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Lots of One Direction short stories

Wrong Hotel Room- part 3

“Someone in this room is far too overdressed!” Niall smirked, “and it’s not us!” he laughed as he grabbed the hem of my t-shirt, I sat up so he could pull it over my head, his fingers lightly brushed against my stomach as he removed my shirt, I shivered involuntarily. Liam was next to approach me, he smiled at me sweetly but his eyes were filled with lust, he winked at me as he ran his hands up my legs, he rested his large muscular hand over the button on my jeans, he slowly unbutton my jeans and slid them down my legs, he made sure his fingers caressed my skin as he removed my jeans. The guys had hardly done anything yet and I already wanted them to just hurry up and fuck me, god I had never even had a threesome let alone a sixsome, like seriously how does it even work? I can’t believe I’m thinking this, just earlier today I was excited to go to a meet and greet for One Direction and now I was in a hotel room with them all standing in front of me completely naked, I’m guessing that this is every directioner’s dream?

“I think we all want to see that cute little heart of yours” Niall smirked as he unhooked my bra and then made his way to my panties, he slipped his fingers into the elastic of my back lace thongs, he flung my thong towards Louis who caught it, he eyed the small black lace “cute” he smirked, “better without though!” Zayn quickly interrupted. Harry and Liam sat on either side of me on the bed, Louis sat behind me and traced his hands up and down my back, while Zayn and Niall stood in front of me. Louis lent against my back, his head resting on my shoulder, he reached his arm around me and slowly traced the heart shape waxed into my pubic hair, “surely this hurt like hell” he said as he kissed my neck slowly, “uh, no not really. I’m a girl it’s what we do, no pain no game” I laughed. They all laughed huskily, “well it’s really sexy, it would be much better if it was 1D instead though” Harry laughed, “ye you’d like that wouldn’t you” I laughed, they would clearly love the idea of having some sort of claim to me. “Definitely! A little piece of us on your body! But for now we will just have to settle for our hands, mouths…and maybe if you’re good some other stuff too” Harry winked as he pulled me into a kiss, his tongue teasing my lips as he begged for entrance, I gave him access almost immediately, he deepened the kiss and used his tongue to tease and further turn me on. Liam kissed and nibbled my neck whilst Louis continued his exploration further down until he brushed my clit with his warm fingertips, I shifted against him and gasped as he applied pressure, I could feel his erection press against the small of my back, it was a turn on to know that I had caused that effect, I caught a quick glance at the rest of the guys, they were all supporting pretty impressive erections.

Louis moved further back onto the bed and pulled me down, so my shoulders were resting on his lap, my arse was just on the bed and my legs were dangling over the edge. Niall knelt on the floor in front of me, he winked at me as he bent his head down and licked a line from my knee to the top of my thigh, I shivered slightly. He placed a small kiss onto my clit and then blew on it, I shifted on the bed when a tiny wave of pleasure washed over me. Niall licked the line of my pussy and placed a kiss over my heart shape, he then focused his attention onto my clit, he sucked lightly which made a moan escape my lips, he then increased his pressure. Within in what felt like seconds I was withering on the bed, trying to pull away from Niall’s assault on my clit, it was almost too much to take. “Babe you need to stay still, a little help guys?” Niall said as he brought his head up from between my legs to look at me. Louis held my arms firmly behind his back, Harry bent and held my left leg, while Liam did the same with my right, Zayn sat next to Liam and firmly but carefully held my waist down onto the bed, I felt well and truly restrained, it was kind of hot!

