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Zayn And Harry And Niall And Louis And Liam One Shots


“Come on!” Amy called back to me racing towards the subway on the corner.

“I’M COMING!” I shouted after her running into the shop.

“Two 6 inch, heated Italian bread with cheese, ham, tomato and ketchup subs please” I heard her ask the man as I went to find us a free table which was easy seen as it was 7:00am on a Saturday morning and the whole of commercial road (an outside shopping centre near my house) was still empty except for a few people milling about. This meaning the whole shop was practically empty there were two people in the corner by the window, but that was it.

“Here you go” she said plopping the two loosely wrapped subs in front of her and a large handful of napkins in front of me.

“Err thanks?” I replied moving the napkins to her side of the table taking my sub back, Amy smiling sarcastically back at me.

“You not gunna eat them then?” she asked raising an eyebrow. I gave her the ‘that’s not even funny’ stare, she just shrugged her shoulders and took a bite of her sub.

I reached into my bag and took out two 500ml bottles of mountain dew sliding one across the table to her.

“Did you know One Direction are performing at the guildhall tomorrow?” she asked wiping some sauce from her mouth with one of the napkins, as she swallowed the last bite of her sub.

“No, I didn’t, and isn’t that where your seeing Mcfly next year?” I asked finishing my sub too, screwing the wrappers up into a ball.

“Yeah” she answered picking up our rubbish, reaching over and putting it in the bin behind her.

“Cool, can we head over to the music shop now” I asked when she turned back around.

“Pleaseeeee” I pleaded screwing my eyes up.

“I’ll let you drag me into all your shops” I continued staring straight in her eyes with the famous puppy dog stare.

“Okay, okay!” she said huffing and picking up her stuff.

“YES!” I screamed in joy a little too loudly, because the few people in the shop all turned to stare at us, awkward.

We walked quickly out of the shop and round the corner to the music shop, when I noticed a new clothes shop next to it ,‘With It’, it was one of those shops with the luminous clothes and bright show costumes.

“Umm” I heard her mummer quickly next to me stopping outside the shop.

“Go on, I’ll be next door” I said chuckling; she gave me a quick hug and ran inside like a five year old at the gates of Disney Land.

I walked into the music shop and went straight over to the desk where John my 23 year old next door neighbour was sat looking bored, with a newspaper open in front of him. The whole shop was covered in everything music related you could probably even think of; there was barely one empty space anywhere, especially on the walls.

“Hey Alex” He said looking up, his face perking up a bit.

“Hey can I use the piano?” I asked taking my light blue purse from my bag.

“Yeah course, you don’t need to ask” He smiled at me as I placed a ten pound and five pound note on the table, and put my purse back in my bag.

“Yeah I know, but it’s polite” I sang back to him running over to the piano, shrugging my shoulders.

It was a black ebony grand piano that I was paying for it in deposits of 15 pounds a week, and I had been for the last two years. Not that my parents knew about this or anyone else for that matter.

I ran my fingers gently along the keys before I slipped my bag off and sat down slowly onto the red velvet topped piano stool.

“Play me ode to joy” John called from the counter.

‘Okay’ I replied and played him ode to joy, he didn’t make any more requests after that because he knew I liked to play uninterrupted.

I played a quite a few songs knowing Amy would be ages, so I could take my time playing whatever I wanted really, so I did.

I played five songs and was about to start a sixth when I heard the bell above the door ring as it was opened. I knew Amy would let me finish so it was fine, and so I started to play the song, ‘they don’t know about us’.


(Author note: these are actually the notes for the bit at the start of the song before they sing I know this because I can play the song in real life so NO their not wrong before you say they are!!!!)

I sang the words in time to the music, as I heard Amy walk over till she was right behind me.

When I started the final few chords she moved to the curve of the piano just to the left of me.

“That was really good” a boy said with a strong southern Irish accent just like my nans.

My head snapped up to see Niall Horan casually smiling at me.

“Thanks” I said quite taken aback.

“No problems” He said, and turned, picked up a guitar from behind him slipping the strap over his head.

“Play with me? Same song as before, they don’t about us” He asked.

“Yeah sure” I replied placing my fingers above the first few notes waiting for a signal to start.

He counted us in and we played the whole song in synch, both singing together as well, until his solo when he sang it on his own. It brought a smile to my lips hearing him sing it, it sounded so pure and perfect.

