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Lots of One Direction short stories

Tweeting Harry Styles

Tweeting - Harry Styles

Hey I’m Hannah I’m 20 nearly 21 and I’m a university student. I wouldn’t say I lead a very exciting life, I spend most of my time studying for my degree but I do like to let my hair down with my friends when I get the chance to. I have a varied taste in music but I think my friends would probably say some of my music taste was weird as believe it or not at 20 I really liked one direction. I would not class myself as a directioner though as I’m not crazy or obsessed. I am currently single which sucked, my last boyfriend cheated on me, I found him in my bed with another girl, well to say I was hurt was an understatement but I dealt with it quite well. Let’s just say he had trouble walking for a while after I caught him in the act….. I’m a good aim!

It was my day off from uni so I logged onto twitter, I had quite a few followers that were mostly people I got to know through uni, clubbing and people who shared the same interests as me. I noticed I had a DM, I looked at the message. Ugh another perv wanting to ‘get to know me better’, ok so I really need to change my twitter name as it was @Hannahxxx somehow some disturbed people mistook the xxx as something sexual. I suppose my profile picture didn’t really help as it was of me in my bikini rock climbing, yep that happened! The picture might be a bit revealing and at a funny angle but I didn’t care, I liked it. I deleted the message and decided to make a tweet.

@hannahxxx: ugh why do some people only have one thing on their minds? XXX does NOT mean I’m a porn star or anything!!!!! #getalife

I immediately got several replies, mainly from people I knew.

@chris_banana: @hannahxxx babe I think you would make a great porn star though….I’d watch it ;) #hannahforpstar

@jakelongford: I know your joking Hannah but that would be totally awesome ;) #hannahforpstar

@rachael_sexy_beast: well if university doesn’t work out for you hun you now have a possible career change!!! Lol love you really :P #hannahforpstar

After glancing at some of my comments from my friends and some random people I laughed to myself. I could always count on Chris to start something stupid, and Jake would always back him up. I tweeted again.

@hannahxxx: I need better friends, stop trying to turn me into a porn star lol not going to happen!!!!! #hannahforpstar NOT

I logged of twitter and decided to get some much needed sleep as I had a late night clubbing and I was still shattered.

I think I must have been asleep for about an hour when I was woken up by my phone. I looked to find a text from Chris.

To: Hannah
Hey hun sorry I prob woke you up, I know it was a late one last night, Jake is still hugging the toilet hahaha sucks for him!!

But you need to check twitter I may have started something that has gotten out of hand :(
I was a bit confused by his message so I logged onto twitter again to see what he was talking about. Once twitter had loaded I saw that I suddenly had loads of new followers and my mentions and retweets had skyrocketed. I also noticed that #hannahforpstar was trending. How did that happen? I wanted to put people on twitter straight.

@hannahxxx: ok so what started off as a joke has gone a bit too far, I love everyone but I am NOT going to be a porn star, sorry to disappoint haha and @chris_banana watch out cause I’m on the war path! #stillneednewfriends

There that should stop all this #hannahforpstar crap.

I suddenly saw that someone had commented on my tweet. I read the tweet and was shocked!

@Harry_Styles: sounds like your friends have your best interests at heart @hannahxxx ;)

Oh my god harry styles just tweeted me……omg he has now retweeted me…..and a follow!!! What is happening? Remember when I said I wasn’t crazy obsessed hahaha I’m not I promise I was just shocked. After I calmed myself a bit I tweeted him back.

@hannahxxx: don’t you start @Harry_Styles it’s not even funny!!! Plus I would totally suck

@Harry_Styles: @hannahxxx it is kind of funny haha :) and I think that’s the point :P

@hannahxxx: @Harry_Styles omg I need to read what I write #imatwat

Without even thinking I had just been tweeting Harry Styles, this is awesome…. Oh shit wait I was talking to him about becoming a porn star… no this can’t be happening!

@Harry_Styles: @hannahxxx haha no don’t lol it makes it funnier

@hannahxxx: @Harry_Styles ye I’m sure it does for everyone other than me haha

Suddenly I got a DM from @Harry_Styles

@Harry_Styles: hey :) and ye it is prob funny for everyone apart form you lol

@hannahxxx: well I’m touched by your caring, I sure know who to come to next time

@Harry_Styles: you’re very welcome ;)

@Harry_Styles: anyway hey :) are you not a fan then?

@hannahxxx: yes I am a fan why would you think that I’m not?

@Harry_Styles: awww that’s good then :) you just seem really chill and not freaking out…or are you?

@hannahxxx: haha no I’m not freaking out… sorry to disappoint I seem to be doing that a lot lately lol. But if it makes you feel more comfortable then I can totally fangirl right now……prepare yourself……

@Harry_Styles: haha ok I’m prepared!

@hannahxxx: ahhhhhhh omfg its Harry Styles!!!! Eeek (says while clearly jumping around room) better?

