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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 5 - Hard Times

The Perks Of Being A Horan
Chapter 5 - Hard Times.
I sat alone on the balcony for a while, curled up in the blanket that still had a traces of Liam on it. Today was our last day of freedom before the real work started, but to be honest I really didn't feel like doing anything. I just wanted to sit here and cry. That was until a familiar face popped up in front of me, I didn't even noticed he was there until he was inches away from my face.
Why? Why do they have to this? Really guys is my face a magnet or something?
"Oi you!" Louis said with a smile that quickly faded when I looked at him. "Oh what's wrong Hun? Tell me everything... Brother Louis is here to listen." He said flopping his arm around my shoulders.
"Louis you're not my brother, and I barley know you." I giggled.
"Hey! That hurt, you got close to Liam fast, why not me too?"
"Yeah I guess, but with Liam its different..." I said sadly remembering the previous situation.
"Ahhhh.... THAT'S what's wrong... I knew I'd get it out of you." He said slightly squeezing my.
I liked the feel of Louis comforting me, but it was nothing compared to the way Liam's arms felt when they where around me. I just wanted them back... Jesus what am I thinking? I've only known him a day... This can't be real... Can it?
"Yes it can be real." Louis assured me, patting my leg reassuringly.
"What? How did you know what I was thinking?"
"That's what I felt like with El, I mean we're not together anymore but I know how you feel... "
"So, it's okay to feel like this? Even after a day?"
"Yes, perfectly." Louis again reassured me.
"Thank you Louis!" I said happily giving him a small hug and finally leaving the balcony.
"No problem!" He shouted after me with his thumbs up.
I walked through the suite on route to my own... Until I was stopped suddenly by the sound of two VERY familiar voices.
"But Liam..." Niall said as I found a hiding spot behind a wall. "She's my little sister, I love her more than anything, I just don't want her to get hurt...." He trailed off in the most heartbreaking way.
"Niall..." This conversation must be serious if they're BOTH using names. "Do you trust me?"
"What kind of a question is that?" Niall scoffed.
"An important one." Liam laughed before continuing. "I will not hurt her."
"I know you won't." Niall said dejectedly .
"So what's the problem then?" Liam asked with a glimmer of hope.
"Nothing..." Niall finally gave in. "Just do me a favour?"
"Lie low for a few days, just to make sure that whatever you have going on is real. I don't want this to be a little fling. I saw the way she looked at you on the balcony..." Really Niall? REALLY? God I'm going to kill him! "She's never looked at anyone the way she looks at you, and I know her better than anyone..."
"Okay Niallar. It's going to be hard... But deal!" He stuck his hand out for Niall to shake, which he did. "She looks at me weird?" He then asked, a huge smile covering his face.
"Yeah mate, she really does... Don't blow this!"
I stepped out from my hiding spot and revealed myself to the boys.
"Shannon! How long have you been there? What was the last thing you heard?" Niall questioned worryingly. Did he not want me to know that he basically ships me and Liam?
"Ermm... 'Don't blow this'?" I lied to them both and Niall knew it. Liam however was oblivious. He knew me, but not THAT well.
"Okay..." Was his suspicious reply.
I walked past them looking straight at Liam. His eyes lit up, as did mine, and I noticed Niall smiling like an idiot next to him. I reached our suit and tried to open the door. Locked. I knocked hoping Harry was in. My hopes confirmed as I hear the click. He opened the door in his jeans and nothing else. He ran a hand through his hair as he moved to let me in. Oh my lord... He's attractive... No... Yes but no, Shannon... Think about Liam!
We didn't speak whilst I was in the suite which was odd, he seemed chatty yesterday. After making another cup of tea, nowhere near as good as Liam's, I walked into my room to grab some clothes. I looked out of the window to check the weather, it looked quite warm. I rummaged through one of my many cases until I found what I was looking for. Black studded shorts, tights and a light grey pain shirt. After I came back from the bathroom with my hair not looking like a birds nest, and with fresh breath, I pulled on my converse and checked my phone. A text from Liam, weird I didn't even hear it go off.
"Hey babe, we're all going out to get lunch, you and the Hazza coming? :)xx"
"HARRY!" I shouted walking into the suites main room.
"Yeah?" He replied half smiling.
"Liam's just text, they're all going for lunch and wanted to know if we wanna join?"
"Yeah sure." He said his smile now full and teethy.
"Okay, you ready?"
"Do I look like I'm ready? Let me just get a shirt and I'll meet you outside their suite." he said walking away.
