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The Perks Of Being A Horan

Chapter 10 - Harry and I ?

Chapter 10 - Harry and I?
I was sat in my dressing room in the new arena, which is the O2 in London by the way, for at least half an hour before the door opened and a boy that I was becoming very close with entered the room.
"Hey..." He said in a low voice.
"Hey Harry." I replied mimicking his tone.
"You alright?"
"How am I supposed to be okay Harry? I can't even tell Liam." I said standing up to give Harry a quick hug.
"Tell me what?" A stern voice said from the side of the room.
"Liam!" I squeaked releasing myself from Harry and collapsing into Liam's arms.
"No." He said pushing me away from him.
"Wait what?" I said shocked. I looked up at his face and he was glaring straight at Harry.
"What's going on here?" Liam almost shouted. "Are you two a thing?"
"WHAT?" Me and Harry both shouted at the same time.
"No. Liam..." I said softening my voice and walking towards him.
"You know what Shannon, forget it." He shouted and walked out of the room.
"You're not even gonna hear me out?!" I screamed following him.
"No!" He said sternly.
After that I couldn't follow him anymore and quite frankly I didn't want too. I walked back into the room leaning against the wall. I didn't even think about looking at Harry all I concentrated on was the floor. I know Liam and I haven't been seeing each other like but I've always said our feelings where fast and he agreed with me. I took a few deep breaths before I felt Harry's presence appear next to me.
"Hey." He said to me slowly as I slid down the wall and put my head on my knees.
"Whhht?" I mumbled into the fabric of my jeans.
"Why would he-" I cut him off before he continued.
"I don't know Harry!" I almost screamed. "Sorry."
"It's okay, scream all you want." Harry giggled.
"Hmmm... Okay!" I said standing up and grabbing a cushion from the sofa. I placed it over my face and screamed as loud as I could into it. I carried on emitting the loud sound from my mouth before I heard Harry laughing. I pulled the pillow down and peeked over the top.
"Whoa, you've got a good set of lungs on you there." Harry said walking towards me.
"Haha, I guess so."
"Better?" He asked.
"Yeah slightly, but not great. I mean we all know Liam and I moved fast, REALLY fast but we aren't even a proper thing yet, neither of us have made it official and I don't know why he would think there's something going on between us." I rambled.
"Well..." Harry said winking. "No, I totally understand Shannon, I mean yes we are becoming close friends really fast I can see why Liam may be worried but yeah I don't understand why he would assume so quickly, it's not really like him to be honest. Maybe I should go talk to him?" Harry backed me up.
"Hmmm maybe..."
I said nothing else as I watched Harry nod and leave me alone in the room.
I walked back and forth outside the tour bus, thousands of thoughts in my head that only got worse when I saw a familiar curly haired boy walking my way.
"You." I said more harsh than I wanted to.
"What the hell is wrong with you?!" He retaliated.
"What? You can't really blame me to be honest! You two have been around each other for like 2 days straight." I tried explaining myself but there was no point. I knew I was wrong, I just didn't want to admit it yet.
"Excuse me? She's been going through a terrible time right now! I was there for her! She's becoming one of my best friends Liam!" Harry continued to argue.
"You can't be best friends with someone after two days Harry." I said completely contradicting myself.
"Haha, but you can practically be her boyfriend?!" Harry replied smugly.
"That's different." I said feeling deflated.
"No it's no Liam and you know it! You nearly beat the shit out of one of your best friends for this girl and you've known her for barely a week! So if that's not something, you get on that tour bus and let me sort her out otherwise get your crazy ass back in that arena and go comfort your almost girlfriend!" Harry said sternly pointing towards the arena.
I don't know what caused me to make the decision I made but I knew it was the wrong one. I looked Harry dead in the eyes and stepped onto the tour bus.
"Really Liam? Really?!" I head Harry shout as I stood on the other side of the door.
I stood in front of the bus door in complete shock on Liam's decision. How could he do this to Shannon? I mean a few days is fast but that's just so shitty! I was lost in my thoughts for a second before I remembered I practically left her crying in the dressing room. I walked back to the arena and headed to her room.
"Shannon?" I said softly poking my head through the door.
"Come in." She said sniffling. I knew she'd been crying straight away. She looks so pretty when she cries. No! Harry comfort her, not admire her!
"I'm not going to ask if you're okay because that's just stupid." I said giggling.
"Hehe, thanks." She said laughing too.
I was happy to see her laugh, even if it was just for a second. I knew how much she likes Liam and that kind of hurt. Although I'm not quite sure why. The next hour went by really fast as me and Shannon just sat talking about anything and everything completely getting to know each other and completely forgetting we where both needed in the rehearsal room.
"Harry!" She screamed
"What?! Oh shit!" I realised following her extended hand towards the clock.
"Haha lets go!" She said standing up and grabbing my hand.
We ran down the hall as fast as we could and stormed into the room. We both stopped and lent on the door half laughing, half completely out of breath. I suddenly snapped back to reality when I found Liam standing right in front of us. When did he leave the tour bus? I thought to myself.
"Yeah, nothing going on at all!" He shouted before shoving past us both and walking out of the room.
Shannon and I stood staring at the swinging door in complete shock and the three other boys in the room followed suit.
"What even was that?" Niall asked walking over too us.
"It- It don't matter..." Shannon stuttered pulling Niall into a small hug.
"Right C'mon guys, let's get this rehearsal done." Louis said as he walked back onto the stage.
"Yeah." We all said in unison as we walked toward the stage and tried to forget about this hectic morning we all had.


Sorry that was a bit intense guys don't hate me!
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