“Well done you two that was lovely” I heard John say as we finished.

“Thanks John!” I called back happily.

“Soooo” I asked turning to Niall.

“Hi I’m Niall” He said pushing the guitar over to one side of his body.

“Alex” I replied smiling, swivelling on the stool to face him properly.

“Nice name for a girl” He answered grinning.

“Yeah it’s nice and different” I replied playfully grinning back.

“I’m guessing you know who I am” He said fidgeting slightly.

“Yeah I sort of love One Direction” I replied gushing.

“I kinda guessed you must at least like us a little bit, to play that’ He answered.

“Yeah, only a slight give away” I replied laughing.

“Are you coming to the show tomorrow?” He asked bringing his chair in a bit closer.

‘No, I’m not’ I replied looking up into his eyes as they stared down at me.

‘Oh, did you want to go’ he asked sounding almost shocked.

“I’m not really that bothered, I don’t really go to concerts much” I answered crossing my legs.

“Why not? Concerts are great fun” He asked clearly shocked at my response.

“The music’s too loud” I answered shrugging my shoulders.

“Whatever you say” he sang clearly thinking I was mad.

“Where are the others?” I asked slightly puzzled, it seemed a bit strange for them not to be with him.

“Oh, there in the hall practising” He answered indicting to the building behind us.

“Why aren’t you with them?” I asked. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you need the whole band to be able to practise????

“I need a new guitar pick” He answered.

“It seems that I’ve lost mine” He finished.

“Oh” I answered. Getting up and walking over to the guitar picks, with Niall following.

“Well, take your pick I suppose” I said moving out of his way so he could see properly.

He stood there for quite some time in silence, picking up various picks twiddling it between his fingers a bit before putting it back again. Then one he didn’t put back but showed to me instead.

“It’s nice” I said taking the pick from him, it was a pale blue pick with a sleeping tortoise on one side, the other side was plain.

“I’ll have that one then” he replied smiling and took it over to the cash desk.

“That’ll be 5 pounds please” John asked placing the pick into a small brown paper bag. He handed over the money and then turned to me.

“Thanks for playing with me” I said calmly.

“It was a pleasure” he replied staring at me quizzically.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Are those your real eye lashes” He asked politely.

“Yes they’re mine” I answered laughing that was so random.

“Hug?” He asked calmly looking down into my eyes.

“Yeah sure” I said embracing him.

He held me tight to his chest and I felt him gently fiddle with my back jeans pocket.

“I hope we shall meet again my fair lady” He said smiling taking my hand a kissing it as if he was a Disney prince.

“As do I, my sweet prince” I replied curtsying, bowing my head low.

He gave me another quick hug, and then ran out of the shop and across the road before he disappeared into the building with one final wave goodbye.

I reached into my pocket and took out what was inside. It was a guitar pick, not the one he had bought but a different one, it was a plain soft grey colour not pale blue like the other. I turned it over to see that he had signed one side of it. I had a memento of him that was to be mine forever. It was definitely something I would treasure for a long time yet, but I was most certainly going to keep its existence a secret as best I could.

“You look after that, you hear me” John said staring at me.

“I hear you, and don’t you worry it’ll stay safe” I answered turning and smiling.

“Hey” Amy called cheerfully as she came over holding a new shopping bag.

“Hey” I answered.

“Did I miss anything” she asked sitting down on a seat next to the counter.

“No nothing” I answered turning away from her and winking at John.

“Nothing interesting ever happens round here” she said almost sadly, I almost laughed at that but managed not to by coughing instead, she had no idea just how wrong she was about that. Interesting things most definitely do happen you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

“I know it’s just so boring around here” I answered and looked to the building and smiled inside thinking about what had just happened and how she would react if she knew what had really happened while I was playing the piano.

The next morning

“No, no, no” I said flicking through page after page of TV channels.

“Alex” My mum shouted from upstairs.

“Coming” I shouted back, jumping up from the sofa, running upstairs.

I walked over to my mum and took the piece of paper she was holding out to me.

“It was in your jeans pocket” she said standing up pointing to my jeans from yesterday.

“Thanks mum” I replied walking into my bedroom, kicking the door shut, sitting down on the end of my bed.

I opened up the folded piece of paper and saw a phone number scribbled on it with Niall written underneath it. I stared at the paper for a minute slightly shocked, before I took my phone out of my pocket and dialled the number, and waited for him to answer.





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