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Lots of One Direction short stories

Camping with One Direction

Camping with One Direction

I was friends with all the guys of One Direction, don’t ask me how we become friends because to be honest I’m not really sure, I was a fan like everyone else and somehow I started chatting to Niall via twitter, this then escalated to meeting the guys in person and regularly hanging out with them. I was the same age as them so we hit it off quite quickly, I supposed it helped the fact that I wasn’t totally obsessed with them, so I didn’t go crazy every time I saw them. Now I know them I think it’s funny that girls fall all over them, they are gorgeous but once you get to know them they are just five normal funny guys.

We hadn’t hung out in a while because I was at uni and they had been on tour. We had decided to organise a camping trip for when they got back, I was excited as we all had a week off to just relax and hang out, plus I loved camping. My phone rang suddenly making me jump as I stuffed the last tent into the back of my car. “Hi Liam! Ye I’m ready; I have just packed the car so I can pick you all up in about 20 minutes? Ok I’ll see you soon” I hung up from Liam and drove over to Harry’s flat where we were all meeting.

“Hey Liz! We missed you” Niall screamed as he hugged me tightly. They all then suddenly pulled me into a hug. “I missed you all too” especially Niall, I had a soft spot for him. “Ok so the tents are in the boot, I only have two so we will have to share and I got the food, well some of it Niall made a long list.” I laughed “we ready to go?” “yep!” they all excitedly said as they piled into my car with their bags.

When we went camping we always went to the same place because it was quite and secluded so no one would know we were here. We arrived and were about to put up the tents. “Ok let’s make this a competition, whichever team puts the tent up the fastest gets to choose the sleeping groups” Louis suggested. “Ok great idea, Liz is on my team, and Niall!” Harry quickly says. Ok so I was a girl guide for quite a while so I was pretty damn good at putting up any type of tent, hence why Harry wanted me on his team, and Niall just moaned the least when he was told what to do hence why harry wanted him as well. Louis, Liam and Zayn just groaned. “Fine! But we will win this time, just because you got Liz doesn’t mean you will win!” Louis moaned. “After three, one…..two……three!” Harry yelled. We all quickly got to our jobs, to be honest Harry and Niall just left most of putting the tent up to me, they did help however. “We won!!!” Niall shouted, “ugh, we were so close though” Zayn moaned as they finished putting up their tent. “Fine you can choose the sleeping groups.” Liam moaned. It was weird but every time we do something that requires us to share rooms or something when we sleep they always fight over who would share with me, I always just assumed it was because they were all single and I was a girl. “Well since we make such a good team I’m thinking me, Niall and Liz” Harry suggested “Yay!” Niall said as he hugged me and hi fived Harry. “Fine! But when you get fed up with those two idiots there is always room for you with us Liz” Liam suggested with a wink. They were all typical boys, they even flirted with their friends, I would find this weird but I guess I was used to it.

We spent the day swimming in the lake and just generally chatting, it was getting really late so we decided to call it a night. We all got ready for bed, I kissed Liam, Louis and Zayn on the cheek and wished them good night. Harry and Niall said they would get changed in the small cabin that was on site (this consisted of a toilet and shower and a small kitchen), I got changed in the tent. I pulled off my jeans and tank top, I put on my thin tank top and was just about the put on my cotton hot pants (it was summer and quite hot) when Harry and Niall burst into the tent laughing about something, I just stood there in my lacy thong and my top, they looked at me from head to toe and smiled “sorry Liz” Harry smirked, I pulled on my shorts “ye whatever, I’m not sure I believe you” I laughed. We all got into our sleeping bags after talking for the last hour about random crap, somehow the conversation suddenly turned to sex, all the guys knew I was single; somehow guys seem intimidated by the fact that I was best friends with five of the most famous guys around. “So Liz, found a guy yet?” Harry asked “nope, no one will have me” I pulled a fake sad face, I didn’t really care I still got loads of attention and had the odd one night stand, I was young I have plenty of time to settle down. ”Aww we’d have you Liz” Niall said as he kissed my forehead, I laughed “I think I’d be a bit worn out sharing all five of you” I joked. Niall and Harry burst into laughter, “we’d take it easy on you love, you could have the weekends off” Harry joked. “Oh well aren’t you so thoughtful” I laughed as I playfully punched his arm. “When was the last time you had sex?” Harry asked, I know this may seem weird but we were friends and I didn’t talk about this type of thing with my girlfriends so had to talk about it with someone, I think that’s why we all get on so well, we have the same sort of personality. “Um…I don’t know a few months ago maybe?” “I haven’t had sex since you all left for your tour, so several months actually” I told them. “Wow it’s been a while then” Niall said, “well when was the last time you all had sex then? Mr judgemental” I laughed. Harry and Niall laughed “um well we have been on tour so we haven’t either but we have an excuse, we have been busy!” I laughed “well then aren’t we just sexually frustrated” I joked “yep” Harry and Niall said in unison. “It’s easier for girls you can just buy vibrator and dildos” Harry stated. “What? No it’s not those things are bloody expensive!” I joked “plus I have heard what Niall gets up to on the tour bus, therefore I’d say it was easier for guys!” I had heard that Niall quite often wanked on the tour bus when he was bored. “Ok fair enough” Niall laughed blushing slightly. “Well if it helps we can buy you a vibrator” Harry very seriously stated. “Just because I said they were expensive Harry doesn’t mean I haven’t got one” Harry smiled widely, “when I went home for the summer my parents almost found it, I would have died if they did” I laughed. We then started sharing funny embarrassing moments that had happened to use recently, after laughing for what seemed like ages we fell asleep.







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