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Lots of One Direction short stories

The Game Show

The Game Show

Somehow I had been volunteered to take part in a game show, I was not impressed but I didn’t really have a choice as my ex-boyfriend thought it would be funny, I’m guessing his way of humiliating me since I dumped him. This game show involved sitting in a type of cubical whilst celebrity guests answered questions based on the embarrassing things that have happened in your life, humiliating enough that thousands of people would know my most embarrassing moment? No of course it had to get worse, if the celebrities didn’t get the answer correct then you get gunged…seriously? Why the fuck had I actually turned up to the studio, I could have just stayed at home, no one would have hunted me down or anything…..I don’t think.

“Hi you must be Emma? Thanks for volunteering to fill in.” A guy who I assumed was in charge said with a smile. “Well actually my ex volunteered me, this is the last type thing that I would want to do” I said glumly. “Oh ok well glad you’re here anyway” he suddenly looked me from head to toe and said “well at least you’ll look good wet”, I couldn’t believe he just said that, what an arse! “So your celebrity team mates will be One Direction.” He smiled as he pushed me towards my dressing room. He then shut the door and left. Great so what was I supposed to do now? Is there still time to run away?

My phone suddenly rang, it was my best friend “hey hun, I can’t believe I’m here, do you think they would notice if I ran away? I really don’t want to be here, and you can tell James that I will fucking kill him when I see him so he had better stay out of my way!” I was so angry at my ex, and he wonders why I dumped him? Someone suddenly knocked on my door, “come in!” I shouted, in walked One Direction, “sorry babe I have got to go, and what I said about James I am really serious, so you had better keep him away from me when I get back! Love you speak to you later” I hung up the phone and apologised to the guys “sorry guys that was my friend”, we then all introduced ourselves. They seemed quite nice, and really hot!

“So who’s James? It seems like he got on your bad side” Louis laughed. “He is my ex, he’s the reason I’m here, I’m guessing he thought it was good revenge for me dumping his sorry arse” I said still a bit annoyed, “aww that’s shit, sorry you had to be here then, glad it was you who had to fill in for the other girl, you seem really cool” Liam smiled, “and hot” Harry mumbled. “Thanks” I laughed. “We I suppose they told you about the show?” Niall asked. “Ye they ask you guys questions about all the stupid embarrassing things I have done and you have to decide if I have done it or not, and if you get it wrong I get gunged. Yay can’t wait” I said sarcastically. The guys just laughed. “Well we will try not to get it wrong; even though it would be really funny to see you get gunged, and pretty sexy as well” Niall laughed. The guys left so I could get changed, I looked at what I had to wear…. A white tank top and black hot pants, really? Are they fucking kidding me? ugh I put the clothes on and quickly went to the studio as we were being called as the show was going live in a few minutes.

The show started and when I was introduced a couple members of the audience whistled, typical men. I felt like a right dick just sitting on a plastic stool in a little glass cubical, I had a feeling that this was not going to end well as clearly the guys knew nothing about me, well apart from the fact that I was newly single and their age.

“So guys do you or do you not think that Emma has been caught having sex in a public park?” the presenter asked, what the fuck…. Great I had a feeling how the rest of the questions were going to go down; I’m guessing the intended audience for this show was more for late teenagers to adults. The guys all laughed “well I’m guessing that you haven’t?” Liam asked, my face fell, great first question and they got it wrong, ok I wasn’t proud that I had been caught but to my defence I was drunk. Suddenly I was drenched in cold gunge, “fuck” I muttered as I wiped it off my face, and got rid of the small puddle on my lap. The guys looked at me in disbelief; I just shrugged and smiled shyly.

“Ok so let’s try this one, Emma was spotted buying things in ann summers by one of her university lecturers, she then made the excuse that she was just lost and didn’t realise that she was in a sex shop, true or false?” the presenter laughed. “Um… well considering we got the last question wrong… I’m thinking that this was true?” Niall asked slightly sniggering as they all clearly thought this would have been hilarious. It was not hilarious I could have died, I don’t think he believed that I was lost. “Yes that was true, well done guys” the presenter laughed.

“OK how about this one, Emma was told off in class for masturbating when in actual fact she was just texting her mum, true or false.” The guys all laughed really loudly, I didn’t realise the questions were going to be like this, and by the looks on their faces neither did they. “Um, we are going with true?” Harry said with a smirk on his face, I had a feeling that he was actually picturing me masturbating. “Ooo it’s false, she was told off for masturbating in class but she was actually sexting her boyfriend at the time” another load of freezing cold gunge was dumped on me, I was wet and cold and I looked really silly, I looked down and saw that my red bra was showing through the now very wet top and my nipples had hardened because of the cold….great just what I needed, especially on live tv!
The questions went on for several more rounds, some of the questions were embarrassing but normal, like the fact that I fell over in front of lots of people in a car park, and some of the questions were really personal and slightly sexual, like the fact that I had an orgasm on a bus because I was feeling really horny and the bus was vibrating slightly. By the end of the show I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die, I was also covered in gunge and was freezing cold. The producer signalled that the show had ended and I could go have a shower, yay! About bloody time. “Hey Emma, sorry we were really shit at that, but who knew your life was so funny” Zayn laughed as he hugged me, clearly they didn’t care if they got wet or dirty. “Ye that one were you said you were lost in ann summers was hilarious!” Niall laughed he too hugged me. One after one they all hugged me and laughed about some of the things that they had found out about me, I must admit it was quite funny. Harry approached me and hugged me, he leant in and whispered quiet enough that no passers-by would hear, but loud enough that the other members of One Direction would hear, “sex in a public park, and orgasms on the bus, huh? Well how about orgasms in a public shower at a studio? We’re all dirty too now I think we might need a shower as well”, Harry smirked as they all pulled me to the showers at the studio.







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