@Harry_Styles: ye totally lol I feel so much better now, did you actually jump around the room?

@hannahxxx: no sorry :( sitting in bed…too lazy to do that

@Harry_Styles: well it’s not the same then :(

@hannahxxx: aww well tuff! Anyway lol why did you follow me? I’m sure there are tonnes of girls begging for follows and retweets.

@Harry_Styles: well your tweet made me laugh and I was curious to why #hannahforpstar was trending, my life is now complete since I found out….plus I love your display picture (rock climbing whilst in a bikini= HOT)

Harry Styles just said I was hot. Actually no he didn’t he said rock climbing whilst in a bikini was hot. Ok my bad I jumped to conclusions.

@hannahxxx: I’m glad I made your life complete :) mind you I’m pretty sure that the rest of your band would be a bit pissed to hear that

@Harry_Styles: ye they prob would….let’s keep it a secret ;)

@Harry_Styles: soooo a porn star huh? ;)

@hannahxxx: hahaha don’t start this again it’s bad enough that my friend started it and then it trended, which by the way I’m sure now will be even more popular since you retweeted me. I guess I have a backup plan if uni doesn’t work out lol

@hannahxxx: I’m joking by the way!!!

@Harry_Styles: awww I made it worse….sorry. And that’s a shame ;) how old are you by the way?

@hannahxxx: oh so now you ask? I’m 10

@Harry_Styles: really??!!

@hannahxxx: no lol of course not! I’m 20 almost 21. Love how you ask though after you have flirted with me

@Harry_Styles: well what can I say you’re very easy to flirt with ;) and talk to which is nice xx

@hannahxxx: awww I’m flattered, and you are very easy to talk to as well xx

@Harry_Styles: awww you want me ;)

@hannahxxx: totally… But you may have to get in line considering my new line of work :P

@Harry_Styles: do you have a boyfriend?

@hannahxxx: why you asking lol

@hannahxxx: no I don’t, been single for a while :( my last boyfriend cheated on me soo…..

@Harry_Styles: just curious, and I’m kind of glad you don’t :)

@Harry_Styles: what an arse he was clearly blind if he couldn’t see how amazingly beautiful and funny you are

@hannahxxx: awww thanks :) I caught him in my bed going at it with some random girl, I was not impressed, I got angry so I threw a table lamp at him…..let’s just say he had trouble walking for a while!

@Harry_Styles: wow what a dick!! And haha he totally deserved that…I’m guessing you have a good aim. I will remember not to piss you off lol you might throw something at me…..and to be honest I don’t know how much more I can take lol I have already been hit with a shoe!

@hannahxxx: hahaha ye I know lol I was at that concert, I felt sorry for you :( bet it hurt

@Harry_Styles: omg it was you Hannah, practicing your aim

@hannahxxx: you wish lol. no it really wasn’t! I’m not that mean! I may have laughed though :P

@Harry_Styles: well that is just not nice, think you should make it up to me

@hannahxxx: how do you think I should do that then?

@Harry_Styles: 07837627483 send me a picture of yourself :)

@hannahxxx: I’m not sending you a naked picture if that’s what you’re thinking!!

@Harry_Styles: no I wasn’t thinking that…. A normal selfie…. But I’d happily accept a naked picture ;)

@hannahxxx: well you can have a normal picture :) but I want one in return

@Harry_Styles: yay! You already know what I look like

@hannahxxx: and you already know what I look like if you looked through my pictures

@Harry_Styles: touché (picture sent)
I opened up the picture to find Harry sitting in bed shirtless, he looked really hot! I couldn’t see below his stomach as the covers were pulled up. I don’t know if I was relieved or disappointed.

@hannahxxx: please tell me you’re not naked!!

@Harry_Styles: no I’m not

@Harry_Styles: sorry to disappoint babe but I’m wearing jogging bottoms

@hannahxxx: ok good!

I took a picture of myself sitting in bed, I had my down and I was wearing a vest top that was actually quite tight so showed off my breasts, I couldn’t be bothered to change though so this will have to do.

@hannahxxx: (picture sent)

@Harry_Styles: wow you’re really hot!! I like that top ;)

@hannahxxx: hmm I’m sure you do, I have been wearing this all day and can’t be bothered to change for you so don’t get too excited.

@Harry_Styles: wow I feel flattered that you care so much, haha and it is great :)

@Harry_Styles: anyway I have to go the boys are coming over and I should really get out of bed, knowing Liam he would just pull me out if I didn’t haha

@hannahxxx: ok :) and same lol except no one will pull me out of bed :(

@Harry_Styles: I would if I was there ;)

@hannahxxx: I’m sure you would cause you’re just so nice :P

@Harry_Styles: text me Hannah I would love to chat again xxxx

@hannahxxx: ye same :) speak to you later Harry 07753995263







at the moment yes xx

is that all of them?