, dares and questions before the bottle landed onto me again.
"Truth." I muttered again, I wasn't in the mood for any dares tonight. It was Louis who span the bottle this time. I was instantly worried when I saw that very familiar, very mysterious look in his eye.
"So... Shannon... Excluding Niall which one us do you think is the most attractive?"
My heart stopped. I didn't know what to say.
"C'mon Shannon! You have to give us an answer! We won't judge." Louis laughed adding a wink for extra effect.
"Ermm... Liam!" I say quickly getting up and heading towards the bathroom.
Once I got the bathroom I could hear the rest of the room giggling and sipping tea. I buried my face in my hands which didn't help the redness at all. I heard the door handle move but didn't notice what was happening until someone was pulling my hands away from my face.
"W-w... Hi." I said feeling defeated by what just happened.
"You really think I'm the most attractive?" Liam giggled slightly before turning a little serious.
"Yeah... Why?" I said with a shy smile as I fully met his gaze. Oh lord those eyes... Can you not?
"I don't know... Most people would say Harry or Zayn, I've never really been called attractive before, and now you've said it twice." He winked.
I giggled slightly but didn't say anything. Liam stepped closer to me and I tripped backwards nearly falling into the sink. What I expected to feel was cold marble, but instead I felt the warmth of Liam's arm snake around my waist and I instantly felt comfortable. We stayed in this position for what felt like hours, until I finally spoke.
"Do you mind if I say something?" I asked calmly.
"I've never really been one to do this but..." I trailed off again feeling embarrassed.
"Go on." He said edging me on.
"I-I really like you and I don't know, It's so... And is it real is it not... I'm just-" I stopped realising how fast I was speaking.
Liam looked away going slightly red, I noticed, but didn't say anything.
"Did... Did you just say you like me?" He mumbled just loud enough for me to hear.
"Y-Yeah why?" I asked shyly.
"I like you too." The words left his mouth with a lot more confidence than I expected.
I smiled looking down at the floor. A few seconds later I felt a soft touch lifting my face up. Liam was staring at me in the most beautiful way.
"L-Liam-" I began speaking when suddenly his lips where on mine, in the softest way possible. I was shocked at first so I just stood there starring.
"W-w.. I am so sorry!" He said pulling away. "Are you okay?"
"I'm perfect." I say as I pull him back towards me pressing my lips against his.
The kiss was soft and slow but also perfect in every way. His arms where back around my waist holding me close to him as he pulled his face away. He smiled sweetly before speaking.
"We should go..." He laughed.
"We should." I agreed before kissing him quickly and running out of the bathroom.
I ran into the living room expecting to see the other four boys sitting in their places, however I was wrong. The room was empty. I turned around to see Liam stood behind me just as confused as I was. Until he looked at his watch.
"Ahhh that's why. It's late." He yawned causing me to also yawn. It's contagious you know!
Still yawning I walked over to the bed and sat down pulling my phone out of my pocket. I had a text from Niall.
"Hey Shnoon.
This may be a bit out of the blue and I'm sorry that I'm not doing it in person, but I just wanted to say that I'm okay with it. You and Liam, I mean whatever you two are. Just do me a favour, don't forget to tell me if he hurts you."

As I read the text a huge smile came across my face.
"I'll be right back. Stay right there." I said to Liam as I charged to Niall's suite. I barged through the door and jumped on the bed.
"Thank you thank you thank you!" I screamed as I hugged the messy haired blonde beneath me.
"It's okay." He said sleepily, "Just make sure to tell me if he ever does anything to upset you and I mean anything." He continued, poking my nose.
"Hehe, I will, oh.. do you mind if I stay with him tonight?"
"No, it's fine! Now get gone!" He said pushing me off the bed.
I smiled and ruffled his hair before leaving the room. I skipped and span down the hall back to Liam's suit. I walked in to find it empty. I walked into the spacious bedroom, again empty.
"Liam..." I whispered
I went to speak again before there was a loud scream and someone grabbed me.
"AHHHHHH!" I screamed "What the hell?"
"Hahahahaha! Shannon calm down its me." Liam said through loud laughter.
"Liam! You scared the life out of me." I said still out of breath.
"Hehe, I'm sorry." He said pulling me into a soft hug. "What are you doing here anyway?"
"I did say be right back, but Niall sent me a text..."
He looked at me, urging me to continue.
"He said it's okay, he said us, we can continue with whatever this is."
"What really?" Liam said smiling, his eyes lighting up.
"Yes really... Oh and I asked him if I could stay with you tonight.. If you wanted me too?"
"Of course I would. Come on..." He said pulling me towards the bed.
"Liam.. I don't have any Pyjama's"
"Here." He said throwing me one of his shirts.
"You do know you're not getting this back right." I say as I walk into the bathroom to change.
I took off my clothes pulling Liam's T-shirt over my head. The black material was soft and came to just above my knees. I found a toothbrush under the sink and brushed my teeth before exiting the bathroom. I walked back into the bedroom to find Liam already in bed. He sat up as he heard me enter the room.
"Yeah..." He stopped, his eyes widening. "You can keep it." He said holding his hand out.
I smiled and took his hand. He pulled me onto the bed and laughed at the force.
"Sorry." He giggled.
He pulled me close to his so he was cuddling me from behind. Both his arms snaked around my waist yet again and I felt like I belonged there. We laid there for a while just talking and laughing about what was to come on tour and how busy where all going to be. He changed positions a couple of times and we ended up falling asleep with my head on his chest and his arm over my body.
I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. I was shocked at first but then I realised why. I looked at the time. OH CRAP I'M LATE! I jumped out of bed and got ready faster than I ever have before. I checked my phone, a text from Niall sent two minutes ago.
"SHANNON! Where are you? We're on the bus waiting! I've brought your bags on hurry up!"
"I'm sorry! I'm coming now! Someone didn't wake me up!"
I ran downstairs and out the hotel to find a big red bus parked in the car park. The door was open and Niall was hanging out of it beckoning me forward.
"Come on! You need to find your bunk." He shouted.
I ran onto the bus and took everything in, it was huge! The sitting area, the bunks, the bathroom, the kitchen! WOW! It's like a campervan but mansion sized.
"The bunks are that way." Niall said pointing down the corridor.
"I noticed." I said winking as I walked to find mine.
I scanned the name plaques that where stuck to the sides of each bunk. On left side, Niall bottom, Liam top. On the right side Harry bottom, Shannon top. I stopped, looking between the right and left sides of the corridor. Me and Liam, sleeping opposite each other for ten months. A small giggle escaped my lips as I walked back over to sitting area thinking about the tour ahead.




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