I quickly grabbed my phone and tapped back to Liam.
"Hey <3 Yeah, I'm on my way and Harry's just getting ready so he'll meet us outside your suite :) see you in two xx"
I didn't get a reply from Liam which made sense seen as I was now greeting him and the other boys. I gave them all small hugs and moved to stand next to Liam. He looked at me smiling. I wasn't much smaller that Liam, but there was a difference. Which meant occasional up down head movements.
"Eh hem.." Niall coughed.
"We're not alone." I proved by waving my arm towards the other 3 people stood in front of us.
"Hmmm." Niall hummed.
I swore I saw him wink, but I wasn't sure so I didn't question. I moved even closer to Liam so that our arms where touching. He caught on quickly and bent his arm a little so I could hook onto his wrist. Suddenly the thought of lying to Liam entered my mind. I didn't have to confess to Niall that I heard the whole of their conversation. He already knew...Liam however, I felt like I had too.
I walked over to Niall and whispered in his ear.
"Niall, I know you know I lied to you earlier about the conversation I heard, but Liam doesn't know I lied to him. Can I tell him alone please? I feel really bad for lying to him..."
He didn't reply just signalled to the lads and pulled me out of ears reach.
"Shannon, I wasn't happy that you lied to me, but I knew you'd confront me eventually so I guess that's okay, but wanting to tell Liam? Shannon you can lie to anyone."
"Anyone except you." I corrected.
"Yeah, that's what I meant. So why do you want to tell Liam?" A questioned look appeared on his face.
"I don't know Niall, I feel like I have too."
"Wow... Shannon, I think you really like him."
"I think I do too Niall." I said admitting it out loud for the first time. Wow that felt weird.
"Wait, what about Harry?" Niall asked.
"I guess it wasn't real..." I said smiling and pulling him back to the lads.
We re-joined the group and I looked at Liam, then at Niall. Niall nodded and I took the hint.
"Liam, can I talk to you alone for a second please?"
He looked at Niall in confusion but followed anyway.
We walked a little further away from the group than Niall and I did a few minutes ago. Just to make sure.
"Shannon, what's wrong?" Liam said stopping me.
"I'm sorry!" I said pulling him into a hug.
"Woah, hey, hey, hey what's wrong?" he replied pushing me away, keeping his hands on my shoulders.
"I lied to you before..."
"What when?" He asked shocked.
"When I told you what I heard of the conversation between you and Niall."
He laughed, and laughed and laughed.
"Hey! Why are you laughing at me?" I asked, now laughing myself. He had that effect on me.
"You're actually upset about this aren't you?"
"Yeah!" I whined now getting embarrassed.
"Shannon, it's fine I knew. I saw you hide behind the wall." He said stepping closer to me.
"Really?" I replied mimicking his movements.
"Yeah." He chuckled placing his forehead on mine.
His lips where centimetres away from mine when he slowly started moving towards me.
"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" Niall screamed as he ran towards me, grabbing my arm, pulling me away.
"No." he pointed at Liam sternly before the rest of the boys, including Harry rounded the corner.
We reached the lunch place in about an hour. We took two cars, one from management and Harry's range rover. Niall made sure that me and Liam where in separate cars. He also made us sit at opposite ends of the table whilst we ate lunch. The place we ate at was quite small and he had the whole downstairs to ourselves. My phone suddenly buzzed, I looked around confused and saw Liam place his phone on the table softly smiling.
"That was awkward before, I'm sorry."
I read the message discretely and waited a few minutes before replying so Niall wouldn't get suspicious, he was in deep conversation with Harry and Zayn so he wasn't paying much attention, but you know, safety first.
"What was awkward? And why are you sorry? xx"
Liam took the same precautions as I before typing out his message.
"Well I tried, emphasis on the word tried, to kiss you before, but you're big brother ruined it xx"
He looked up at me embarrassed before I replied. His face soon changed when he saw me smile at the screen and then go red.
"WHATS WRONG SHANNON?!" Louis screamed noticing my redness.
"N-nothing, I'm just warm.." I lied, badly.
I shrugged off the conversation with Louis turning back to my phone.
"Well... I'm sure you'll have time to try again in the near future :P xx"
I looked up at him with a cheeky smile on my face. He didn't answer my text, instead gave me a wink from across the table. Something that Niall very clearly noticed.


So sorry for such a later update! I've been busy with college, I should be back to updating more often ASAP! Also Thank you for all the views an comments I really appreciate it all :)


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