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Zayn And Harry And Niall And Louis And Liam One Shots

Can't Control Love

Zayn Stood, half-naked, in the dressing room, looking over himself. His soft mocha skin stretched out over his finely defined pectorals. He ran his hand over his newly found six-pack, hoping to impress the other boys. But not just any boy, the boy. Niall Horan, the sexy Irish boy, was all that Zayn could think about. The way his hands ran through his sexy blonde quiff, the way he laughed at everything everyone said, the way he cuddled in Zayn’s arms in the crowd, scared for his life. “My little snowflake.” Zayn whispered to himself. It was true; Niall’s skin was several shades lighter than him, a soft creamy butter. He wanted to stick his cock around his tight little bum….

Ugh Niall turned Zayn on. It made it worse knowing that Niall was straight. He’d watch Niall change secretly in the dressing room, looking him up and down, casually laying his eyes on Niall’s package. Niall was stripping down to his boxers looking around the room. His eyes met with Zayn, whose cheeks turned a flamboyant pink and he quickly looked away.

The rest of the boys had already finished their photoshoots, and it was only Zayn and Niall. Although the space wasn’t close enough. He wanted to kiss Niall’s soft, thin lips, with his bold, full ones. Zayn pulled on his shirt and Niall changed back, fully clothed. Zayn wished that he could just strip him down again and get back to business. It took everything in his willpower not to grow underneath his clothes.

“Wanna hang out?” Niall gave Zayn a cute, cheeky smile. Zayn couldn’t help but smile back. It was more than lust, it was love.

He reminded himself today was an important day. He was going to tell Niall he was in love with him. Thinking food was a good way to ease into it he said; “Yea sure, want to go back to my place? I got food.”

“Yes please! Are you ready to go?” Niall’s blue eyes stared straight into his soul, making it hard to breathe. Oh god oh god oh god don’t get hard Zayn, don’t get hard. “Zayn?”Oh how sexy Niall’s voice sounded, ringing out his name.

“…yeah… um yeah let’s go.”


The ride home was awkward. Zayn kept his hands on the wheel, trying not to look at the fallen angel breathing softly beside him. Niall tried to make conversation but Zayn was too breathless to contribute much. They pulled into the driveway and Niall made a bee-line for the kitchen. ‘Of course he would.’ Thought Zayn. That boy was hungry for food just as he was hungry for Niall’s affection. He took a deep breath.

“Niall, when you’re done eating, can I talk to you?” The words were shaky, he hardly recognized his own voice, and he didn’t want to be in his own body. Niall put the cereal box back slowly in the cupboard.

“I haven’t eaten anything yet, we can talk now if you want. I… Kinda… um have something…. To tell you…. Too….” His voice trailed off.

“Same time? Sometimes that helps…” Zayn suggested. It would be easier for him to release his emotions.




“I’m Gay”

“I love you.”

Niall looked at his feet shyly. He finally told Zayn the truth. He was gay. Zayn on the other hand, threw his whole relationship on the edge confessing his love for him. They slowly processed each other’s words, realizing they could possibly….

“So where do we go from here?” Niall was blushing rather badly. Zayn eyed him with full lust.

“I just want to…. Try something.” He walked over to Niall, who was leaning on the kitchen counter. He cupped his hands around Niall’s jawline, feeling his smooth skin heat up beneath his cool fingertips. Niall’s breathing got shallow, he stared into Zayn’s eyes. Those chocolate-y eyes that came closer by the second.

Their lips locked softly, and Niall responded to Zayn’s lips like an electric shock. Zayn wrapped his arms around Niall’s waist and Niall clung to his shoulders, digging his short nails into Zayn’s skin through the tee-shirt.

Their tongues picked up speed, gathering each other’s flavors. Niall’s mouth was sweet, while Zayn’s tasted of a cinnamon spice. Niall sucked on his bottom lip, turning Zayn on. He tried to keep his cock down but it was starting to harden slightly. In the heat of the moment, Zayn hoisted Niall on the countertop, exploring his mouth all the while. Niall wrapped his legs around Zayn, pushing his growing manhood up against Zayn’s solid torso. Niall leaned back for a second, tearing his lips away from Zayn’s. He missed them already, but the need to speak was getting in the way.