Niall quietly thanked the guys and continued to nibble and suck at my most sensitive area, I tried to arch my back and pull away but four pairs of strong hands held me down. Harry and Liam showed their strength by holding me down with one of their arms and with their free hand they lightly massaged and rolled in their fingers my nipples, Louis bent his head and kissed me upside down, this reminded me of the scene from Spiderman and if I wasn’t a bit too preoccupied I would have found it funny and laughed. I could feel a tingling sensation and my stomach tightened, I knew I was getting close to climaxing, it felt too early though so I tried to calm down a bit, I thought about having sex with some of the guys who would typically hit on me in the clubs, it worked like taking a cold shower, I felt the tingling sensation leave and I felt myself relax a little. Harry and Liam exchanged looks, they clearly knew something was going on, it wasn’t long before Niall realized that something was wrong, he lifted his head and stared me in the eyes. “Ahh I see, you’re holding out on us, you decided you weren’t ready to climax, is that right?” he asked knowingly, I just shrugged pretending I didn’t know what he was going on about. Niall laughed “well we’ll see about that” he then gently bit down onto my clit causing a surge of slight pain mixed with tremendous pleasure, Niall then lifted his head to watch my reaction as he thrust two fingers into me, I gasped “oh my god….” The rest of the guys clearly understood Niall’s intentions and decided to turn it up a notch, Louis thrust his tongue into my mouth and caught the moans that Niall’s was forcing out of me, Harry and Liam began to suck and gently bite my nipples, they seemed to be mimicking each other’s moves, when one bit down slightly the other sucked. Niall continued to thrust his fingers into me, he added a third and curved them slightly to find my g-spot, he found it in a matter of seconds and managed to hit it on every thrust. Zayn continued to hold me down with one arm while his other drew circles onto my abandoned clit.

The tingling feeling came back and my stomach tightened, only this time I felt as if I was about to burst, my body was covered in a slight sheen of sweat. As Niall hit my g-spot once more I felt myself come undone, I started to quiver and shake with pleasure, I tensed as my orgasm hit me. Niall smirked as he removed his fingers, all the guys held me gently as my orgasm started to fade. “See you can’t hold back on us!” Niall laughed. Niall changed positions with Liam, before my body had time to fully recover from my orgasm Liam thrust into me, I let out a gasp as I tried to adjust to his unexpected size. Niall bent to kiss me, I could taste myself on his tongue, it was sweet with a hint of salt but not at all as
nasty as I expected. Liam’s thrusts became quicker and deeper, with each thrust he hit my g-spot and grazed my clit with his pubic hair, the rest of the guys continued to kiss, suck, massage and touch every part of my body, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter with lust as the evening went on. Liam’s thrusts became sloppier and he quickly lost his rhythm, I could tell he was close as well. As my second orgasm approached Liam shuddered and emptied his warm sticky load into me, I could feel it drip slowly down my thighs as he withdrew. Feeling Liam climax made me cum almost immediately, I really hope the guys don’t all expect a turn because after my second orgasm I don’t think my body can actually handle any more pleasure.

Liam rested my shoulders gently on his lap as he swapped places with Louis, he then bent down to kiss me, “you’re so damn sexy, I’m already hard again” he whispered into my ear, I chuckled quietly to myself, nice to know he has a lot of stamina. Louis winked at me and rubbed his erection against my already slick opening, unlike Liam he slowly eased himself into me, a loud moan escaped my lips, god tonight I seem to be making noises that would rival a porn star! Louis gathered speed and thrust into me with force, he quickly had me withering again, the others held me down gently as they continued to touch and caress my body. Harry and Louis exchange looks, they then smirk, the next thing I know Louis is pulling me up off the bed and wrapping my legs around his waist while he holds me in a standing position, all the while still staying inside me.

