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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 14 - Tour Night No. 1

I walked out onto the stage feeling more upset than I was nervous. The crowd screamed as I entered their line of sight.

"HELLO EVERYONE!" I shouted down the microphone causing the screams to get louder. "My name is Shannon Horan... Yes I am Niall's sister if you didn't know!"

The crowd erupted yet again, but this time I knew it was at the sound of Niall's last name. I shrugged it off and began playing my first song. I swayed along to the sound of my guitar. It was a cover, teenage dream to be precise, meaning everybody was singing along which made me feel good. I looked to the side of the stage and to my surprise someone was there. However it wasn't Liam or Niall or any of the boys. It was a girl holding a giant piece of cardboard.


After reading it I knew exactly who It was. It was Niall's girlfriend Kari. I hadn't seen her in so long. I'd missed that little bookworm!

I gave her a small wink as I finished off my song.

"WHO'S READY FOR ONE DIRECTION?" I screamed and the whole arena burst into excitement. "Okay okay, I have one more song and then I'll leave you ready for the boys!"
I quickly sang my last song, which was another cover, however this one was less know. It was called, "Something To Hope For - The Undeserving."

I left the stage with a wave and ran straight into Kari's arms. I hugged her for a while before we decided to head back to my dressing room.

"So, how long have you been here?" I asked excitedly.

"About 20 minutes, some weird guy outside just stole all my luggage and sent me through here." She laughed as we plopped down onto the sofa.

"OH okay fair enough, I'm guessing you haven't seen Niall yet?" I giggled.

"Ha-ha yeah, do you know where he is?" She asked.

Just as Kari finished speaking a flood of screams could be heard. We both laughed at the thought knowing they were now on stage. I gave her the look and she knew exactly what I was thinking. We both got up and ran to the side of the stage, we could see Niall right in the middle, Liam stood next to him. Lucky for us they were in the middle of, kiss you and where dancing around the stage. Also Our boys where both wearing hats.

"You get Niall's, I'll get Liam's" I whispered to her as we readied ourselves.

"3 2 1" she screamed and both of us took off.

We ran straight past the security guards and straight onto the stage causing the crowd the scream again. I chased after Liam and grabbed his hat quickly before running away again, Kari doing the same to Niall. We linked hands as we ran away from the boys however neither of us got far before we were dragged back. I felt slightly bad for stopping the boy s singing but none of them seemed to mind.

"KARRRIII!" Niall screamed as he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder running to the middle of the stage.

"Shannon! Give it back!" Liam squealed.

"Never!" I laughed as I wiggled my way out of Liam's grip and ran off the stage.

I turned around to find Kari finally out of a very excited Niall's arms. She smiled widely as she ran over to me.

"Come on now girls, you've had your fun! Back to dressing room." Paul shouted as we laughed on the corner of the stage.

"Okayyyyy." We whined together as we walked back, this time to boys dressing room.
"So." Kari giggled. "What been going on?"

We both sat on the sofas opposite each other.

"Oh my god. Well, I'm kinda Liam's girlfriend, I love Louis more than life, Harry fancies me and I can't stand Zayn. Oh and Niall and I are the same." I spoke fast trying to get everything out.

"WHOAA WHOAAA WHOAA! Come again." Kari laughed. "All that happened in this time!"

"Yep." I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. "I'm just so happy you're here, I don't think I could have survived if you didn't come."

"I don't think you would have either." She laughed.

We spent the rest of out alone time catching up on things that we've missed and about how happy Kari was to see Niall and again right on time the blond boy entered the room, running straight the Kari.

I looked at the doorway, Zayn entered next giving me the dead eye as usual. I ignored him as I stood up to give Louis a hug.

"Well done today guys, you sounded awesome." I smiled.

"Well, you enjoyed what you saw!" Liam laughed as he came in a engulfed me in a hug.
"It was funny though right?" I laughed and tried to air high fiver Kari although she was a little pre occupied with Niall's lips to be listening.

I smiled at Liam before I gave him the 1 minute signal and walked to Harry who pushed himself into the corner of the room.

"Hey you." I said poking his shoulder. "Come on."

I pulled his arm and forced him to join the rest of the group, he smiled slightly as he sat down. Liam had pulled up a stool from the side of the room and placed it at the end of the sofa's slightly leaning his weight on it. He beckoned me to join him and I did so sliding between his legs, my back to his chest. He slowly placed his head on my shoulder and snaked his arms around my waist quickly pecking me on the cheek.

I caught sight of Harry staring at us before I coughed loudly trying to get Niall's attention as he was still lip locking with Kari in the corner.

"ERM GUYS!" I screamed.

"Oh sorry." They both muttered as they joined us.

The next hour or so was filled with scattered conversation and laugher. Even Zayn laughed a couple of times, which sort of made me smile because even though I hated him, I knew the rest of the guys didn't so it was nice to see him being normal for once. I scanned my eyes around the room thoughts of happiness and joy filling my brain. I was so happy right now. I wasn't on tour with the biggest boy band in the world, I was on tour with my five best friends and a hostile dark haired boy but I couldn't be happier.


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