“Zayn I need you now.” Niall couldn’t breathe, his world was swirling around in lust and love, with Zayn in the center of it all.

“You already have me.” Zayn whispered, looking deep into his eyes. He was losing himself in them.

“No I need you.” He gestured down to his package which was growing rather fast.

“You… want to?” Zayn’s member was begging to grow, and Zayn was losing control. Niall slipped his hand under Zayn’s clothes, stroking him softly.

“Like I said love, I need too.” Zayn smashed his lips up against Niall’s the tension made Niall let go of Zayn, and wrap his arms around his neck. Zayn lifted him up and carried him off to the bedroom. They got onto the bed and continued to intertwine their tongues, only breaking for the seconds it took to take off one another’s shirts.

Zayn unbuckled Niall’s Belt and stripped off his pants. Niall kicked them off his ankles and let out a moan. Zayn was sending his body into overdrive, as his lips slid down to his boxer shorts. He stripped them off Niall and looked at his Manhood. Niall’s cock was a staggering 9inches of glory. He could see the veins travel blood through him.

He started at the base, tracing every last vein with his tongue. Niall moaned in pleasure, tangling his hands in Zayn’s hair. His tongue swirled around the tip, while his hand pumped around the base. Taking long strokes around the thick cock with his wet mouth. He bit down on the tip, just enough to send bouts of pleasure to Niall, Making him yell out.

“Zayn don’t stop- oh god don’t stop- never stop.” He shoved Zayn’s head into himself, making him deep-throat the whole thing. The sweet, sticky cum exploded all in Zayn’s mouth, and he sucked the whole cock dry, taking his time to pleasure Niall with each lick. He slowly retreated and wiped off his mouth, going back up to kiss Niall’s lips.

“Baby let’s do this.” Zayn moaned as Niall sucked on the sweet spot behind his ear.

“But love, you’re not hard enough.”

“Make me.” Zayn moaned and Niall massaged his member under the soft cotton of his boxers. He stripped off his pants until Zayn was naked before him.

His cock was a big as Niall’s was, only thicker. He sped up his rubbings, making Zayn moan loud enough for the whole world to hear. Niall was on top of Zayn, hammering down on him hard with his hands to a fast-paced rhythm. Zayn reached under the pillow and pulled out his lube.

“Put this on me-please Niall I need to be I you right now.”

Niall did as he was told, rubbing amounts of the jelly-like substance onto him. He crouched over him and passed back the lube. Zayn squirted some on his finger-tips, and placed his left hand on Niall’s bum.

“Babe I’m going to make you feel good.” He said, slowly massaging one finger in him at a time. Niall moaned in pleasure, feeling himself stretch along Zayn’s finger-tips. When they were both ready, Niall spun around and got into position over him, feeling the tip against his backside. The nerve-endings were shooting through Zayn, we wanted to get in so fast, but he had to take it slow, the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt his snowflake… His dirty little snowflake.

He started slow and shallow, putting the tip inside him and pushing in and out. He went in deeper with each stroke, until the full cock was shoved into the Irish boy. Niall swayed his hips side to side, giving Zayn immense pleasure. They started going harder and faster. Zayn was rubbing on Niall’s cock to the beat of his own pressing in harder all the time.

HARDER ZAYN HARDER OH GOD” He bounced up and down, slamming in to his partner hard and fast. Zayn was pumping away, and they were both screaming on the top of their lungs.


“Zayn… I’m going to cum.”

“Me too.”

They both felt it. They pounded...... Harder..... Faster.... Harder...Faster..Harder-faster-harder-faster-HARDER-FASTER

An orgasm that sent them out of the universe struck them both at the same time. Niall’s bum filled with Zayn’s cum as his own cum shot clear streams along Zayn’s chest. He licked it all off, and their packages crawled back to normal size.

“Baby I love you.” Zayn whispered to Niall as their lips connected. Niall laid next to him and caressed his body with his own.

“Can we just lay here? I don’t want this moment to end.”

“Me either.”

Zayn wrapped his arms around Niall protectively. The two angels fell asleep in each other’s company. Nothing else mattered.


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~Alice(Lizzie Sister)
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