Harry approaches me from behind and runs his hands over my back and towards my bum; he squeezes my bum cheeks and kisses my shoulder. Suddenly Harry swipes a finger through some of my juices that seems to be coating the inside of my thighs, he then returns to my bum and gently pushes at my very tight bundle of nerves that is seen as a no go area, he pushes in slowly, causing me to moan in pleasure. I could hear Harry chuckle slightly “ah you’re not at all innocent are you?” he said as he added another finger easily into my hole. He could clearly feel that I wasn’t as tight as he expected me to be, I have never done anal and to be fair the idea of it never really came up but I have used butt plugs before. Harry scissored his fingers inside me to loosen my opening, Louis continued to slowly thrust into me, suddenly I could feel Harry’s large member push against my hole, Louis stilled to allow me to adjust to Harry’s intrusion. Harry forcefully but gently at the same time thrust into me completely, I let out a loud cry, both in pain and pleasure. “Ok?” Harry asked, his voice dripping with concern, “yes! oh my god yes!” I managed to moan. Louis smiled and kissed my forehead as he started to thrust into me again, Harry followed Louis’s lead and slowly moved in and out of me. The overwhelming pleasure was unbearable, I could feel my bones turn to jelly and my vision begin to blur as I was filled by both Louis and Harry. Within in minutes I was millimeters away from cumming, “hold it” groaned Louis as he and Harry gained slight speed, I could feel their cocks swell, I could tell that they were seconds away from climaxing as well. “Now!” Harry breathed into my ear as we all seemed to cum at the same time. The thought of being filled by both Louis’s and Harry’s cum was both slightly disgusting and totally sexy! Harry pulled slowly out of me, ensuring that he didn’t hurt me, Louis then laid me back down onto the bed carefully. As my third orgasm subsided I felt myself drift off to sleep.

I was woken by Zayn thrusting into me slowly and seductively, I had only been asleep for about half an hour, the guys were all still naked and still sporting large erections, except this time it looks like we had moved to their hotel room. Liam obviously saw my surprise, “we didn’t want your friend coming back and walking in on us” he explained, good thinking batman! I giggled to myself at my use of his nickname. Zayn felt slightly thicker than the others so it took me a second to adjust to the new size, Zayn deepened his thrusts and quickly picked up a good rhythm, I couldn’t help but grind against him. Niall came and knelt on the bed beside my head, his erection looking painfully untouched, I licked my lips and his smile widened. He scooted closer so I could take his length into my mouth, I licked a long and slow line along the length of his member, he twitched slightly. Pre-cum was already dripping from his tip, I swept my tongue gently over it collecting the cum, he tasted slightly salty with a minor bitterness to it, I must admit I had given head a few times and Niall tasted pretty damn good. I took his whole length into my mouth which was a bit of a struggle considering how large he was. He hit the back of my throat but I swallowed to stop me from gagging. I bobbed my head up and down on his length ensuring that I used my tongue to traces his sensitive skin and used my hands to massage his balls and the remainder of his cock that wouldn’t go into my mouth. Niall tangled his hands into my hair and moaned as I hit a sensitive side of his dick, Zayn was still thrusting in and out of me relentlessly, Harry was by my side fondling my breast, Louis was drawing circles along my hip and top of my thigh, and Liam was applying slight pressure to my abdomen to add pressure so that I felt fuller with Zayn inside me. It was becoming increasing difficult to give Niall a decent blow job with my brain being overwhelmed by pleasure; I probably wouldn’t even know what my name was right now if I was asked.

Niall’s cock twitched in my mouth and he shot his warm load down my throat, I don’t normally swallow but for some reason I did tonight and it was a complete turn on. Zayn’s thrusts began to falter as he reached his climax, I was on the edge of mine, with one last thrust I experience my fourth orgasm of the night and it was one of the biggest. Zayn followed my lead and fell slightly on top of me as he released himself into me. Zayn pulled out slowly and went to the bathroom to grab a cloth; he gently cleaned me up and kissed me passionately on the lips. “Wow!” they all seemed to say in unison, I giggled weakly “ye wow”.

“You need your rest Natalie” Harry said as he wrapped me up and tucked me into one of their beds. Louis grabbed my phone from my hand bag and seemed to be typing something into it. “There you now have all our numbers”, five phones then went off “and now we all have yours, you better call us and respond to our texts, we should all hang out” I gave them a skeptical look, surely I was just a one night thing for them, I had accepted that. “This wasn’t a one night thing for us, you’re really cool and easy to talk to, plus so fucking hot! But we should hang out and do things other than have sex….we can obviously have sex as well though!” Liam laughed. I smiled “I like the sound of that”, the bed dipped as all five of the guys squeezed into bed with me, it was a bit of a tight fit. We all drifted off to sleep, the thought of actually getting to know these five guys was a really appealing thought, I looked forward to the fun days to come and the hot and steamy nights that would follow.







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