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Lots of One Direction short stories

Camping with One Direction- part 2

Niall’s point of view

Liz was sleeping and looked really cute, we all fancied her it was hard not to she was so easy to get on with plus she was super-hot!

Liz started to shift in her sleep and start making small moaning noises; I wonder what she was dreaming about?

“Hey Harry are you awake?” I asked “I am now Niall, what do you want?” Harry asked as he rolled over in his sleeping bag to look at me. We both slept on either side of Liz, she always liked to sleep in the middle which was always fine with us. I nodded down towards Liz who was still moaning gently in her sleep. “Should we wake her, is she having a nightmare?” I asked, Harry leant over Liz to see her face “no don’t wake her she is just dreaming”, “how come she’s moaning then” I asked a bit confused and worried. Harry laughed quietly “it’s because she’s having a good dream, we would call it a wet dream” he smiled. Oh Liz was dreaming about sex I laughed quietly, “I sometimes wonder how you know these things Harry” I laughed whilst Harry just shrugged. We were about to go back to sleep when Liz moaned again louder this time, “Niall…” Liz had just moaned my name in her sleep, wow. “Ooo get in there Niall” Harry laughed, I was about to throw something at him when Liz moaned again “Harry…god both yes” me and Harry just stared at each other in shock, our best friend who we all had the hots for was having a sex dream about us both. Harry suddenly had a mischievous look in his eyes, “Niall have you ever had a wet dream before where it felt so good it hurt and you wish someone had been there to help you out?” I thought about this for a second “ye, I have it was shit, put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day” “we don’t want Liz in a bad mood tomorrow do we?” Harry asked as he slipped out of his sleeping bag, “no I guess not” I smirked, now catching on to what Harry had in mind, I too slipped out of my sleeping bag.

Harry lightly touched Liz’s forehead and brushed her hair off her face, he then leant down and placed a kiss onto her lips, Liz reacted to the kiss and kissed him back, she was still asleep though. I unzipped her sleeping bag and pulled it back so she was lying in front of me and Harry in just her sexy sleepwear. I lightly roamed my hands over her stomach, as her shirt gaped my hand lightly touched her bare skin, Liz arched her back up towards my hand, she let out a little moan “please….more”, me and Harry exchanged knowing looks and continued our exploration of her hot body. I pulled her shirt up so it was above her breast, she didn’t wear a bra to bed so it made this easier, I bent my head down and kissed her left breast, I lightly licked her nipple and then blew on it, Liz moaned louder and shifted in her sleep. I continued to massage her breast while Harry slowly and carefully removed her hot pants, these were sexy as fuck, they showed off her pert bottom perfectly. Harry smiled as Liz shifted around in her sleep, clearly highly aroused, he lightly touched her clit which cause Liz to arch towards him “more” she moaned breathlessly. Harry plunged a finger into her “wow she’s so wet” Harry whispered. “Fuck” I moaned. I reached down to add a finger into Liz as well, it’s a good job we are all really good friends! Together me and Harry started to slowly pump our fingers in and out of Liz, she was now visibly shaking and a light sweat had formed on her skin. She was sexy as hell and I couldn’t believe we were doing this, part of me really hoped she would wake up so we could fuck her senseless. I slowly bit down onto Liz’s nipple, I guess I got my wish as he eyes shot open and she quickly sat up, looking really dazed. Me and Harry removed our fingers from her core. “What the fuck?” Liz asked as she attempted to cover herself, she didn’t quite manage as she was still shaking. Harry gently pulled her hands away and held them in one of his large hands. “You were dreaming and moaning our names, you were clearly turned on so we wanted to help you find your release, since it has been months after all” Harry said matter of factly.

Liz just looked really confused; her eyes were filled with lust, so were ours. She looked down at both mine and Harry’s crotches. We were both now sporting rather large and slightly painful erections. She grinned “you know it’s a good job we are all friends, otherwise you would have just made this really awkward” she laughed. “So can we continue?” I asked Liz as I bent down to kiss her, “yesss she moaned into my mouth”.

Harry and Niall stripped off their tracksuit bottoms they had been sleeping in, their erections were a lot larger than I thought they were going to be, and to be honest I can’t say that I haven’t thought about this moment happening. Niall kissed me hard and fast whilst his hands massaged my breasts. Harry lightly touched my clit which caused me to moan into Niall’s mouth, I could feel him smile against my lips. Suddenly I felt a tongue flick across my sex and touch my clit, oh my god Harry was giving me oral, and he was so fucking skilled. I was withering within seconds of his hot tongue touching me, I grabbed Harry’s hair with one hand and with the other grabbed Niall’s erection with the other, I started to give Niall a hand job, he moaned loudly and screwed up his face “so fucking good babe” Niall shuddered. Harry got up from between my legs and knelt between them, he positioned his member at my entrance and slowly pushed into me, I moaned as he filled me. Harry slowly started to move in and out of me, I concentrated on giving Niall pleasure as well, I moved my mouth down and began giving Niall a blow job, I have been told I was pretty good at these. Harry’s thrusts began to quicken and I found it more difficult to blow Niall, I still kept my concentration though and swallowed his dick, it hit the back of my throat and I tried my hardest not to gag, Niall was clearly loving it as his hands had a tight grip on my hair eagerly edging me on and he was panting quite loudly.

I could feel my walls begin to tighten around Harry and could feel my orgasm coming quickly, “I don’t think…oh my god…..I can’t last” I pant as Harry increases his thrusts, I can feel his cock swell inside me, Niall’s also swell inside my mouth I can tell that they are both really close too. “Cum, cum for us now Liz!” Harry pants. I give Niall one last hard suck, he shudders and shoots his warm sticky load into my mouth, I let go of myself and let my orgasm overtake my body, I shake and shudder with pleasure as I cum. Harry moans and shoots his load into me as well, we are all spent and end up lying down pretty much on top of each other in a heap. “Wow Liz that was fucking amazing!” Niall and Harry both say excitedly. Well you both started it I giggled. They both wrap me up into a hug, suddenly Louis unzips the tent and comes walking in followed by Liam and Zayn, I try to cover my naked body, Louis just giggles, “god we couldn’t sleep you were all fucking too loudly” Louis laughed. I was shocked, they had heard that! “hmm we are kind of sad that you didn’t ask us to join you Liz” Liam pouts, I giggle “well I didn’t ask these two to start in the first place, I was asleep” I tried to defend myself. “Well maybe we can join in for round two?” Zayn asks full of hope. I think about it for a while. “Won’t this make our friendship weird?” I ask seriously worried. “No of course not babe, nothing you could do would affect our friendship, trust us we talk about this all the time while we’re on tour.” Liam says as he starts to unbutton his shirt. “Really?” I ask sceptically, “ye we all fancy the pants off you, we just didn’t think you’d actually let us get in them.” Harry joked. “Well I fancy the pants of you all too” I giggled. “Well in that case then…..round two!” Liam excitedly yelled whilst the guys stripped out of their cloths. I giggled to myself, I had dreamt about having sex with all five of my best friends I just never thought it would happen.







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