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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 11 - Where The Hell Is Liam?

Chapter 11 - Where The Hell Is Liam?
After rehearsing for about 3 hours, me and the boys finally gave up. Louis hopped off the staged and ran towards Paul who was desperately trying to get us to continue.
"We're all just so tired." Louis whined.
"Yeah yeah, whatever, take the rest of the day off but you ALL better give 500% tomorrow!" Paul screamed making sure we all heard.
We all let out a little giggle before realisation finally kicked in.
"Hey guys?" I said to the four boys rummaging around the stage for their stuff. "Have any of you seen Liam? I mean I know we've been rehearsing but he hasn't come back even to watch."
I looked around the room to find a look of worry on everyone's face. I wouldn't worry if Liam had gone missing for a while on a normal day, I mean he's nearly 21 years old for Christ's sake, but after everything that's gone on and all that he's accused me of I really am scared. I looked over to Louis who was putting the last little bits into his bag.
"Let me put this on the bus and I'll help you look." He said knowing exactly what I was going to ask.
"Thank you." I said quietly before I sat down and waited for him to come back.
I watched as the boys left, all, apart from Zayn, giving me a sympathetic look before letting the door close behind them and as soon as it did my thoughts went wild.
Why did he go? Where did he go? What if we can't find him? What if he hates me? Oh my god, Shannon calm down!
I managed to slightly calm my thoughts before Louis poked his head around the door. He gave me a nod and I stood up and began to follow him down the hall. We checked every room on the way down, even the weird ones like the mop closet and there was still no sign of him at all.
"Louis?" I said softly
"Yeah love?" He smiled.
"Is there any place he would go? Like when he's sad or angry?" I looked at him desperately hoping for an answer.
"You know, when were on X-factor he used to get told off all the time for climbing the stage scaffolding and sitting above it. I can't believe I didn't think of their first!" He complained, smacking himself on the forehead before he took off running back to the stage doors.
"Maybe I should check by myself, you know?" I slightly panted. I shouldn't be upset with the decision I just made, but I am, I didn't want him to leave me but it's probably for the best with the accusations. Liam only saw me being friendly with Harry, what would he think if he saw Louis too?
"Yeah, yeah I understand Hun. I'll be back on the bus. If you find him don't leave him until you're sorted and he comes back."
I leaned in and gave a quick squeeze before running off back to the rehearsal room. It would be weird knowing that he was up there the whole time watching us rehearse but then again we wouldn't have noticed we get told to face forward and interact with the crowd.
I burst through the doors a lot harder than I thought and a wave of relief flew over me when I saw two feet desperately trying to hide themselves from my view. I walked slowly towards the stage making sure I didn't startle Liam again.
"Liam..." I whispered.
"Shannon?" He choked clearly crying.
"Come down, let's talk about this?"
I was very surprised when Liam started to make his way down the scaffold towards me. I watched him absolutely petrified that he was going to fall and break something.
"Don't worry babe, I've done this hundreds of times." He finally smiled.
"Right, okay let's get this over with." I began to speak before Liam cut me off with huge arms wrapping around my waist.
"I know baby, I know. I was wrong, I know you and Harry are close and I don't know what came over me I was just scared." He said lowering his head onto my shoulder.
"What are you scared of?" I said shrugging my shoulder so he would lift his head up.
"Losing you."
"Liam." I began. "Don't take this the wrong way, but we're not even together. Don't get me wrong, I really, really like you, but I don't know how I feel about continuing this, if it's not official?" The words that came out of my mouth upset me to admit and I was shocked to find Liam with the biggest smile on his face.
"Why are you smiling?" I tilted my head in confused.
"Then let's make it official? Me and you? Together?" He proposed continuing to beam at me.
"What... Wh- Liam it's only been like a week?" I stuttered.
"So what? I like you, you like me, so why not?" Liam said starting to look slightly worried.
"You're right." I smiled.
"I am?" He began smiling again
"Yes, let's make it official. Ask me?" I said beaming like a small child.
"Oh I have to ask you?" Liam laughed before holding me at arm's length.
"Yes you do." I say as I turned my head away from him.
He stood starting at me for a few seconds before he pulled me close the his chest once again.
"Shannon." He whispered into my ear. "Will you be my girlfriend?"
"Yes." I whispered back before he placed a soft, yet very passionate kiss on my lips.
"Right, boyfriend." I winked at him.
"What girlfriend?" He asked winking back.
"I'm not the only one that's been worried about you, so we need to go back to the bus so the boys know where you are!"
"Oh okay then." He said smiling and taking my hand in his as we began to walk back to the bus.
We stepped on the bus laughing at how silly it was that Liam had ran away and we where instantly greeted with "Oh My God's" and "Are you okay's?".
"What's this?" Niall asked as he grabbed mine and Liam's still intertwined hands from behind and held them in the air.
"We're official." Liam beamed.
"Ohh, niiiiiiceeee." Niall laughed as he sat down on the seats next to Harry.
"Is that true?" Harry asked with a weird look on his face.
"Yeah." Liam and I said simultaneously smiling at each other.
Liam and I sat down on the seats with the rest of the boys and engaged ourselves in the mindless chatter and laughs that were around us. I was happy, I was very happy. LIAM PAYNE is my boyfriend for Christ's sake, of course I'm happy. However there was one thing, I could not get my mind or eyes off and that was Harry, and how utterly crushed he looked when Liam and I said we were officially together.


Hey guys! Chapter 11 ! Let me know what you think! <3
Love Ya'll
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