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Zayn And Harry And Niall And Louis And Liam One Shots

Just Wait For Tomorrow

As soon as I walked on the dance floor, I felt hands on my hips. At first I was startled, but then I melted into his touch and started swaying my hips.

I could feel him getting closer and closer and my dress was rising up with his hands.

All of a sudden he left.

He just walked away from me. I stood straight and tried to follow him. I looked through the crowd and soon I felt a hand clasp around my wrist and take me outside.

I turn around and see him standing there with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Hi." He does a small wave to me, leaning against the side of the building.

"Hi." I whisper back stepping close to him. I put my face in front if his and take the cigarette out if his mouth.

I then lean in and kiss him passionately. He puts his hands on my hips and I put one hand on his cheek, the other holding his cigarette.

I then break the kiss and take a drag from his cigarette. He flips us so I'm against the wall and chuckles. As I take a second drag he starts to kiss my neck.

He immediatly finds my sweet spot underneath my ear and I let a low moan escape my lips. I feel him smile into my neck and soon he's in my ear.

"Let's go somewhere." He whispers in a low voice, causing me to shiver. He grabs my hand and pulls me behind him.

He opens the door to a car with tinted windows and I get in with him following me. As soon as the car starts to move his lips are on mine again. He has me pinned down on the seat underneath him.

His hands start to move my dress up until it's over my stomach. He moves his lips to my ear and whispers in a husky voice, "The name you should scream later is Zayn."

I moan a little as he presses a finger to my lace panties. My hips buck upwards and he smirks.

"Zayn." I moan as he chuckles and nips at my neck.

The car stops and he puts my dress back down and leads me out of the car. I smooth my hair down and we walk into the hotel and over to the elevator. Since it's 1 in the morning no one is awake.

As soon as the elevator doors close he attacks my neck again. I'm being pressed against the wall and I can feel his member on my thigh. I smirk and pull his head off my neck and turn us.

I kiss his lips and then work my way to his neck. I put my hands under his shirt feeling his toned chest. I trace his abs with my fingertips and find his sweet spot making a throaty moan come out of his mouth.

I bring my finger tips down to the waistband of his pants when we reach his floor. He grabs my hand and we run down the hall and to his hotel room.

As soon as he closes the door, he pushes me against it kissing my passionately. His hands start to pull up my dress and soon it's off and across the room.

"Waiting to get that off?" I ask him laughing.

"Forever." he moans as he starts to kiss my chest. "Jump." He whispers and holds my bum.

I decided to tease him and start to grind into his lap. He groans and walks to the bed and lays me down. He takes off his button up and throws it with my dress. He's hovering over me and reaches around to unclip a my bra and I work on his belt.

He gets my bra off and starts on my nipples, pinching and biting them. I moan and finally get his belt off. I tug his pants down and he kick them off and starts to go to my stomach. He trails kisses down my stomach and he reaches the top of my lace. He takes it between his teeth and pulls it down my legs throwing them off.

I moan as I feel his finger press into me.

"Who made you this wet?" He asks me, smirking.

"You did, Zayn." I moan as he starts to rub my clit.

He runs a finger down my slit and I shudder. He then pushes a finger in and I gasp. He smirks and starts to kiss my neck.

"Zayn." I whisper into his ear seductively. "I want your mouth."

I feel his grin grow on my neck as he moves down to my core. He put my legs over his shoulder and blows on my slit.

I thrust my hips up and he grabs my hips and forces them down. He then licks my slit and I gasp. He puts the tip of his tongue in and I buck my hips to his face. He laughs and the vibrations are turning me on even more.

He starts to eat me out as I moan his name. His finger goes up and starts to rub circles on my clit.

"Fuck." I breathe. "Zayn!" I moan and put my fingers in his hair. I push his face as close as I can to my core and his toungue dips and hits my g-spot.

"Z-Zayn!" I yell out. "I'm g-gonn-" I'm cut off by my moans taking over as he inserts a finger with his tongue.

As I come off my high I see him lick his finger and look at me. I shudder seeing him lick my juices off of his finger. He pops his finger out of his mouth and then I flip him over.

I start as his neck and I move to his ear. "The names Alex when you want to yell out." I whisper seductively. I then move my lips down his chest and abs to the waistband of his boxers. I start to palm his member through his boxers. He starts to moan and I take that as a hint to pull down his boxers.

As soon as I pull them down he slaps up to his chest. I smirk and toss his boxers behind me. I grab his dick at the base and look up at him. I look him in the eye as I put my mouth on his head.

I swirl my tongue around the tip and he groans. He bucks his hips up and I take more of him in my mouth. He grabs my hair in his hands and pushes my head down on him. I take as much as I can until I feel him in the back of my throat.

I pump his base since I can't fit him all the way in. I start to deepthroat him, pulling all the way off and then taking as much of him as I can. He starts to move his hips to my mouth as I go back down. He's basically fucking my mouth.

"F-Fuck! Alex!" Zayn yells getting sloppy with his thrusts up. I keep on blowing him. I lick up his shaft and then swirl around the tip again.

"Shit Alex, I'm gonna cu-" Zayn starts, but is cut off by a moan. I start to feel his balls and he twitches in my mouth. He releases into my mouth and I swallow every last drop.

I move up to his mouth agains and kiss him as I straddle his lap. I grind down on his dick and he groans. I line him up with my entrances and lower myself down. I moan as he slowly enters me.

"Fuck, Zayn." I groan. "You're so big."

"You're so tight, Alex." He moans and bucks his hips up so he's all the way in me.

I yell out and he stops and lets me adjust. He starts to kiss my lips and smiles into them.

"Zayn, I'm fucking moving." I yell at him as soon as the pain is gone. I pick myself up and his hands fly to my hips. He starts to thrust into me as I come back down. We start to pick up speed and soon the bed is slamming against the wall.

"Fuck." I moan as he meets me when I come back down. "Zayn, I'm so close."

He starts to bite down on my nipples again and rub my clit in circles. I scream out and rub his thighs.

"Shit. Alex." He groans as I lift my head to kiss his sweet spot.

Zayn flips us so he's on top and gets a new angle. He throws one of my legs over his shoulder and automatically reaches my g-spot.

"Zayn. I'm gon-" I moan, but he cuts me off.

"Wait for me, baby." He whispers in my ear and I start to rub his thighs again.

"Zayn." I moan as he hits my g-spot and starts to rub my clit again. Soon his thrusts get sloppy.

"Fuck. Alex!" Zayn screams out and throws his head back. I feel him twitch inside me and he shoots inside me. Him screaming my name puts me over the edge.

"Zayn. Fuck!" I scream at the top of my lungs. "Holy shit!" I yell as I come down from my high.

I get up and lay beside him. I put my head and his chest which is heaving up and down just like mine. He pulls the duvet over both of us and I slowly drift off the sleep. He hugs me close to him and whispers in my ear.

"Just wait for tomorrow."





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