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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 15 - Thoughts And Questions

I woke up in the middle of the night to the chugging sound of a tour bus engine. Apparently the technical difficulties that forced us to play our first show in Newcastle have been fixed meaning we have another four to five hour drive back to London to do the four nights at the O2.

I padded out of my bunk and made myself a cup of tea before I settled on the sofa's with a blanket and a shit TV show. My mind wandered for a while thinking about everything that has happened in such a short time.

Fancying Harry then fancying Liam, then becoming Liam's girlfriend, then Zayn kissing me, Liam thinking Harry and I where a thing and finally Harry telling me that he likes me.

I shook my head to get rid of the thoughts as I saw Kari, half dead walking towards me.

"Y'alright love?" I laughed

"Tired. No sleep. Shhh." She giggled as he poured herself a cup of tea and plopped next to me on the sofa's.

"So how's it feeling being back with Niall?" I laughed as he perked up at even the mention of my brother's name.

"Oh shnoon, its perfect. I feel at home again, you know, and the way he kisses-"

"NOPE NOPE NOPE!" I cut her off. "I do not want to hear about my brother's kissing skills thank you!"

The room filled with laugher as I stopped talking. I looked at Kari in shock as she practically rolled on the sofa laughing.

"Wow, Shannon, I've really missed you!" She giggled wiping laughter tears from the corners of her eyes.

"Come here." I said opening the blanket I had.

She cuddled in with me and we watched TV for about an hour before she fell asleep and I had to take her back to her bunk. I didn't mind, I loved the girl, taking her back to bed was no problem. What was a problem is that I was awake and It was 4:30am.

I grabbed my phone on the way back to the sofa area and logged onto twitter. I don't know why I haven't even used it in so long. I left it for a while to let everything load. I clicked on my notifications to find it was completely blowing up.

It was full of mentions saying that I didn't deserve my follows and that I should die. I shook it off not caring what people said and to be quite honest I was slightly confused.

That was until I scrolled further down to find.

@Real_Liam_Payne and 3 others are now following you.

I expanded the notification to find the three other names I'd expected.

I now understood all the hate comments, I mean I only have 533 followers but four of them being four members of One Direction, was certainly going to piss some people off.
I laughed slightly throwing my phone to my side and focusing on the TV.
I woke up to the sound of Louis screaming.


"Whaaat?" I slurred sitting up from my uncomfortable position.

"Nothing thanks." He said giggling as he sat down and threw his arm over my shoulder.

I spent the next few hours sat with Louis and one by one the rest of the gang walked into the sofa area creating my atmosphere as the day on the bus went on. I tried to concentrate however after I left Louis to sit on Liam's lap, my mind instantly wandered to thoughts of Harry.

It's been happening for a couple of days now, part of me thinks it's because of what he told me, meaning I want to be careful with how boyfriend/girlfriend I am with Liam whilst he's around. However the other part of me is nothing thinking about that when I look at Harry.
It's thinking about how he looks when he furrows his brows ever so slightly when he's on his phone, the way he looks up at me for a half a second before looking somewhere else and most of all the way he's starting to make me feel.

Fire. He makes me feel like I'm on fire and all he has to do is look at me. It makes my skin tingle and my stomach flip. I'm trying to push all these thoughts to the back of mind, because I'm with Liam, but lately they keep coming back and no matter how hard I try I can't push them away.

I was suddenly aware of my surroundings as Liam shifted underneath me telling me we were here and needed to get off the bus.

I didn't say anything to anyone I just grabbed my suitcase from the back room and put a few changes of clothes into my duffle bag before leaving the coach and heading to the arena.
I noticed Kari looking at me as yet another snobby arena lady directed us to our dressing room.

It didn't take 5 seconds before she shut the door to our room and pounced on me with the questions.

"Shannon, why where you staring at Harry like that?!" She asked intensly.

"What do you mean?" I shook it off.

"You know exactly what I mean. You where looking at him like you wanted to rip all his clothes off right there and then."

"Ugh!" I flopped myself onto the dressing room sofa, not at all ready for the amount of explain I was going to have to do.


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